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[Resolved] poor customer service

I rented a car from enterprise for about 2 weeks while mine was getting fixed. The first time I have ever rented a car. When I received the car, I was told not to drive it out of state and not to let anyone else drive it. I was also told I could bring it back with the amount of gas in it when I got it or bring it back empty and pay 2.56/gal to get it back to 3/8 of a tank like when I got it. I took it back empty of course because 2.56 a gallon is alot cheaper than 3.40 per gallon. Jenny from the jackson tn store advised me that since the tank was empty and I didn't prepay, I would have to get the 3/8 tank for that days rate which was 2.97/gal. I know that's not a huge difference but I am a single mother-so to me, it is!! Also, the fact that when I told her the guy told me if I brought it back empty I could get it for 2.56 a gallon, and she made me out like I was lieing in front of customers and workers in there and told me that I was supposed to pay it the day I got the car. Then she asked me if I was aware there was no smoking in the cars, I told her no. The day I went to get the car, I just knew I was fixing to get a car I probably couldn't smoke in, but when the guy didn't say anything about no smoking, I read the contract and didn't read anything about no smoking, and when I got in the car I noticed a brown cigarette filter in between the seat and center console, I automatically thought "they don't care if you smoke in their cars" and if they did it should have been in the contract. Well the girl tells me it's on the contract and that it reads, "no smoking, no excessive trash" so she was going to have to charge my debit card $75.00 for a clean up fee. Finally I asked to see the contract bc my copy was at home. The no smoking, no excessive trash... Was a stamp! The no excessive trash part of the stamp was almost not there, it said "no e" and the rest wasn't there. And to top it all off... The guy wrote all the scratches and dents etc down when I first got the car and where did he write it? On top of the stamp!!! I called a manager and she told me there was nothing they could do and wouldn't refund my money because "it was on there" and agreed that it was misleading and they should probably change that policy. Then in the midst of talking about it, we got disconnected. I called back and they said she was with another customer, I called back an hour later and they said she was still with a customer so I left my name and number and she never called me back. This is thurs and that was monday. I work for the hospital which has thousands of employees. We have a newsletter that goes around every 2 weeks. I will be happy to write about this in our newsletter, because I don't appreciate being treated like that. I feel like I was taken advantage of because I am in my twenties and i'm a girl.


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer's satisfaction.

  • Enterprise Rent-A-Car's response · Mar 11, 2011

    We are listening and would like to look into your situation further. Please email care[at]enterprise.com with your contact information, rental agreement number, the street address of the location in Jackson, TN where then rental took place, and any further details of the incident. Please use "Incident 110311-001409" as the subject of the email. (Rich)

  • Re
    Regenald Mar 12, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Wow, enterprise is awesome. They actually monitor complaints on the web to resolve issues.

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  • Lw
    Lwhitecasting Apr 27, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I'm seeking advice on how to move forward. I booked a Toyota yaris for $20 a day inlc tax & fees through a AAA agent over the phone. I was supposed to be picked up at 8 am by the enterprise less than a mile and a half away from my home. I called at 8 am and no one answered. I called again at 8:05 no one answered. I called again at 8:15 and was greeted by a rude woman who told me no one would be available to pick me up before 10 am. I told her I told her I specifically arranged to be picked up at 8 am and my schedule is very time sensitive. After pleading with her I hung up defeated and forced to walk. My car was not ready until 9 am. And I only want the cheapest vehicle. No specifications other than cheap. Needless to say I was late. And now 7 days later somehow my bill is $345. I am taking the car back tomorrow but With all due respect, I do not think it is fair or accurate to pay any more than $200! Generously.

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  • Alamo Rent A Car May 07, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    We’ve taken note of your concern and would like to have the opportunity to look into this for you. Please send us a detailed email to care[at]enterprise.com including the exact rental location information, your contact information, your rental agreement and any further information regarding your experience with us.

    When emailing, please list Reference Number 130507-001598 in the subject line. We look forward to hearing from you.

    Carol H.
    Social Media
    Enterprise Rent-A-Car

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damage rip off

Enterprise said that we damaged their vehicle that we rented they never notified us to come see the vehicle or the damage i could not even see it as to the fact that it is at the body repair shop do not rent from enterprise is this going on any where else in the country they are charging us on our credit card my minimum deductible that i have to pay they lied about trying to call us no record of call on cell phone or on voice mail or on home phone maybe we should call state attorney anybody else out there

  • Ti
    Tired of the bull Sh#* Oct 21, 2011

    I am going through the same thing with Enterprise in cleveland Heights, Ohio. This just sent me a summons in the mail about a car that i rented 6 years ago, that was hit from behind while it was parked. I followed all of their proceduers and filed a police report and turned it in to them. I also had my own insurance plus all of they're insurancce coverge. They are now trying to sue me for 5, 000 in damages, sayig that i never turned in a police report to them, and they have been tring to contact me now for six years. But yet they never called any of my refereces to get ahold to me, to get another copy of the police report. They lied and said that they have been trying to call me.

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promises broken

My ranger is at transmision shop, I went the local enterprise to see about a rental, on 2/22/11 I greeted with a polite hello. I said I need rent a car for about a week or so, with that she asked to see my license, debit, major credit card... She then she nothing available til 9am the following morning, I agreed to come back in the morning... When I walked in, a buzz was going on all around me, I was greeted by ed. Who ask me who I was, I explained the situation that I was yesterday, he looked my name in computor and told a vehicle was available, he asked to see my license, any major credit, so I handed him wachovia debit card, he then handed it back to me telling that not a major credit card,
I told him that that standing over there [I pointed at her ] he then oh! She's not with us she with brodheadville chevy dealer... Mr. Ed told me he would accept my debit card, 1. A recent pay stub 2. Utility bill with zero balance, had I known that I would have come prepared, so I told mr. Ed I would be right back, he then called my cell phone as I was halfway home, he said mike I rented the vehicle to someone else, and that he would call me in the afternoon, never got a call back to tell me he's got another car for me!!! I ask you, this is the way to treat the people that support your buisness.. So I missed a day of work... Still waiting on call that I know will never come!!!

[Resolved] horrible service

Does anyone remember the Seinfeld episode where the rental place has no cars even though Jerry reserved one?...


I rented a car from enterprise and while going over the inspection of the vehicle the agent asked if i wanted...

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fraudulent damage claim

In September 2010, I had to rent a car from Enterprise a couple of weeks apart while my car was being repaired at Baker Jackson Nissan as this is the company they use. The first time I paid for the supplementary insurance which I hated to do but didn't want to worry about it since I didn't know how long it would take to do the repairs. (Baker Jackson paid the rental charges per the terms of my warranty - a $5 daily fee plus $15.00 for the ins!). My car was in the shop 3 days. I was told by both Baker Jackson and the Enterprise employees that I could just leave the keys with Baker Jackson and they would pick it up (as an added convenience) which I did. No problem the first time around. But when my AC still wasn't working right I had to bring it back and Baker Jackson took care of the rental in full - no fees and assured me they would get it back to me in a day so this time I did not take the supplementary insurance knowing I would not be driving it much or parking it anywhere it would not be safe for the one day. I returned it the next morning (per Baker Jackson's request) and parked it in the same spot as before - just down from the service drive where all could see it and with only the passenger side exposed. Three weeks later, I received a letter from a corporate office of Enterprise regarding DAMAGE to my rental! I have numerous witnesses from the time I picked it up to the time I dropped it off who can verify there was NOTHING wrong with this car. I called the office I rented it from and asked to speak to the woman who rented it to me (Meagan) to find out what this was about, when they picked up the car from the dealer - etc. She quickly put me on hold without answering a single question. Then another man picked up the phone and in a very dismissive manner basically said I need to call the #on the letter - that they had nothing to do with this? Really? Then who turned in this claim without even contacting me for information? I got even less help from the number on the letter. I received basically the same response as others who have/are suffering the same experience. When I asked what time they picked up the car from Baker Jackson she stated a time before I even arrived to drop off my car. When I told her that wasn't possible she said "Oh, well that was the contract time". Then she quickly told me that they wouldn't leave it there that they would pick it up immediately. Really? So why did it take them an hour to get me to their location to rent a car in the first place - both times?! Then she just kept repeating over and over that it was my responsibility as it was my contract. I explained to her that I was told by both the dealer they had their contract through and their own people "just to leave the keys there" no one ever said anything about this continuing to be my responsibility after I relinquished the keys to the dealer personnel. And I told her there was no way I would have ever done that had I known that to be their policy. Oh and by the way there's nothing written or stated anywhere to this affect either at the dealer or Enterprise. She obviously didn't care about anything I had to say and all she would say is that she would put my comments in the notes. I took the advice from another victim of this same situation and contacted the Service Manager at Baker Jackson Nissan. Roy assured me that he would take care of this. In the ensuing months I have continued to receive threatening communications from Enterprise (different people who don't appear to have any line of communication between each other) and each time Roy has given me assurances that he has been speaking to their Regional Manager about this situation and not to worry. In the meantime my insurance company has been investigating this also and Enterprise has not returned their calls. About a week ago I received a call from Glen, in loss prevention at Enterprise. I gave him all of this information and also told him that neither I or my insurance company have never received a shred of evidence that this damage even exists. I did find out something interesting from him which is that although my car was dropped off at the dealer at 9:30 it wasn't returned to Enterprise until 1:00pm! Makes me wonder about where this car was and who was driving it and for how long during this interlude. That alone should give them pause to investigate their culpability in all of this. Other than confirming that I should have been contacted by the branch directly in the first place, all he would offer is that he would look into finding photos (as if that's the only issue here!). I instructed him to mail them to me and gave him my address, even though he should already have it I would think. Friday, in the midst of the big freeze here in Houston, Kay, from Enterprise collections called the elderly, infirm woman I care for part time at 8:30 in the morning and woke her up and even though she was informed that this was her private residence this rude woman insisted she take a message right then. This poor woman whose vision is extremely compromised and bed ridden due to her health told her to call back and leave a message on her voice mail to get rid of her. Her message was that I owed them money and that if she did not receive a call that day she would turn this over to collections. She also said that my insurance company would be paying part of the claim and that I owed them the rest. This is a complete lie!!!I spoke to my insurance company and they told me that not only have they never returned their calls to this day but they also have never received any evidence. This company seems to think that they can roll over anyone, claim anything and that they are not bound by any legal means to take money from their "cusomers". And to make phone calls of this nature (without permission) is in itself a violation and could result in claims against them. I would welcome any further advice. I already have several complaints in motion to the appropriate authorities and would appreciate any suggestions as to who else I should contact as well including legal assistance. I think anyone would agree they have crossed some serious lines and completely ruined any credibility in this matter. Particularly with the lie about my insurance company. Do they think we don't speak? I am fed up and furious! I am a single working mother and I don't have the time or money to deal with this kind of nonsense. What unscrupulous and suspicious behavior - the one time I don't purchase their insurance and this happens? I realize now I should never have trusted this situation. I don't know who went for a joy ride in my rental but I can assure this is not over by a mile. Someone at Enterprise knows who is responsible and to pass that onto an innocent customer is lower than low, especially in this economy when everyone is just trying to get by the best they can. Unfortunately, as I've been researching my problem I've discovered what a global problem this is. Just business as usual for Enterprise. I guess this is why they're not even listed with the BBB! If the average person were to send out letters demanding people pay them money without any proof they would be charged with fraud and/or extortion. How is this different?

  • Enterprise Rent-A-Car's response · Feb 07, 2011

    We are listening and I want to offer my assistance in resolving the claim against you. Please email us at care[at]enterprise.com with your contact information, the damage claim number, the street/city of the location you rented the vehicle from, the names of any employees you have spoken to, and any further details of the incident. Please use "Incident 110207-001844" as the subject of the email. (Rich)

  • Fd
    FDL_HOU Feb 06, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am no lawyer or have any affiliation with any insurance company, but in the state of Texas, the CDW (Collision Damage Waiver) is not necessary. Even if you only have liability coverage; that is sufficient here . Your insurance company should be the ones dealing with them. I even had an insurance claims agent try to tell me they didn't since I only had liability coverage, but finally I was able to resolve this issue after speaking to a claims agent in Texas, who knew the law like I did.

    There may be some small charges the insurance company won't cover; but those are minor compared to the actual damages. Next time the lady calls from Enterprise, tell her to contact the insurance company or Baker Jackson Nissan. Sounds like there may be double dipping going on, and bluffing you with the insurance company and Baker Jackson. I would also ask Baker Jackson has this matter been settled, since they agreed tohandle this, first. You can also file a complaint with the Texas Attorney General's Office and the Federal Trade Commission.

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  • Fd
    FDL_HOU Feb 06, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    One other thing, this may not be an insurance issue, anyway. It seems that it's more along the lines of a bailment issue. Baker Nissan agreed to accept the vehicle upon your return that morning. I am assuming you handed over the keys to that vehicle after you drove to the dealership service department. Baker Nissan isn't denying any responsibility as the service manager is telling you he is handling it with the Regional Manager. It seems more like Enterprise needs to be dealing with them rather than your insurance company and this lacky who is harrassing you neds to be told that. As I stated earlier, I would ask Baker Nissan if they had taken care of this because you still keep getting calls from Enterprise and I would tell Enterprise to deal with Baker Nissan. Also, you should ask the name of the person the service manager has been dealing with at Enterprise. This could be the case of lack of communication skills between the departments on purpose or not. In the end all of this may require an attorney on your part to sort all this out. Hope all this helps.

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  • Jt
    Jtodd brown Feb 15, 2011

    Same here, Enterprise claimed damage that was already on the car. I even went back into the office and asked them to note the damage, and they still claimed it. Now, I have to fight my own insurance company, and Enterprise went into my bank account through my debit card number and debitted out an additional $250.00 dollars without my permission, and when I tried to stop them, they tried to make additional unfounded claims against me and my insurance company and tried to charge more deuctibles. Enterprise is a bad company that is predating on it's own customers.
    BE CAREFUL, and take pictures of the vehicles and e-mail them to yourself and enterprise if you rent a car with ANY DAMAGE. The contract that they came up with doesn't show the documentation I saw the rep. mark down with my OWN EYES at the time of rental. Enterprise seems to be engaging in VERY SHADY business practices that are indicative of FRAUD. Enterprise is BAD JUJU. It's a matter of time until customers gather enough evidence to show this is institutional fraud.

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  • Ju
    Julie EC Feb 23, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Thanks to all who have responded to this complaint. I wanted to submit an update to this complaint in the hopes everyone who is also experiencing this will be informed. Despite the fact that my insurance company, told this Kay in collections at Enterprise to go through them and to stop harrassing me, I received 2 calls from her this morning, totally lying again, telling me my insurance company is picking up a portion and that I owe the rest and threatening to send it to collections immediately. I called my insurance company rep who told me she had just gotten off the phone with this woman. The rep told her that they were still awaiting paperwork - (clearly nowhere near paying them a dime) and proof of damage from them. Kay claims she has already sent it to my insurance company but my insurance company has not received it. I told my rep, again, about the 2 messages from her claiming they were paying out on this claim and threatening to send it to collections if they didn't receive additional money from me. It's like she thinks my insurance company and I have as poor communication skills as everyone else at this "company". So, once again, my rep is having to call her and tell her to back off and send some kind of valid information. Their attitude at Enterprise seems to be that they have some sort of entitlement that they can skip over any rules or laws that the rest of us have to adhere to and just make demands and bully people into paying for these false claims. I will continue to file complaints with all the appropriate authorities if anyone has any other suggestions please let me know.

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  • Re
    really not surprised Jul 06, 2012

    Clearly an abuse of power from the people who work at these enterprise locations. I also had a bad experience with Enterprise.
    And I have read ALOT of complaints online tonight. I say, document every single interaction you have with them in a notebook and if it comes to suing them for harassment to deter them and any other Enterprise employees from abusing their power and acting on their immature sense of entitlement, you will be prepared. Good luck.

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[Resolved] refused to honor domestic partnership

Made an online reservation at Minn/St.Paul airport Enterprise. We waited in line for about 30 minutes with only 2 people ahead of us. On our printed reservation, it clearly stated that domestic partners could be added as a second driver for free. However, the clerk wanted to charge for the additional driver. When questioned, she said, "We don't honor that." We both had matching addresses on our drivers licenses. We refused to pay the additional amount, and my partner agreed to drive, even though he had health issues and didn't really want to drive. We had wasted enough time at the counter as it was. When we got home, we contacted Enterprise, who promised a call from corporate that never came. After several attempts, someone finally said we would receive something in the mail. What did we receive? Two free upgrade coupons.


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer's satisfaction.

  • Enterprise Rent-A-Car's response · Jan 25, 2011

    I sincerely apologize for the issue at MSP and the incovenience it caused to both you and your partner. Please contact me at care[at]enterprise.com with your name, the 9-digit rental agreement number and the name of the employee you spoke to at the rental counter.

    When emailing, please list reference #110125-003026 in the subject line.

    - Elizabeth with Enterprise Rent-A-Car

[Resolved] misleading staff and rude manager

This complaint is against Enterprise Mountain View Branch and its branch manager Janelle Anderson. Tel: [protected].

On Dec. 17, 2010, my car was rear-ended. Geico, the ‘at-fault’ driver’s insurance company, rented a car for me from Enterprise-Rent-A-Car Mountain View Branch. Over the phone, the Geico’s claim adjuster reminded me that no extra insurance would be needed, because my own car’s insurance (full coverage) would cover the rental car. This is also advised by Geico’s website (http://www.geico.com/claims/claimsprocess/vehicle-rental/).

On Dec. 18, my wife and I were at Enterprise-Rent-A-Car Mountain View to pick up our rental car. The staff member at receptionist helped us go through the rental contract. I clearly informed him that I don’t need to buy any damage waiver or extra insurance unless Geico pays for it. He understood and reassured that we don’t need to pay any extra because Geico would take care of the bill. Then he circled the places where I need to sign on the agreement. Since we were in a hurry to hospital because my wife had serious symptoms of concussion and I also suffered whiplash, we didn’t double check this agreement before I signed at the places where he circled. We couldn’t imagine Enterprise’s staff would mislead us under such unfortunate situation we were in. We used the rental car until Dec. 30 and returned it to Car West Santa Clara where we picked up our own car.

On Jan. 21, I noticed that there was a transaction of $207.74 by Enterprise on Jan. 18 in my BOA credit card account. I called BOA to dispute this transaction, because I believe all bill from Enterprise should be paid by Geico instead of me. The BOA’s representative advised me to check with Geico first and see if Ceioco already paid the bill. Then my wife called the Geico claim adjuster to see if this amount was charged by mistake. After two hours I received a call from Enterprise saying the money was for basic insurance coverage ($15.99/day for 13 days) I agreed to purchase and this lady suggested I confirm with Enterprise Mountain View Branch. Only until then, we looked at the rental agreement closely and did see my signatures next to the circles made by Enterprise staff. My wife made a call to the Mountain View Branch and spoke to Janelle Anderson, the Branch Manager. My wife tried to explain to her that their staff member misled us to sign on the wrong places even though we had clearly stated that no optional or any other extra insurance was needed. But Ms. Anderson insisted that we signed the agreement and there is nothing she can do. Then she just hung up the phone.

My wife and I decided to pay a visit to their office during the lunch break. To our surprise, Ms. Anderson asked us to go out of the office to talk instead of having us seated to have the conversation. We explained to her what happened on Dec. 18 and asked her if she could check with the staff member who helped us the other day. The handwriting on the rental agreement was by a staff called Anthony. We saw Anthony but we don’t think it’s him who helped us at the front desk the other day. There is no signature of the other staff or whatever record kept by Enterprise about who helped us that morning. We asked if there is any other staff in the shop. Ms. Anderson said since we were not sure who was helping us, she can’t help. She said the only possible guy according to our description is no longer working for here. She repeated very impatiently that I signed the rental agreement, so she cannot waive the fee. She also humiliated us by concluding that “you are trying to avoid the payment because you talked to Geico and Geico will not pay the fee, so now you come to me” and “you are not paying the insurance now because nothing happened?. We explained to her that we called Geico because we thought the payment is for car rental which should be covered by Geico or it might be a credit card fraud. During the 20 minutes’ conversation, all she said was “you signed the agreement, so I am not going to waive the fee”. We told her that we want to speak to her supervisor. She refused to give us any name or contact number and just said she is the branch manager here. She became very aggressive by asking “what do you want from me ???” in a very rude manner. We told her that since she is the branch manger, she should know the procedure of how to deal with this kind of dispute. We asked about how to file a formal complaint to Enterprise. She simply told us all the complaints would finally come to her and she would not waive any fee for us. After being asked for several times, she finally wrote down a name of her boss reluctantly, but she refused to provide us with this person’s telephone number or email address. She then asked us to leave.

We are so disappointed that Ms. Anderson, as a Branch Manager, declined to investigate with her staff member about what happened. My wife and I are thoroughly offended by Ms. Anderson’s unprofessional way of handling complaint and her rude manner towards customers. She doesn’t care about her customer. She doesn’t acknowledge that her staff member could make a mistake by misleading us after we informed him that we would not need any optional insurance. Instead, she reduced us to sneaky customers who tried to avoid payment for services we were aware of and purchased voluntarily.
She only cares about this charge not to be waived. Her rude attitude to customers is completely unprofessional and inacceptable.

In closing, we believe that Ms. Anderson owes us an official apology for how she treated us. In addition, Enterprise should provide us with a formal answer of how they resolve this dispute.


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer's satisfaction.

  • Enterprise Rent-A-Car's response · Jan 24, 2011

    We are listening and I sincerely apologize for both the added coverage and, especially, the way you were treated by the branch manager. I want to offer my assistance in resolving this matter. Please email us at care[at]enterprise.com. Please include in the email your contact information, the rental agreement number (if you still have it), and any further details of the incident. Please use "Incident 110124-003618" as the subject of the email. (Rich)


I went to enterprise in Bristol tn to rent a vehicle i put the reservation in advance of 3 wks ago i had been renting my vehicles from shelbyville tn. and had been traveling back and forth getting ready to move to Bristol i had moved to Bristol permanently about a wk ago i had to take a run back to shelbyville to close on my house so i had planned to pick up the car at 5pm so here i am 5pm on Fri new years eve to pick this vehicle up then they decide to tell me they cant rent the car to me because my licenses does not match my address i assured him i just moved here and had been renting from the other location and they could verify from the other location that i had been renting a vehicle several times from them i had my lease for my new house i had my new ins. card i even had my bank with my current address. still they said no now i understand that everyone has procedures they have to follow but this is bull they could have informed me when i set up the rental 3 wks in advance that this was a policy then the dumb *** behind the counter going stand there and roll there eyes about it i am so very disappointed i spoke so highly about your company and had been sending lots of friends from my company where we have to travel alot even family members but i will tell you this much i will never speak or recommend enterprise rental company to anyone for anything ever and will never speak highly of your good customer service EVER!!

  • Ba
    babybev55 Jul 14, 2011

    Rented a car in Harrisburg, Pa to attend a wedding on 9th July 2011. The day of the wedding we discovered one of the rear tires was totally flat. My husband changed the tire and put on the "donut" tire while I called the Enterprise counter at the airport. She suggested we call AAA and pay the $61 charge or drive it back to the airport and get another car. We chose that option and was met with the "most miserable" agent we have ever enncountered! Her name was Severa (great name for her) German or something like that. We expressed our dilemma and that this was a huge inconvenience on the day of the wedding...and she basically said that it was OUR FAULT and that the tire was fine when we took the car. Like we would sabotage our own vehicle on a day that was hectic enough as it was???? We were shocked and then she said we might even be charged for the tire !
    She offered no compensation and when we asked to speak to a manager, she said that would be her...we're not sure about that! Anyway I am going to register a complaint to the company...agents who are that rude should not be representing their Company. Oh...and when we returned the 2nd car...the guy who takes the car back told us that he has heard many complaints about this Severa...so now I will definitely report her!

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  • Ba
    babybev55 Jul 14, 2011

    my comment is written above.

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[Resolved] damage waiver

I had to rent a car after I was involved in a car accident in St Petersburg, FL. I waited around to...

bad bussiness


[Resolved] damage scam

I rented a minivan from Enterprise Rent-a-car, 7823 Sudley Rd. Manassas, VA on 10/22/2010. The service person who checked out the car for me was Matthew Pocius (Branch Manager). Pocius performed a quick inspection (lasting approximately 30 seconds) of the vehicle while I remained inside of the branch. I trusted Pocius to provide an honest and accurate assessment of the condition of the vehicle. He did mention that there was numerous scrapes and marks on the vehicle and that it did appear that the vehicle was involved in a minor accident for which minor cosmetic issues had not been repaired. I signed the required paperwork and left with the vehicle. I travelled with the vehicle on business to New York. The car was parked in a safe location during my trip to NY and at no time did I observe any damage occur to the windshield of the vehicle or any other part of the vehicle. I returned the vehicle to Enterprise Rent-a-car, 7823 Sudley Rd. Manassas, VA on 10/28/2010. The vehicle was inspected by a female employee (name unknown) and Assistant Branch Manager Travis Burgher. Both employees advised me that a small crack in the windshield approximately 1/2 inch in diameter was found and that I would be responsible for the damage. I explained to both individuals that I did not cause this damage and that I should not be held responsible for damage that had already existed on the vehicle prior to my renting it. Mr.Burgher became rude and advised me that since I signed off on the inspection form, I would be required to pay for the damages. I feel that this company is being dishonest and is forcing me to pay for damage that I did not cause. In addition, I feel that the way that my concerns were handled by the managers of this establishment shows a clear and convincing disregard for providing quality customer service. I explained to Mr. Burgher that my complaint is not based on my having to pay money for damages. My complaint is centered on the principle that I should not be required to pay for damages that were already on the vehicle prior to my renting it and damages that I did not cause. I also explained that it was unacceptable to treat a customer as poorly as these employees have treated me in handling this issue. Needless to say, i want to warn other customers of the way that this Enterprise branch operates and of the poor customer service provided by both Pocius and Burgher.


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer's satisfaction.

  • Enterprise Rent-A-Car's response · Oct 29, 2010

    We are listening and apologize for that has happened. I would like to offer our assistance to resolve this damage claim issue. Please email care[at]enterprise[dot]com with your contact information, rental agreement number, and any further details of the claim and the encounters with the employees. Please use "Incident 101029-001131" as the subject of the email. (Rich)

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    USN374 Apr 13, 2011
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    Verified customer

    ... You're getting out easy. Pray that you never are involve in a no fault accident with someone who is driving a enterprise car with their renters insurance. My primary and ONLY mode of transportation is not drivable (I drive a motorcycle, and I'm lucky I didn't get seriously injured as far as I can tell - I'm having some bizarre sleeping and leg problems since the accident though - but my motorcycle is trashed and I haven't been to work for one of my 3 jobs in over 3 weeks... They originally assured me that all lost wages would be covered as I no longer could get to work for one job due to the fact that my motorcycle is pretty busted up and is unsafe/inoperable to ride. Which made perfect sense to me. Apparently not to them though. I'm now over $145 negative in my bank account because I couldn't make it to my second job and had to pay rent (which I obviously didn't have in full), and they've gone back on their word and will not be reimbursing me for any time lost at EITHER of my jobs. Keep in mind, I work two civilian jobs to make ends meet (and do odd jobs), and have also been enlisted in the U.S. Navy Reserves for over 5 Years now. I'm now possibly facing eviction from my apartment, I'll probably be late on credit card bills, and honestly have no clue where I will be getting money to pay my phone bill (due in 5 days)... And that's not even covering my personal items that were damaged in the wreck, such as my iTouch ($300), Laptop ($800), Helmet ($500), Gloves ($80), Backpack ($120), Suunto wrist watch ($160 ), jeans ($40), t-shirt ($25), Nike shoes ($100 ), etc, etc, etc (not to mention my motorcycle btw, which they've yet to tell me is totaled or repairable, or any estimate of how much I'm getting reimbursed for that or ANYTHING ELSE FOR THAT OR ANYTHING ELSE!). All of my 'personal' items can be covered with an 'allowance ' as they called it... which is PENNIES on the dollar for the amount that I paid for the items. All of which are damaged and some are IRREPARABLE and almost all do not have a used working version that I can get for a reasonable price.

    In all, I would like to thank Enterprise Rental Car Insurance for dicking me around for over the last 3 weeks, I mean, it's not like I needed that money from that second job or anything. I love potentially getting evicted from my place of residence. I JUST love being in constant fear of getting fired from my second job (that I can't make it to. Remember that lack of transportation thing?). I love all of this, along with possible life altering injuries (which I wouldn't know about, seeing as they NEVER offered to send me to a doctor - just something, you know, that I can't afford to go to, because, ironically, the Reserves sucks, and my premium for health insurance is more than I can afford).

    I would like to thank every Insurance Company out there, besides my own auto insurance who have been incredibly helpful in every way they can be, for making me believe in the system.

    Thanks guys. Y'all are what make me believe the system works. I thank you so much every day.

    No wonder my cheating ex-girlfriend ended up being an insurance adjuster. (Most) all of you are heartless ### that have NO compassion for a fellow human being. The people that own and ultimately run these corporations are why America is failing. They promise this, they promise that, we pay out the nose for it.

    You'll probably be seeing me in court soon.

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suspended car registration

I just wanted to express how I annoyed I was this morning with Enterprise Rental Car!! My husband rented a car from our local Enterprise a week ago... he's been renting vehicles off and on from then, since the beginning of the year! Well, anyway, we had to use the car last night to take care of some family stuff and we ended up leaving all of our personal items inside of the car, before retiring for bed. Well, this morning when my husband was leaving for work, he rushed back into the house in a panic, asking me if I knew where the car was... I told him it was outside, where you parked it... he's like, "no it's not..." We look around the house for the key... and we still have the key... so, now we think the car was stolen... we're both on the phone with police... the operator returns to the line and says, it wasn't stolen, it was impounded by the police, because the registration was suspended. WTF!! We were hot! All of his equipment was in the car, along with my cell phone... so, this all took place at 6:30a... Enterprise doesn't open until 8... so, my husband tries to at least get his stuff out from the tow shop and they wouldn't allow access, because the person there wasn't authorized to allow people back to retrieve their belongings. So, he had to go purchase new equipment, just to get his day started. Then Enterprise opens... they tell him that they can get his stuff out, transfer it to the new car and have the new car at our home... but, first they need him to come in, because they don't have a spare key! So, he's about three hours away... and they close at 5:30p... he can't make it to Enterprise... he can't get a new car... and our belongings stay in the other car another night... all because Enterprise was too lazy to renew the registration that suspended back in August 2010! So, that means... the car's registration was suspended from the day he drove it off the lot! No phone calls... no nothing!

Always check your paperwork... tags... stickers... etc... or you can end up... with an empty parking space!

chipped window

I was getting my car fixed yesterday and needed a rental car when I picked up the car from enterprise with my husband the girl was real busy and rushed us while checking the car and told us nothing under a certain size mattered so as I got in the car noticed a chip in window that was size of pebble but she had said nothing that small matters. Returned car today now she is trying to charge me for the window. Now it was not just me my husband also had seen the chip and what she had said about size he also took it as anything that size didn't matter. My husband has been a police officer in this town for 8 years has won a hero's award and a award for going above and beyond his duty. Now you have some girl who was not doing her job very well calling him and me a liar. i would never use this company again and advise others not to use them either.

[Resolved] price gouging - santa barbara

Selected prepay as an option for gas - expected to see about $3 gallon

Looked at the contract and $4.69 gallon was crossed out and the amount of $7.07 gallon put in.

Price Gouging by Enterprise Santa Barbara, Thomas Arias, Branch Manager


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer's satisfaction.

  • Enterprise Rent-A-Car's response · Sep 21, 2010

    We are listening and I am so sorry for the fuel charge issue. I would like to assist you in resolving this issue. Please email me at care[at]enteprise[dot]com with your full name, contact information, and the renal agreement number. Please use "Incident 100921-000743" in the subject line. - Rich at Enterprise Rent-A-Car

  • Ji
    jim m s Sep 20, 2010
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    Verified customer

    Rented car

    While inspecting vehicle - they asked if I wanted prepay gas and I said yes.

    Looked at the contract while driving away and noticed that they had crossed out
    the charge for prepay and changed it from $4.69/gallon to $7.07/gallon.

    This is so excessive - expected to see about $3.00/ gallon as was so on previous rentals with other reputable companies.



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[Resolved] we'll pick you up-not drop you off

My 71 year old mother rented a car from there for 4 months after an auto accident. Her insurance picked up a...

[Resolved] overcharged damage claim

My friend and I rented a car from enterprise at the sheraton 15 s. 36th street philadelphia, pa office on...

[Resolved] disrespectful managers, and other unprofessional behavior

Customers, do yourselves a favor, if you wish to save yourselves grief, and anger over money that is OWED to you, DO NOT use the services from this agency.

They have owed us money for two months now, money that was unfairly debited out of our account because our insurance covered the entire cost for the vehicle, and sent the check to "Enterprise". They charged our card anyway, and told us we had signed up for a fictitious insurance coverage we didn't know anything about, as we opted out of the insurance option when we rented the vehicle.

My wife Paula just got off the phone with one of the "managers" named TYONA whose incompetency exceeded our vastest expectations. We had no idea a manager could sink that low, but we were proved wrong today.

Her name is TYONA. She wouldn't reveal her title to us, hung up on us 3 times. I REPEAT 3 times, and continuously kept cutting my wife short even after she told her that she didn't appreciate being left on hold for 20 minutes wasting phone minutes, just to be hung up shortly thereafter.

My wife told her that her behavior mirrors just how much this branch cares about their customers at this location, her response was for us never to call again, or she would call the police on us and sue us for harassment.

We also informed TYONA that we had previously spoken to her managers JOSE ALBA, and TOM THOMAS, that I had been calling them for weeks, that they took our phone number down, and told us they would call us back the next day which never happened, and unless we call they won't reach out to us. This branches modus operandi seems thus far targeted at chasing customers away with rudeness, and unprofessionalism, and by doing so keeping you from getting your money back, as most people will desist or think it isn’t worth the trouble.

We informed TYONA that we were going to be notifying the BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU to the practices of business being conducted at this branch; she laughed in my wife’s ear, and replied “Whatever”, as if she was used to responding that way fifty times a day, like a pro.

TYONA was disrespectful, demeaning, and didn't seem to care about upsetting her customers.

To all customers out there:

PLEASE DO NOT USE THE SERVICES AT THIS BRANCH, you would be contributing to keeping this madness going. THEY employ THE MOST UNPROFESSIONAL AND RUDEST STAFF, AND MANAGER (TYONA) we have ever dealt with.


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer's satisfaction.

  • Enterprise Rent-A-Car's response · Aug 02, 2010

    I'm very sorry for your frustration, and we'd like to address your concerns about the charges in addition to your customer service concerns. Please email us at care [at] enterprise [dot] com with complete details including your rental agreement (RA) or reservation number, exact rental location, and any other information you want addressed.

    Please include reference number 100802-004373 in the subject line of your email.


    - Kevin from Enterprise Rent-A-Car

[Resolved] rip off

Pls dont rent your vehicle from enterprise. They will make you sign on fine print and rip you off in the end. I ended up paying 600 dollars for a small bent in the edge of the door that I didnt make and it was in the vehicle already. They have their own repair shop dealer who charges extra as he knows it is either us or the insurance company going to pay for it. .

The person at enterprise didnt look at the car when I rented and I was in a hurry so she made me sign in the contract and I left. When I returned the car they added all the damages that were in the car already and screwed me big time..

Pls dont get cheated by this Rental car company..


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer's satisfaction.

  • Enterprise Rent-A-Car's response · Jul 16, 2010

    Mandy, I apologize for any frustration over this issue. Have you called our Damage Recovery Unit yet? They can be reached at 800-327-0421 and you'll need your claim/DX number - there you can dispute the claim.

    Should you need further assistance after speaking with the Damage Recovery Unit feel free to email us: care[at]enterprise.com with your full name, the exact rental location, rental agreement number and claim number.

    If emailing us, please list reference #100716-001373 in the subject line.

    - Elizabeth with Enterprise Rent-A-Car

[Resolved] fraudulent business

Huntington Honda referred me to Enterprise Rent-A-Car because Huntington Honda claimed they had a shortage of...

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