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[Resolved] horrible process, horrible results

I worked for Enterprise Rent-a-Car for three years (also crooks) and one of their airport shuttle buses took...

unethical practices

If you are offered the opportunity to be picked - up at the body repair shop by Enterprise, think twice or...

misleading, smoking policy, pick up,& drop off time

Hello, First I like to say I have not seen a company that just does not give a care in the world about the...

no receipt/dirty cars

I had an accident and had my vehicle towed to a combination Advance Collision Repair/Enterprise Care Rental...

[Resolved] bad service... charged my for what didn't do

I needed a spare car for the last weekend, then I used the 9.99 weekend special to make a reservation from...

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[Resolved] invalid insurance claim

In August I had an uninsured driver damage two of my vehicles in front of my house while we were sleeping. I...

simply awful

Back in June 2005 we had the bad storms well branches 17-21 feet 1 1/2 to 2 feet in Diameter. hit my vehicle at the time I had progressive insurance. My vehicle was flat bedded aganist my wishes to there service repair facility known as Jack Demmer Ford. My vehicle was flat bedded home to my mechnics the sensors had to be turned off (oxygen 4) Jack Demmer wanted to charge me $250. oo per sensor you have 4. My mwechanics called me and said you may want to come see your car. MY windshield was left un sealed the trim along windshield gone. The mirrors are I don't know what by not my 'CONTOUR SE SPORTS' mirrors they put used Mystique panels I believe on my parts. and generic parts also my side trim was glued back on that is falling off. the paint is chip and peeling and scratched. therer is a foot print in the side that was not there a cooler with empty beer cans in my trunk, extra mileage on my vehicle and they destroyed the electrical on main fdriver door sometimes the window works sometimmes it doesn't. They stop payment on a check and I went through the whole coperate office, contacted Jack Demmer and they could of car less I called the day I saw my vehicle and it took an investigator 21 days to showew up and he knew they screwed up I have the paper work. The guy at Jack Demmer covered his but saying muy car was dirty okay. that was for his beer drinking and cigarettes burns. My carpet is now destroyed from the windows and electrical not working. I have a spine injury in 6 places. This cars lights go on and off I do not feel safe with my kids 3, 15, 16, 19. They have turned my car that gets me to the doctor and store into ah hifdeous mess. Also they damaged (bent) the frame on the left side. My car was returned with a broken strut and ball and spring left side. Thank-you Jack Demmer. I am on afixed income this car was to be traded for a used SUV due to my spinal injuries, crushed pelvis, spinal nueropathy sadiac nerve damage. I have to depend on my assistance to get to the Hospital. We will call this vehicle CONJAP WAS I JapCONNED SE by the service center let BILL FORD KNOW I WILL NEVER PURCHASRE A FORD AGAIN IT'S NOT THE CARS ITS THE CRAPPY SERVICE CENTERS AND THANKS FOR TAKING MY VEHICLE AND INDEPENDECE AS A DISABLED PERSON AWAY FROM ME.


A few weeks after my car accident where I was hit practically head on, car totalled, arm broken, chest contusions, and other bodily injury, I went into Boca Raton, Fl Enterprise Rent-A-Car to rent a car until I could purchase a new one. My car insurance only covers Enterprise so to save money my choices were limited. Being summertime in South Florida, it was about to storm and the sky was very dark. The salesman and I looked over the car (a PT Cruiser) and I drove off. 6 days later I returned the car to the Pompany location - near to where I just purchased my new car. It was a sunny day and I walked in with my arm in a red cast to return the vehicle. The salesman said there were dents on the hood. I walked out and looked at it but saw nothing. After standing on the top step and tilting my head to the left, I noticed 3 minute indentations. I drove the car about 3 times and did not park under anything that would have fallen on it, nor was there a hail storm during those 6 days. It was simply the angle and the sun that showed these marks. I tried to immediately call the Loss Control Administrator who never returned my calls. One month later, I receive a bill for $320.60 to repair these damages. My lawyer contacted this woman who never returned his calls. After several phone calls she rudely explained that she would be sending this to collections. My lawyer asked to speak to her supervisor. A day later, I receive an unprofessional sounding later stating that, "since I chose to ignore this situation" (I'm not sure of her meaning of ignore?) she is sending this matter to collections, etc. I sent a certified letter, return receipt to Andrew Taylor the CEO of the Corporate office in St. Louis, MO. This letter was never accepted, the post office indicated to me. I called Donald Ross, the Vice President several times and left messages on his voicemail. He also never responded. This unprofessional attitude of IGNORING consumer complaints needs to be addressed in the media so it doesn't happen again. I refuse to pay this money.

  • Ri
    Richard Mar 24, 2009

    I had to rent a car from Enterprise Rent A Car and was told to buy "additional" insurance because I would be responsible for any damage done to the car whether or not it was my fault. The "manager trainee" also told me by taking out this insurance and if something happened to the car, my insurance company would not be notified and I would be in the free and clear. It is an extra $13.99 a day for this "coverage'. So I called my insurance company and they told me it was a scam, that all I had to do was request a "Loss of Use" provision on my policy for the time I was using the rental and anything type of scratch or accident would be covered- and that what Enterprise told me is false. by law they have to notify your insurance company and you have to notify the DMV like any other accident. Lesson learned: DO NOT TAKE THIS SO-CALLED INSURANCE OUT.. it is just another way to get money out of you... Isn't there any good hearted and truthful companies anymore? What ever happened to quality customer service? I will never rent from Enterprise again knowing they are just out to fleece the public!

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  • Pe
    peoplearestupid Feb 26, 2010

    well, whether or not you are covered depends on the state you are renting the vehicle in. As for a "loss of use" provision, the only time I have heard of something like that is in reference to if your personal vehicle has been in an accident, and the insurance company will pay money towards the rental cost. You need to get in in writing from your insurance company if it is something other than that.

    0 Votes
  • Ki
    King1970 Mar 25, 2010

    Suppose u rent a car and it get damage regardless of fault, if that car goes to a collision facility to be fixed for 2 weeks, the renter is still responsible for that time until the car get fixed...i used to work at collision 1, most insurance company if not all do not cover that...also u r still responsible to pay ur deductible up in front whenever a claim is submited to ur ins company, not to mention it will be on ur record and they will raise or cancel ur premium. So for them to tell u your covered and it's a scam that is incorrect my friend. Try to make a claim and see what will happen and what's ur out of pocket expense.

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  • Lu
    Lunallena Jan 04, 2011

    I just returned a rental from Enterprise, Framingham, MA location, after we agreed on a rental totaling for the amount of $316.00. I had paid $300.00 and owed them the remaining balance. When I called them the following morning, they informed me that instead of $16.00, I owed them $16.00 plus an additional $735.00, since the fee had changed. The person that did all my paper work was very rude and didn't want to spend his time talking to me. His name is Andrew, very rude, very unconsiderate and very tricky.

    Interprise will have to take me to court, but I refuse to pay the amount they are trying to illegally impose on me.

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200.00 hold from credit card

On September 1st, 2009, I turn in my vehicle in for repairs at wade #1 in Waco, TX; I was authorized by State Farm insurance company claims department to take a rental vehicle from enterprise while repairs were done to my vehicle. I was asked to live a deposit of $50.00 for a car rental, which I did with a credit card.

I returned the vehicle on September 3rd, 2009 and I was then informed by the enterprise agent that a $200. 00 hold had been placed on my credit card. Of course this was done without prior knowledge and without my consent.

lack of commitment

On Thursday August 6th I went on line to rent a car from Enterprise Car Rental Company. They were running a...

poor service

On Saturday, July 18, 2009, I had an auto accident as I was heading back home out of state. The car had to be...

worst company ever

I rented my car from Cider city airport location to drive down to Bryce and Escalante. On the second day the car broke down. Luckly I made it to my hotel. I called them to tow the car and get me a new car. First the lady gave me a real attitude. She would not help at all. Then she said that I would have to wait for 4 days before she could get me to Cider city. I would not only loose my air ticket but also she was not sure how she would get me to cider city. I was on the phone for 3 hours with them and got no help. They are the worst company ever. Please do not ever rent from them.

  • Mi
    MikeMalloy Mar 25, 2010

    You are right I worked there this company sucks. In that girls defense though they were probably so overbooked that they really had no option for you. I remember having to remind myself on multiple occasions that it is not the customers fault that I was in such a terrible situation, suck it up, show the fullsize car reservation the cargo van, and prepare for the screaming. They really are terrible and I wish that customer's would stop using them based on price points so they would be forced to face issues such as their booking policy, work life balance, car cleanliness and how these are affecting customer service and retention. But the fact is for every customer like you that they lose sorry ### America is booking ten more cars than them. My last year everything went wrong that could, no one in the office liked their job, and business still grew. Crazy.

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  • De
    desmond jamison May 10, 2010

    I went to the sunnymead office in moreno valley, before i was to pick -up my car..I had to get utility bill to prove i live in moreno valley..let alone i have a debit card or cash in my pocket I know there are policy but come on let have them posted, if i was to pick a car at the airport..would they tell me to go back home and get a phone bill or a water bill, I do rents cars from time to time..I will not rent from that office again and will tell all of my professional friends...Physican, college professors, law enforement officers not to rent a car from that office...and by the way, when i return the automobile, I try to pay in cash...i donot use credit cards if i have cash..they told me they can only accept 100.00 the other have to be money orders or credit-cards...i am the customer..if this is the policy let people know in advance before they rent an automobile.

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[Resolved] poor service and substandard products

To whom it may concern,
My wife and I have had the worst experience with your company. I was involved in an accident with my personal vehicle on wednesday, july 15th. My vehicle was rear ended at a stop light. No injuries were sustained during the accident; however both vehicles require extensive body work. I decided to use the insurance company of the individual who hit me for the claim. His insurance company is geico. Geico made a reservation at the enterprise branch located at: 1651 crofton blvd. Suite 13 crofton, md 21114. We decided to pick up the vehicle on monday, july 20th, since we would not need it during the weekend. We arrived at the branch office at 8:00 am to pick up my reserved vehicle. My personal vehicle is a 2006 nissan frontier. Geico only reserved a two door, no back seat compact vehicle. These two vehicles are not comparable, but that is for the insurance company to decide, not the rental car company. The young man that helped me at the counter in the branch office is named mike. His employee number is e758fv. He was nice enough and upgraded me to a mid size instead of a compact, because he recognized the discrepancy in the vehicle sizes. He assigned me a black pt cruiser. The vehicle looked in well enough shape on the outside and looked to suffice my needs. When he and I opened the vehicle, it appeared stained throughout and smelled of smoke and as if it was sprayed to cover the smell. The vehicle also had over 40, 000 miles on it. Mike told me to come back later that day to try to receive a different vehicle. Unbeknownst to me until later, my wife mentioned she might have smelled liquor coming from mike. I smelled nothing on him and paid it no mind. I took the vehicle though, since I had to be at work. The vehicle smelled so bad to me, I had to ride with the windows down while riding in it. When I arrived at work, I called the branch and asked for a different vehicle. The personnel at the branch told me it was no problem and to come back in the afternoon to pick up a different vehicle. I went back at 5:30 pm and traded the vehicle for a kia optima. This vehicle smelled a little better and I believed I could make it work. While at the branch office, I asked an individual, I assumed to be the branch manager, erin m. Chadwick, if she smelled what I had smelled. I watched her open the door and put her face inside the pt cruiser. She stated she only smelled the spray that they use inside the vehicles. I told her that I may have a more heightened since of smell compared to her. I quickly dismissed the conversation, in hopes of receiving a different vehicle with less of an odor. The kia did have less of an odor and only had 25, 000 miles on it, but I wanted to give it a chance, since I needed a vehicle to get me around while my vehicle is in for repairs. After riding in the vehicle for a few days and the vehicle sitting in the hot summer sun, the odor from the spray used at the branch office fully enveloped the vehicle and again I had to ride around with the windows down. On friday, july 24th, I decided I could not take riding in the vehicle any more with the odor in it. I wanted to turn in that vehicle and go receive a vehicle from a different branch office. I arrived at the crofton branch office at 5:30 pm on friday, july 24th. The office was busy with at least four parties of customers in the office at any one time. While being waited on, again by mike, the phones and the customer service counter were busy with activity. At least four customers were at the counter with two service people behind the counter along with the same individual I assumed to be the branch manager. The phone at the counter was ringing constantly with customers calling for various things as I could make out. One individual called, which I determined to be female from the one sided conversation I heard, asking about renting a pickup truck. The individual I assumed to be the branch manager was the one handling the call. The customer asked the individual in the office if the pickup came with a towing hitch. The assumed branch manager stated she didn’t know if the vehicle had a tow hitch and would check. She put the customer on hold. Immediately the other associates at the counter told her that the vehicle did not. The individual who I assumed to be the branch manager, stated she knew, but she “wanted to let the customer simmer” on the phone while she managed the other items in front of her. I would like to remind you that she stated this in front of at least four customers at the counter and one individual waiting in the office. I received my completed paperwork prior to the phone being picked back up. I left and have since decided to never use that branch again. I then had my wife drive me to bwi international airport in hopes to pick up a vehicle from the enterprise located there. Again, unbeknownst to us airports do not honor insurance rental agreements. So I am now without a rental vehicle for the weekend again. Quite frankly, I am not impressed with my entire enterprise experience. I use rental vehicles frequently, due to my job and have never had this type of issue. I have never used enterprise for work and now I know why. I will ensure not to endorse enterprise and will not recommend using the company for work purposes in the future. It is too bad that a bad experience at a small branch can ruin a business’ reputation, but I am sure that others more than likely feel the same way with similar experiences. If I am the first, then I hope I haven’t wasted your time and I have brought light to the operations that take place at some of the small branch offices.
As a side note, my wife spoke with a co-worker on 24 july who stated that she was recently put into a rental car through enterprise and had similar problems with the condition of the vehicle she received. She said the car she received did not only have extremely loud road noise, but it was also filthy. She called the bwi international airport as well to see if she could change out the vehicle and was denied. Her rental was not through the same enterprise branch, but this shows a consistency in the poor condition of your vehicles as well as your customer service.
No thank you for your business in the future,
Unsatisfied customer


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer's satisfaction.

  • EnterpriseRent-A-Car Oct 16, 2014

    Jon Smith, Customer service and satisfaction are very important to us at Enterprise. I would like to follow up with you. Please email me at [email protected] with the complete details, exact renting location, contact information and any rental agreement numbers. I look forward to hearing from you soon, thank you. Chris, Social Media Monitor, Enterprise Rent-A-Car

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bank wont cash their deposit refund checks

I rented a vehicle from Enterprise and was required to leave a deposit, I did. The car company tried to scam me out of the deposit by calling me 2 days later telling me that the insurance company had stop paying for the rental. They didnt want to refund my deposit and tried to charge me, but I was able to get my deposit back and tried to cash the refund check and was told by my bank and ever check cashing place that Enterprise has issued BAD CHECKS and they will not cash this refund check. I gave them cash and got back a bad check thats worthless

  • Co
    Cobi Dec 21, 2009

    Did you ever end up cashing it ??

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rude and thief's

On May 4th I was in my rental car, got out to go into a store and the car started honking and I was locked out. The I kept pushing the panic button and the unlock button, but it would not open. I was 2 1/2 blocks away from Enterprise. I called them, they told me there was a key at the end of the ignition key, they kept telling me just to push the button. There was no button. My phone and purse were locked inside. (A girl from pge let me use her phone to call them). They told me there was no one to pick me up. He put me on hold, I waited 10 minutes and finally hung up. A Pge man used his knife to pry the key out, apparently, the button had been broken off by someone. I reached Eneterprise in less than 5 minutes, walked through the door and there were3 men and 1 women inside, and one outside detailing cars. I was furious. They said we will give you another car, this car was on empty also, I had just put $30.00 in the car that morning. I asked the man to give me my $30.00 back so I could fill the 2nd car. They refused. I called Lito body shop, they not only got my gas money but called Hertz rent a car, and they supplied me with a nicer vechicle at a discount. SHAME ON YOU ENTERPRISE. THEY ARE RUDE AND THEIFS, I WILL NEVER GO THERE AGAIN!

  • An
    anonyMiss Jul 19, 2009

    You know, I spend most my time stating that agents at the counter are not able to offer you discounts, especially when it comes to gas. That is considered stealing from the company. I'm sure these employees only valued their jobs.

    But also, not only was there nothing wrong with the car, as had this been your car, I would assume you would consider this a fluke and wait to see if it happens again, but you yell at the Enterprise employees for not coming to pick you up.

    I hope you realize the agents/carwashers/etc. are typically NOT INSURED for them to not only pick you up, but also drive a company car.

    And you say you get a car from Hertz at a discount. Maybe, but I bet you still paid more. Now that is funny.

    Anyway, if you took the car out at emply, why couldn't you just bring it back at empty for the second car? I don't get that.

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  • Xa
    Xandor Tik'Roth Aug 09, 2010

    Getting a car from Hertz for a discount? Laughable...

    I agree with the person above. There was nothing wrong with the second vehicle. Also, I'm not sure about the rest, but I'm pretty sure the guys doing the detailing are not certified to be driving Enterprise vehicles around to pick people up. And hey, who knows? Maybe the other three people in the office were actually doing their jobs for other people...

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  • Ra
    RAJ18 Jan 10, 2018

    They are not honest people, (Enterprise) I had this experience with the Enterprise in Chesterton Indiana. My rental vehicle was returned to them with gift cards I left in the driver seat door, 5 to be exact. I was certain they were there, I did not think I left them, I know I left them. The rep that I spoke with was really unprofessional. She argued with me about it. She said she knew that no one in that office would ever take anything. That she knew it for a fact and refused to hear me out. I asked how she could speak for everyone there. She continued to over talk me. Absent of people skills altogether, pretty ghetto.

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damage claim

I had rented a PT Cruiser for a week in Vegas. While on the freeway Quality Towing dropped a windshield off...

unauthorized insurance charges

Enterprise charged me $25.00 per day optional insurances on a vehicle that was only $19.99 per day on a long term rental (putting me broke) and without my authorization. This was done so a salesperson could make a commision. What they do is lie and say "you have to take them"and tack on optional insurances without your authorization. 2008

confirmed reservation = no car

I have been having a little bit of car trouble lately. I called Enterprise to get a rental car because they...

trying charge for no incident

I rented a car from enterprise rental car. I dropped the car key in the night with every thing perfect (As it was before renting). The enterprise guy gave me a call the next morning and left me a message, "every thing is fantastic. Thank you for doing business with us. But there was 2 galons of fuel shortage and we will charge $6 on your card"

Now, it is after almost a month. I just received a call from the "loss control department" saying that there was damage on the car (Which is a total lie) and "it's been already repaired and you need to pay the bill". When I called the enterprise, went and met them, played their voice message which said "we checked the car and was fantastic...". But the manager keeps pushing me pay the bill for the damage. My question to them was, if there was damage, why I was not told the next day when they left the message. They don't have the dated photograph of the vehicle damage. My guess is, the next rental guy must have damaged the car and they are playing a game of getting the money out of me. I tried to complain to the enterprises head office, they have not responded to me yet. Now, did any one have this kind of experience with anyone? If so, what should I do?

I know how it feels when some one puts the blame on you when you are innocent.

I have been very much stressed out for the last 4 days not knowing what to do.
(If I had a damage on the car, I could have called my geico insurance and get it fixed, but I don’t want to be punished for anything that I didn’t do)

  • Ab
    abc Jun 12, 2009

    We were sorry to hear of your unsatisfactory experience with our company and would welcome the opportunity to addressn your concerns.
    In order to do so, please send me your name, contact information, rental branch location and when the rental took place.

    Thank you,
    Martha Zimmerman
    Enterprise Rent A Car
    [email protected]

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  • Wh
    whistleblower Jun 13, 2009

    Since they cannot provide evidence, then there is nothing they can do to you. They can't sue you. They are just tyring to intimidate you dso they can suck you for money. Many businesses are like that. Car rental places are no exception.

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  • An
    anonyMiss Jul 11, 2009

    Make your insurance go after them. They have to have pictures.

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charged 200% more than the agreed rent

I called LGA airport Enterprise center and reserved the car for 2 days from 24th to 25th May 2009. When I was booking the case I specifically mentioned that I need one way rental. I got the conformation number and flew to NY from MN and picked up the car on 24th May morning and told them that I will be returning the car at BUF airport location. They did not mention anything about one way rental during the phone reservation or while picking the car up. Later on 25th I returned the car at BUF Enterprise location. As per the rental agreement I should be charged for 2 days which is 146 dollars. But, they charged me 446 dollars and said they do not allow one-way rentals and they spent money in getting the car back from BUF enterprise location to LGA Enterprise location. This was so frustrating. Never rent a car from Enterprise... I strongly suggest... please never rent a car from enterprise.

  • An
    anonyMiss Aug 07, 2009

    Aw, I'm sorry...the LGA location was probably franchised. Contact them and quote your original reservation which should have all that information on it. This should take care of things.

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  • Pe
    peoplearestupid Feb 26, 2010

    Enterprise does not franchise, they are all corporate...and unless it says something on your contract about a one-way rental, of course there is a charge, because ERAC does not typically do one-way rentals..one of the reasons they bought alamo

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