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Reviews and Complaints

Dollar Tree verified

policy rules

ATTN: Mr Philbin:
I was terminated by Jonathan Fisher after he falsely accused me of working off the clock. I understand I can't get my job back or receive my unemployment or get my sick pay. I don't agree with it but I know this company will believe him just because he is your dm. It doesn't mean he's honest or that he isn't breaking policy rules. Since I have no reason to defend this store or the people that work there, there's a few things you should know. Your asst mgr has been pocketing money that is over from the deposits. She also adds her own money if her till isn't even. There is a witness who was there that will verify this. Carmen Peralta also saw Toni Fiero do this on video but didn't report it. Carmen also told the former ops mgr she couldn't believe how many policy rules she was breaking. The ops mgr quit not to long after that because of back problems and because she didn't want to get blamed for things she didn't do. She also knew Carmen had hired family and had them working in the same store. She didn't say anything because she had nothing to do with who was hired. Time edits are supposed to be signed by the person whos time is being edited yet I never signed anything. I don't know how many hours were removed from my time and was not told how many either. We were also told at one of our meetings that if anyone in mgmt turned in their keys and abandoned their job, they would be fired with no chance of rehire, ever yet the merch mgr did just that and Jonathan called her back and transferred her to another store as a cashier. I get accused of something I didn't do and Jonathan skips suspension and go for termination. Just because someone has a mgmt position doesn't mean they're honest. At this store mgmt are the ones breaking the rules and lying to cover their backs and firing the people who know too much about what's going on at this store. I have had to inform this store about a previous manager that allowed two people to smoke heroin in the break room while she performed oral sex on them. Robert verified this after watching the video and let her go. You want to know what's going on in your store but when someone tells you, you fire them. Let's see if you turn the other way on these matters.

  • Updated by teespinoza.1928 · Dec 16, 2019

    I have a few questions. First, why is a cashier getting more hours than an ops mgr? Why does this company assume that your dm doesn't lie or violate policy rules. How can a asst ops mgr get away with keeping money that is over from the deposit, safe and tills and why isn't the mgr reporting this? The mgrs and FM get away with whatever they do because corporate would rather believe and keep people that aren't honest and get rid of the ones that are. I have already given up that anything will get done about these issues but I will keep letting you know with the hope that you will have a store that match your slogan about being an equal opportunity place with employees that good people skill that are willing to help the customers instead of the rude, lazy mgrs you have right now. I have told my co workers that I have come to care about to only do what is required of them and at a pace they are comfortable with. Why should they work like dogs because your dm is shaving hours to get a bigger bonus. You just lost another hard working ops mgr because she wasn't treated fairly. At least when I started working there, I had a great mgr that treated all of us fairly and fought for better work conditions for us. I loved my job for two years and then you hired Jonathan Fisher and your stores now look like crap. He has no business being any kind of mgr.

Dollar Tree verified

wrongful termination

On Sept 26, 2019 I had just finished working and had clocked out. I went to pick up my trash and anything else that was on the floor. There was an opened box of gift bags on the floor and shelf so I was picking them up when the DM came in. I explain that I wasn't working, I was just picking up my mess and he told me not to worry about it. I put my trash on the boat and pushed it into the warehouse and then shopped a little, talked with the mgr and went outside to smoke with the cashier before I went home. The next morning, I went to work when Carmen called me to the warehouse and told me that Jonathan had called HR to see if he could terminate me. I don't know what he told them but they said ok. I called him to ask what was going on and why did he say I was working off the clock and he said there was nothing he could do about it now. I tried calling and emailing Jessica Feldman from HR but got no response . I was not working off the clock. I did not open any boxes and stock them. The sign in the breakroom says don't pass it up, pick it up and I got fired for doing that. This bs has been going on since I filed my first complaint about 5-6 months ago. The ops manager, Alycia Martinez and a few of the cashiers are willing to confirm this but the store manager will not go against Jonathan because she doesn't want to get involved or have him mad at her . Even if I would've been working off the clock which I wasn't, the next step would've been suspension. I did get a write up around the first of the year for working off the clock and haven't done it since then. I would like to have my job back. Jonathan has me not rehireable. He shaves hours and has everyone working like dogs so he can get a bigger bonus. Every store that he is in charge of is a mess. He has single handedly ran the store into the ground and puts the blame on the store manager. He shouldn't be allowed to manage any store. He has broken more policy rules than any of us ever could. I believe this is why he fired me. I want my job back and for him to step down. We need an honest person who is going to treat the employees right. Can you please help me with this issue? I will be contacting labor forces and the city code inspector next. The store will not pass.

  • Ev
    Everywhere Oct 26, 2019

    Wow. Unbelievable! Well, Dollar Tree is something of a shithole, so I'd start looking for a new job. I've never heard of someone being fired for being proactive! Could there be other reasons for the termination?

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Dollar Tree verified

no hours to stock

Can anyone please address the issue we are having at our store. Actually there are two issues. It seems we were only given 8 hours for freight for 2 people. 8 hours to unload truck, organize the warehouse, stock the shelves and a few other things. Not gonna happen. We had 8 hrs plus 15 from the guy who never shows up, plus the mgr gave freight her 40. She's on vacation. That's 63 hours. The dm said he's shaving hours so the 63 was taken and as usual, freight is over on hours. This is not right. This is more like slave labor. Could you please give freight at least 20-25 per week before this store goes all the way down and could you please let the dm that these hours are only for freight or they will disappear like they did for the last two months. We have a manager is tired of working in these conditions and is just about ready to walk out. It would like to work at a comfortable speed and enjoy our our job. So far no one has ever addressed any of the complaint that I have submitted. If there isn't any products on the shelves, there won't be any sales.

Thank you for at least reading this

Dollar Tree verified


I am employed by Dollar Tree. My question is this. After I clock out from my shift, do I have to leave the store? I ask because after my shift was over, I went to the break room to finish my lunch and check on something I listed on the internet on my phone. One of the cashier came in and said I was not allowed in the store after I clocked out because I was loitering. I don't think this is true. As long as I am not working, , I should be able to shop or in this case, finish eating my lunch. Could you please let me know if this information is accurate or if she's just trying to bully me.

  • Su
    Sulphur7 Jul 09, 2019

    Every business has a different policy on this. A quick call to Human Resources should resolve this question.

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