Dollar Treedouble charged on debit card

T Dec 02, 2019 Review updated:

In Saturday November 30 2019 I went to Dollar Tree in Arlington tx where I was double charged on my debit card. Went back to speak to manager and she would not assist. Was very rude and walked away as I was attempting to speak with her.

She gave me an out of date 800 number to call.

I will be filing a fraud claim with my bank. This manager should be terminated


  • W
      Dec 02, 2019

    I have two things to say.

    1. If you spoke rudely to her perhap that is why she walked away?
    2. I get the feeling you are mistaking no as rude.

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  • K
      Dec 03, 2019

    There's nothing they can do at the store about this situation. You would need to dispute the 2nd charge with your bank, cause Dollar Tree only charged once and only got paid once, it's the bank that screwed up and are showin you a 2nd charge that never actually happened, though usually banks find their own mistake within a day or two.

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