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direct tv stole $200 - don't fall for it

Direct TV is a scam. They will lie and steal from you whenever they can. I signed up for Direct TV in Nov 2008 and had to pay a $200 deposit. Now, after paying on time and in full the last 16 months, the Deposit has changed to a fee. The person that tricked me into signing up said over and over that I would get all of the money back through credits on my monthly bills. This was a total lie and the recording will show it. Who in their right mind would shell out $200 just to PAY these scammers another $900 over 18 months? You're right, it doesn't compute...So they have to lie about to meet their sign-up quotas.

I've filed complaints with the FCC and BBB, but what this company needs is a Class action lawsuit. That is the only way to stop it!!

Read all of the complaints on here - I wish I had and I would have saved myself a bundle. We are real people who have been ripped off by Direct TV - STAY AS FAR AS YOU CAN AWAY FROM THIS AWFUL COMPANY!!

  • Id
    Idahobarry Mar 04, 2010

    Once again the big guys got us. Ive been using directv for years and was just informed that if their equiptment fails we are responsible. If these guys were really serious about keeping customers they would flex alot.

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  • Jk
    Jkoe1978 Mar 04, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Do a search for any other cable TV/ Satellite TV provider and you will find the exact same complaints. You should really read the terms before you sign a contract.

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so desperate to keep clients, that they make it hard to cancel their service

I called to cancel DirectTV.. they tried to talk me out of it. I said I am moving to corporate housing for awhile. So they kept insisting that they sign me up for a 6 Month Temporary Suspension and when I was ready to start it up I could call.

They are so desperate to keep clients.. they will do anything to keep them on the books.. including making it hard to cancel.

I get $0 Bills for 5 months.. then all of a sudden a $213 bill (for 1.5 months - if I would have gotten an email for the partial $75 month I would have called then). I call and say that I won't be ready for service for at least another month.. and they would delete the $212 from the account. They want my service so of course they are not gonna charge me for their service I didn't use...

Well, I decided not to use DTV so I called to officially cancel and the $212 fee is still there. I argue how can they charge for something I didn't use. If you don't use electricity.. you don't get charged. If you don't use water.. you don't get charged. WHAT COMPANY CAN CHARGE YOU FOR NOT USING THEIR SERVICE?

They refused to give me my $212... Of course their notes in their computer are incomplete and favor their firm. No note of the last conversation where I was told I would not be charged.

I have spent thousands with DTV and was a HUGE fan of them.

Now.. I am going to blog the heck of my experience and I will cost them many many customers.

And the $1500 annually i spend with a TV provider.. which is $15000+ every decade... will go to AT&T Uverse or some other carrier.

DTV had to squeeze a dime out of me..this is what they get. I probably was responsible for 20-25 clients signing up for DTV and now I will take back those 25 and 50 more.

  • Ro
    Rotten Richard Mar 02, 2010

    After cancelling my direct TV account, and paying a cancellation fee, I started getting letters from a collection agency, who refused to talk to me, unless a sent a written request. After several INTERNATIONAL telephone calls direct TV claimed the charges were for payper view from January 2009, which were on my box when I turned it in. When I tried to disput this all I got was pay it, you don't have a choice.

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hijacking customers

I am a Dishnetwork customer. At times I find myself needing to contact Dishnetwork for technical support. I called the wrong number by accident. I call 1 888 333-DISH instead of 1 800 333-DISH. The 888 number is a number to a group call "Dish One Up" who is retail supplier for DirecTV. They mislead those of us who misdial the Dishnetwork number into believing at first we are calling Dishnetwork only to find that about 20 minutes into they are saying they are going to need to switch our service to DirecTV. I called about a problem about mty DVR and, thinking that I'm talking to Dishnetwork, they were immediately going to set up a new DVR...and add free channels...and this and that. So I'm thinking WOW Dishnetwork is really stepping up here when all along I'm talking to DirecTV. They wasted some of my valuable time with this deception and I'm sure they successfully hijack some customers (I stayed with Dishnetwork of course). I think the exploit the phone number thing and are terible for these deceptive practices. fell free to call them to check this complaint out but they are going to want your phone number right off. Don't give it to them just ask them if they are Dishnetwork and see how many times you have to ask...I asked 3 times before I use some colorful languge and hung up on them. [protected]-DISH (3474). Have fun!

military orders and still charged

I am currently stationed at Ft Benning GA in the Columbus GA area and got direct TV, not only do they not get local channels but 2 days after getting it installed I got orders to deploy. My wife called direct TV to cancel our service because of my orders. The representative on the phone told her there would be no cancellation fee, turns out 5 days later she gets 424 dollars taken out of her account. I called Direct TV and they told me they would have to investigate the matter which could take 14-21 days. On top of that we are out 424 dollars. Military me dont mbers dont make that much keep in mind. What do they have to investigate? The fact that I have military orders and am leaving, give me a break. They care about people let alone soldiers.

  • Hu
    huntress814 Jan 25, 2012

    Direct TV discriminates against military families. Recently, I cancelled my Direct TV service because my family is PCSing. Normally Direct TV has an early cancellation fee of $200. However, I was told that for military customers they waive the fee. I was assured I would not be charged and the account was cancelled successfully. Two weeks later, I was shocked that the $200 still remained on my final bill. I called Direct TV and re-explained the situation. They apologized and reassured me the fee was being removed. At the end of January, $200 was taken out of my bank account by Direct TV. I was infuriated, since I had been told on two occasions the fee was waived due to us being military. I called the company and spoke with a customer service rep who said the matter could only be dealt with by a supervisor and said she would transfer me. After 25 minutes I was told no supervisors were available and needed to continue to be transferred repeatedly to find one. After 45 minutes I hung up and am now having to dispute the charge with my bank instead. The actions of Direct TV are fraudulent and a slap in the face to military families. They claim to offer special services to active duty, and “support the troops. However, they do not fulfill their promises, and only use these supposed offers to improve the reputation of their company. I highly discourage any military families from using Direct TV.

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  • Vf
    V from ATL Nov 22, 2014

    I HATE Directv! Directv screws its customers. If you are reading this and thinking, "Not me." My response is Not Yet. Directv milks customers by applying nick picky. Charges (., $69 for a box, $20 access card, $49 for install). You can get better products, services and customer service from Dish.
    If you have been mistreated by Directv, please complain to ftc.gov and fcc.gov. Directv does not care about these post. It cares about complaints to the federal government.

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very unhappy with direct tv

My husband is 72 years old and has a pacemaker and half of his foot cut off and his tv is his life.We have been without tv sincethe 15th of May.I can not understand why a tech can not get to our house no sooner than the 24th of May.Hire more techs if need to. A tech was at my step-sons and he did not have time to call and see if we had a ticketopened, he was right next door to us and would not do a thing. Up to this point we have had a good report not now. We are very unhappy with Direct TV. We except tv on and some kind of reward for this kind of service.

  • Bu
    bugman64 Aug 08, 2011

    Direct TV is the most rediculuos company ever! We have never been able to use the services we were promised even tough we pay for it. The service techs come out and refuse to do basic things like screw in a cable or move the dish untill you offer to tip them! At that point, they have the equipment in the truck or they'll "do you a favor" just this once. I thought a contract was to protect both sides, but it seems standard law does not apply to DTV. They lie and charge for anything and everything they can and always try to get you to add packages and servises. Verizon did it with data charges and got caugt, I can't wait for DTV to get slapped with a big fat class action suit! Where do I sign up!

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not getting local channels

Decided to get Direct TV, called up the company came and set us up, told us that we would have no problem getting local channels, two months later nothing. Called Direct TV back they told me they would have to send In a waiver to the networks to get It approved then was denied, company never told us It was denied I had to call the company back to find that out. This was advertised on the flyer I recieved In the mail that we would get local channels. I then called the company back to ask about an antenna then thay have the gaul to ask for 99.00 for set up. This Is a huge disappointment I am so upset I made a change from Dish to Direct TV.Christine Langwell

  • Al
    aldokain Mar 28, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I pay for Local channels and for no reason they are not on!! I just turned it on to see the news and all I see is a blank screen and nothing else.I am very mad at Directv for saying nothing about the local channels. I Will not refer ANYONE to directv!!!
    " Friends don't let friends get Directv."

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equipment lease fraud

I was a Direct TV user for over 13 years and never had trouble with my equipment. I upgraded to High-Def and had to "lease" new equipment, both a High-Def receiver and a Standard-Def receiver. 9 months later, the Standard-Def receiver would not power on.

After being on hold off and on, I was finally informed Direct TV would replace my receiver - for a $19.95 handling fee. I informed them why should I pay to replace a piece of equipment that I did not own, that I was leasing - is that not what the monthly lease fee covers? I asked to speak with a supervisor and was put on hold for several more minutes. The original person came back on the line (no supervisor) and informed me they could waive the $19.95 handling fee if I purchased an extended warranty - On Leased Equipment!!!

So I asked if they were refusing to replace my 9 month old receiver. They informed me I have to pay the handling fee. I informed them they broke the contract and also technically broke a the lease agreement for the equipment. I cancelled my service and now they want me to pay a cancellation fee.

I strongly feel it is time to stand up to these companies and their cancellation fees. They can provide lousy, or no service, and still get us to pay to leave. I will join in on any class action.

  • Yo
    YouGObama Feb 25, 2010

    DirecTV extended my contract without telling me, charged my debit card without my permission, and tried to collect $400 cancellation fee...

    I wrote a letter to their disputes department detailing everything, and threatened to join the class action lawsuit currently filed against them, and they gave me my money back.

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direct tv is total garbage!

Like many others who have posted I am trapped within their system. My reception is terrible and they want money to service their own equipment or they want to sell you a protection plan. They are simply money grubbers to the max who do not care about their customers one iota. They are well aware that their service is glitchy and barely works at all and they do not care! It seems "service" means something entirely different to them. I caught on the other day when a local farmer was talking about having his cows "serviced". Suddenly I realized just what kind of "service" I'm getting from Direct TV.

  • Ke
    KeShawn S Dec 10, 2015

    Direct TV's user interface is glitchy and slow, and I don't know if that has to do with the dish's connection.The dish randomly loses service, and takes its precious time to reconnect and sometimes there are unknown connection problems that you have to wait out.All in all, I think that cable is tons more reliable.Direct TV's connection or (if it's my location) connection requirements are not worth it and won't suffice to say that we pay for this.Need I mention, all those thousands of promised on demand movies come with a price tag and there is not an option just to search for the free ones.

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  • Wb
    W.B. Satterwhite Dec 13, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    A real bunch of crooks. Way too much money for services and add more without notice to raise your monthly bill even more. Stay away from them unless you just like giving money away.

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unauthorized checking card debit

DirecTV consumer bank account debit fraud / Wells Fargo Bank complicit behavior Short Summary: DirecTV...

the way they look at the costumer

This an email from direct tv to me !

Show details 1:46 pm (1 hour ago)

You focus on the little things so much that the big ones get overlooked. We are very thankful as well that you don’t have directv . You would be too high maintenance. And tell your friends if they are anything like you not to have directv either. We like intelligent customers that don’t focus on the little things and can see the big picture.

Ignorance and stupidity – you take the cake dude! J

I love you

Andrew byrd
Directv - sales & service

  • Di
    directv2010 Jun 06, 2010

    Hello forum - My name is Andrew Byrd. I am the one in which the guy is referencing in the email. I am the DIRECTV dealership in question. This guy is an ex disgruntled contractor and is making every effort to discredit me. He never showed on time for his jobs, he stole materials off the truck and was a very dishonest contractor. Customer complaints were numerous. I had to stop using him to try and keep our good reputation alive. As you can see, he kept his word in one area - he said he was going to complain and make stuff up on every board he could find. Feel free to email me or call me regarding this matter. Andrew Byrd [email protected] 678-710-8330

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  • Ch
    christypooh Aug 17, 2011

    This guy Andrew Byrd is lying, he always is nothing but a smart a$$
    his company installed for me and it was never right, didn't pick up channels, he always gave the run arround. After I signed the contract, he said well you should have signed with dish. He is a jerk. Don't believe him anything he says is a lie!!!

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  • 2c
    2charoncoinsforandrew Jun 29, 2012

    Andrew Byrd is a filthy liar.

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  • Jo
    joshemery Jun 29, 2012

    I am a retired Navy LT and Vietnam veteran. I was stationed mainly out of the Da Nang coastal zone and sustained injuries in this horrible conflict that will haunt me for the rest of my life. I have seen many of my fellow comrades die, and suffer injuries far beyond my own. I share all this as I was directly told by Mr. Andrew Byrd during a phone conversation with him to be a liar. - Having seen the previous comment, I could not notice my own experience with him. Mr. Byrd also berated me verbally. He at one point asked me, completely out of context, if I voted for our current president and that I had to be a Democrat as no Republican would be as stupid as me. He then taunted me to call him back as he was having a good time telling me this. This encounter has made me very depressed and sad for Mr. Byrd, as I think he does not understand what this country and all the good Americans serving it are truly about. My name is Josh Emery, and I am proud of my nation and the independence and sovereignty it still represents today. May you all have a wonderful 4th. God bless.

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  • Wi
    wildlifestudent89 Aug 24, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have also just had my experience with this TERRIBLE man. This is the e-mail I received AFTER I asked for him to please stop contacting me he continued to HARASS AND THREATEN ME!
    Andrew Byrd:
    The things you hear that are negative about our company are most likely coming out of the mouths of people like you. Birds of a feather flock together

    People that make appts and do not show
    People that have the entitlement mentality and want things handed to them
    People that have no ability to better themselves but expect others to do it for them

    My advice to you is no matter what you "hear" always be a person of your own merit.

    In other words, lead, don't follow

    I wish you well in your endeavors. I have passed your email and response to my colleagues and fellow business owners. Maybe that should assist in what should happen happening.

    May God bless you and your family

    Andrew Byrd
    Satellite Activations
    America's #1 DIRECTV DEALER
    E: [email protected]
    O: 678-710-8330
    C: 770-827-4079

    -----Original Message-----
    Sent: Friday, August 24, 2012 12:48pm
    To: "Andrew Byrd" <[email protected]>
    Subject: Re: DirectTv Sales Position

    Yeah, I heard a lot of bad things about the position and company and decided against it. Sounded like it would have been a waste of time for me too. Sorry you guys took it so personally. Please do not contact me again.

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sold to as bundle and never bundled.

Dear Board,
On Sept. 1st, 2009, Patricia Wade received a call from a woman named Carmen about an AT&T Bundle includinging telephone, Internet and Directv. I'm her son Michael Wade who takes care of her Medically since she was released the second time from a nursing home. She is sharp in mental abilities and the next day was her 72nd birthday, (9/2/1937).
I have recorded all conversations and after about third conversation, was told I could ask for name of costomer service reps. name an ID #. So in a Composition notebook, I've got pages and pages of conversations and numbers of people that I've been trying to get the deal (bundle) that we orginally set up, with no success, even to this very day, Feb. 21st, 2010. I was told that the Internet and Phone could not be set up till Sept. 8th, 2009.
The bundle consisted of Directv Choice Extra package for one year at $34.99, The Phone Choice Enhanced at $26.00, and High Speed Pro Internet at $30.00 which rounded up equals $89.99, but was informed that her credit only allowed one box instead of the four that the package usaully offers. So for two extra boxes, I was told they would be $ charged at $5.00 each for the stardard versions in which we choose.
On Sept 8th, I spoke on her behalf to add Game Lounge, since she is a bed ridding elderly person and that is her only enjoyment beside Cops, Animal Planet and the Runeay Show, at $5.99 a month, and James at Directv (Employee #416067) informed me that since we were new customers and over and over, tole me that it would not change the package, said NFL Sunday Ticket would come along with it for 5 (Five) months absolutly free, be must be cancelled after then or we would be charged for it.
Since the beginning, Ive been getting two seperate bills, AT&T with Internet for $74.99 and Directv for around $65.99 as well as a building balance each month on sport TV when neither of us, Both disabled and on a fixed income watchs any type of sports at all, unless you can call the dog shows on Animal Planet a sport. No matter how hard I have tried, I can't seem to get any resolve from these isssue of their Breach of the Orginal Contract, even though they claim that I changed the Package, which I deny and asked them to listen to the tape recordings of my conversation of the eployees that I've supplied both names and employee numbers as well as dates for them to do so.
They have cut my mothers Tv off and she is slipping into depression and I need some type of resolve or advice on Who and how to sue them here in Dayton Ohio Courts. My Name is Michael Wade, and My Cell Phone number is [protected], my email address so far is [protected]@att.net, but also use [protected]@hotmail.com, [protected]@gmail.com and others, but that should be enough for now. Call me 24/7 as well as 7 days a week for any help that you can give an elderly lady on a fixed income with mutiple disabilities as well as myself with even less income and more disabilities than her.

PS. Also they want you to pay by Credit Card and when we do and save a copy of the confirmation in our Documents folders, they only allow you to have links that lead you back to the account sites with confirmation codes present any more. I have to fine all the receipts and take picture with Cell Phone excepting the time that we have used my other Brothers Credit Card and My Loadable Credit Card. I get a Total of $115.00 a month from welfare relief.

Sincerely in your hands and at your mercy,
Patricia A. Wade Phone:[protected]
Michael G. Wade Phone:[protected]

practically anyone can start an incompetent satellite tv company like directv did

Why am I happy? I was very tired of standard cable, so I read the direct tv propaganda and saw an answer to my prayers: so much service for so little money! But wait; I had better look for direct tv complaints, in the unlikely event there should be any such thing. I now realize than practically anyone can start an incompetent satellite tv company; direct tv did! I could even do this, but i'm an analyst who pays attention to the bottom line.

Still, direct tv could come after me. Some of their minions might even be competent. I stopped by best buy and looked at one of their receivers. There’s a $400 cancellation fee right there. I thought about getting a couple of hd dvr’s. There are endless more fees for intent there, and I should never be so stupid as to believe that & ldquo;free” really means at-no-charge. I have so far not paid these people one cent, but I am a sworn enemy. Are they going to take that lying down?

I once go scammed by & ldquo;the home business group” by paying home business start-up fees. I got my money back. & ldquo;the home business group” made all their money on these fees and nothing else.

Suspiciously, it looks like direct tv depends on a variety of fees to stay in business. If one has lousy service, the income has to come from somewhere. Raiding people’s accounts works even better.

I have been writing all sorts of government officials about this. I have urged government officials to pay close attention to the so-called direct tv contract and the danger of & ldquo;implied consent. & rdquo; implied consent is common on internet scam sites. Once one is caught up in an implied consent scam, the only way to stop it is to cancel one’s credit card. Direct tv takes this even further, by turning practically any account over to collections. Mass collections without cause ends up being another scam. All the government has to do here is tell the banks and credit bureaus to ignore direct tv.

  • Mi
    Misty123 Feb 24, 2010

    It is beyond me why the BBB, The Attorney General and the FTC cannot or will not do one thing to stop DirectTv's underhanded business practice. Why is DirectTV allowed to hide in fine print the truth of their2 year contracts and the upgrade horrors of which adds another 2 yrs to the existing contract without the customers knowledge and even if one buys the equipment they also have to pay to lease this same equipment. Also Directs contract can be verbal or just one's initials on a work order.Not to mention Directs ability to go into a customers bank account or credit card and take whatever they see fit when the customer cancels their service without informing the customer first often leaving the customer no money to live on and no way to pay their bills.
    The BBB gets thousands and thousands of complaints each year on Direct TV alone and it does not make sense why they continue to let Direct Tv get away with this devious practice surely DirecttV is not above the law. Has this country sunk so low that the very people we pay to help our citizens in situations like these with Direct TV simply turns a blindeye and allows it to happen over and over again??

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  • Mr
    M.R.Ray Feb 26, 2010

    I agree with Misty123 comments 200%! My experience has been very much an example of what she has described. After I decided to cancel services with DirectTV, because it was very unsatisfactory as well as being too costly for its poor service, I was told of the early cancellation clause in their microscopic fine print on contract. First I never signed a paper that had that that penalty fine included. Secondly, my main reason for cancellation was because I had extreme financial problems which forced me to cancel. I did promise to pay the penalty fines within the next 90 days, which was all I could possible afford with my limited retirement income and advanced medical problems/expenses. But they used my data from a Bank Debit card on my checking account, (I paid a few months service payments from it), to ROB funds from my account, which overdrafted my account, caused bank OD charges, and caused my pre-setup directions for mortgage payments to overdraft the account, leading to problems with my mortgage lender and furthered the banks penalty fees even more! Meanwhile I had no money to live on for the rest of the month.
    This is not right, it should be criminal for any business to use your Bank Debit card info without your knowledge or authorization. My bank would not resend the transaction, which I didn't think was fair either, because other previous auto withdrawals were in place, which they should have honored first, before allowing DirectTV to get their grubby dirty fingers on my personal funds. How are we the honest working American or in my case, a retired, widow living on fixed income, to protect ourselves, when Big Businesses like these crooked ones are allowed to use their unfair, aggressive rip-offs?
    Is there any actions we former customers of DirectTV can take to rectify our problems? I wish somebody would post some recourse for these. Thanks

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  • Mi
    Misty123 Mar 29, 2010

    The only way I can see to possibly turn this around is to write the BBB and file for arbitration this is where the case is decided by an independent person that is on neither side. Sorry I have not gotten back here in a while.. Go to this site and read and if you decide to file.. I wish you the Best of Luck :) copy and paste in your browser:

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  • Mu
    muljeff Mar 01, 2011

    Having similar trouble here. I called to cancel in June 2010. Finally agreed to stay and even added receivers. I saw the notice, and dismissed it because, I had made new terms beginning with July 2010. I was surprised by the bill and was told that the increase did apply to my choice extra package and my receivers (four of which I purchased directly through Best Buy--I can not understand why I pay a lease fee for receivers I purchased). I finally downgraded to Choice and am sending back two receivers to save $17/month. I will cancel Direct TV in July 2012! Side Rant: Their invoice/statements are overly complicated.

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stay away from this sneaky company

First of all Direc Tv does not let you know that they will charge your credit card 3 years after a movie is ordered on your reciever. They have your credit card information and charge it without even letting you know. So if you order movies and you don't get a bill for it watch out because when you try to cancel your receiver they will tack all of that on, and trust me they don't care if it adds up to $200 dollars. There are adult movies ordered on our access card which no one from our home orderd it. I have no proof because they say the access card is cleared after each time a consumer returns it. So what if it wasn't oh well they can charge to my credit card with out me even knowing it happened. You would be better off with a company that isn't so sneaky...

taking advantage of elderly

my elderly parent had directv installed in their home with a HD/DVR and talked into the most expensive package available. my mother has the onset of demensia and hearing loss. my father is legally deaf and also has hearing loss. when discovered what they had signed up for I contacted directv on several occasions to try to extensively explain the situation. of course my mother had signed a 2 year agreement and of course directv was not sympathic to my concern and I was told they would have to pay a disconnect fee and it would be charged to their credit card. my mother had given directv her card number and they had been charging her card for the monthly fee (she hadn't realized she agreed to that). directv stated to me that legally they can charge her card for the disconnect fee even though I had her call and request no more charges to be made on her card. when I suggested I would cancel her credit card I was told it was a federal violation if I did that prior to directv collecting any money owed them. my parents only needed a basic package, they wouldnt have needed a dvr nor 200+ channels and I feel directv took advantage. I intend on contacting the attorney general, local prosecuting attorney, newspapers to possibly get some help with this matter

  • Vo
    Voodoo Feb 13, 2010

    Unfortunately when your parents gave this merchant a credit card number and agreed to a service (regardless of their age) they are now bound by the terms and conditions of this merchant and they DO have the right to charge a cancellation fee, as long as it is stated in their cancellation policy. Unless the terms and condistions of the sale are unfair as deemed by consumer protection agencies your parents will need to pay the disconnect fee...which is likely better than having a judgement issued against them. Their credit card company can cancel their account, if requested, but that will not stop a legitimate transaction from posting to it. A merchant has up to one year to put a legitimate transaction through as a sale. You would be better served to help them cancel this service legitimately and help them set up something appropriate. You may also want to consider having a power of attorney (POA) set up so that you can help them with their finances.

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direct tv has poor customer service for existing customers and does not try to improve relationships with customers

I signed with direct tv for a year because of their hd promotion. However, when I upgraded with a dvr they added on another year of obligated payments without my consent or knowledge. Read the contact carefully because the sales staff is not honest. When I realized what happened I called direct tv. I was asked to call several different numbers by different customer service agents before someone could help me. After reaching a person who would talk to me I was told "sorry but we can't help you". I have had very poor service with direct tv. Sometimes it is difficult to get ahold of a person. When i've accepted a promotion direct tv has offered i've experienced problems working out my bill when the promotion is over. It usually takes several phone calls with long wait times to reverse charges. I am often given incorrect information from a well meaning customer service agent which also leads to more phone calls. I am disappointed that direct tv has poor customer service for existing customers and does not try to improve relationships with customers.

  • Ac
    acorbett Feb 10, 2010

    I signed up with Direct tv to save money per month because it was cheaper than cable. I just paid 186.00 to cancel my service because I would rather pay that fee than keep dealing with them. 1st when I got service they asked for my credit card to to secure the cable boxes, and I told them okay but I do not want my card to be on any auto payment for the monthly bill. When I got my first bill there was a 0 balance due. I called and asked why they put my card on the auto pay and i was told that was how they gave customers the 23 dollar a month credit return per month on the 1st years of a service agreement. I was never told that you have to be on auto bill pay to get that or I wouldnt have used direct tv. 2nd I had to move in with my mother for 6 months after my job changed. I saw an ad on tv that said call before you moved and get 3 months free of hbo and showtime if you call before you move which i did. when the tech got to my moms home to hook up everything he saw that she already had a dish and wanted to know if it was alright to use her dish so he didnt have to put another dish on the home, i said yes. he called customer service and they had to asked me if that is what i wanted. after he left i found out i dont have hbo or showtime, so i called direct tv. they told me because i didnt get the dish that changed the type of service i was getting that day and it void out the hbo and showtime 3 months free, and they couldnt do anything about it. 6 months later i moved, and the apt i stay at will not let any outside vendors other than who they use provide service, so i called and cancelled my service, i asked if there was a cancellation fee and was told no. then i get the bill for 186.00 i called and was told they couldnt do anything to help me. I called back and acted like a new customer and asked if i need to end my service agreement before two years is up how much will they charge and the girl said 20.00 and her to repeat that, and she said only 20.00 because why should i have to pay if i cant use the service at my new apt. she didnt know i was recording what she said. I called back to direct tv and spoke to a billing specialist and he told me the girl was wrong, I also told him about the dish on my mothers home and that there was nothing they could do and he told me that because i wasnt on service for 1 year i couldnt get the moving deal. I told him that he was wrong the reason I couldnt get the deal is because i didnt let the tech put a 2nd dish on the home and it caused my service for the day to be changed. I could go on and on but someone with some power really needs to do something about this. I feel bad for our grandparents or older people who are getting a bad deal.

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do not trust direct tv representatives

Consumers beware this is my experience with direct tv. I called and talked with a sales represenitive named anthony he quoted me my prices for the promotion period for the remainder of the first year and then for the following year of obligation made him do it twice I wrote it all down and repeated it and he confirmed it. After the installation got my first bill and yes of course it did not match what I was quoted so I call talk to a lady named mary nice enough but no help she state I need to talk to another department and they can request the recorded conversation between anthony and myself, wrong talk to a guy named beau who is in seriuos need of customer service skills he tell me I have to write a letter to the "office of the president" which I did. I talked to a lady there named lisa who could tell me that they don't record these calls to find discreprencies on bills only to see if the employees are being polite they don't care if there telling the truth. She then states that I could find the monthly amount myself by placing an order online and not talking to there customer assistance so apparently if you don't have a computer and your nor online direct tv doesn't want you buisiness. Lisa then told me even if I cancel this service due to them misquoting me I will still have to pay all the obligation requirements. Consumers beware do not trust direct tv sales represenitives.

  • Je
    jeangenie Jul 10, 2012

    When I ordered HD box(es) by phone from Direct TV in January 2012, I was forced to accept to a 2-year contract in order to get the HD box. If I cancel within that 2-year period, I was told that I am obligated to pay for the remainder of that contract (Direct TV will automatically charge my credit card). As of tonight, Direct TV is dumping 25 channels - several of which we watch regularly . In my opinion, Direct TV "broke" that 2-year contract. When I begrudgingly "agreed" over the phone to accept that 2-year contract, I accepted the service package I originally signed up for -- NOT service MINUS those 25 channels. I would like to dump Direct TV but don't feel I should have to pay for the remaining 18 mos of the "contract". Is it fair that DirectTV can "dump" on me, but I can't dump them without being penalized?

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incompetent employees

Look at there work force... They are children!! Halstead Communications does not hire experience. They prefer to hire children between the ages of I just got my license to drive and 25. These children know nothing about your home and how it is build. Halstead employees take a week of school room training, to install Direct TV. These employees (or future house hacks), haven't a clue as to how a dwelling is put together, thus Halstead Communications is getting, and will continue to receive the complaints with respect to there installations. The only one profiting from Halstead doing your installations is the roofer, drywall and electrical contractors. Direct TV is no more then a company selling you a product, in this case it is a receiver an antenna and a contract that you have to buy out if you are not satisfied. Halstead Communications is simply an Installation Company that has grown to big for there own good, they do not care about there employees as they (Halstead Communications) must meet a daily quota or they could loose there contract with Direct TV. As I have previously stated Halstead Communications can not keep a "seasoned" installer for many reasons nor will they hire a real installer.

There is a simple solution to your Installation needs DO NOT LET HALSTEAD NEAR YOUR HOME!! Get an independent installer, ask him or her if they are qualified. Some states require that Installers pass a test (SBCA). Ask to see there Insurance binder, so you know they are insured. Also one of the many benefits of an Independent Installer is COMMUNICATIONS (something that is at the end of Halsteads name, and that's the only place you will find it). An independent installer will have no problem giving you his or her cell phone number. Try that with Halstead Communications. If you have a problem with Halstead Communications install or service you can always call 1-800-who-are-you. Or if you had an independent contractor do your install you simply can call him or her, as no one knows what your install or service issues were then the tech who did it. Bottom line always request when speaking to Direct TV installation department or service department that you prefer a independent contractor. JUST SAY NO to Halstead Communication because your home is a terrible thing to get destroyed!!

spurious billing for services we never had

I am so angry with quest for what they made us go through. Everything with quest was going fine, till we disconnected their service and switched to vonage. Instead of disconnecting the existing service, quest went ahead and created a new account in my name and added services that I had never ordered. I was the one following up every day, asking for bills and my final account closing statement. All they kept saying was that your account is now closed. And then, suddenly, we discovered that a bill of $275 was slapped on us. After following up for three months, when they saw that we were not going to get scared of collection agencies and their bullying, they have told me over the phone that the account is closed. Even today, I have not recieved a paper bill confirming that I do not have any dues on them.

I kept getting transferred between their different 'departments' and hanging on to the phone for 3-4 hours on an average. They are totally dishonest and have no processes of systems in place. One customer service agent will say something totally opposite to what the executive promised the day before. They have no morals and zero consistency. Simply put, they harass you till you give up, and are so sick of following up everyday, that you will pay for their false bill.

I will not be surprised if they file for bankruptcy soon because with this kind of fraudulent practices, they cannot last long. I hope and pray that they will end soon, so that hardworking americans like us can save some money and not throw it away by paying bills for services we never took.

The only lesson I have from this stressful experience, is to hold on, and to keep refusing to pay for the spurious charges. Just pay for the part of the bill that is genuine. They will lose steam in a 3-4 months time. And of course, never ever do business with them in future!

job opportunity

Watch out for the job posting ads throughout the internet job search boards. It's not a marketing manager, advertising manager, creative directors, entry level general manager, junior marketing associate, campaign developer, event coordinator, public relations specialist, customer service representative, etc. etc. When you send an e-mail you will immediately get a response back from Jennifer "the human resources recruiter" -- when in actuality it is a call-center girl being paid to do whatever she can to get you in to meet the "Jonathon". Obviously, she is getting paid to set up interviews because she will tell you everything you would ever want to know, except for the truth about the job. "Exclusive Promotions sets up ad campaigns and creative direct marketing options for Direct TV and VISIO." Yeah, right.

You walk into this "suite" where it turns out its an administrative desk that is being utilized by about 40 private offices of 40 different "companies". The "Jonathon" meets you and takes you back -- through a meandering maze of hallways and offices -- to his office, which my guest bathroom is larger than this. You meet his "assistant manager" and immediately he asks why you came in and what you are looking for in Exclusive Promotions. You tell him...

Immediately, he says, "That's not us. This is us." And shows you a picture of a Direct TV and VISIO display in a Best Buy. "100% commission. You eat what you kill. Is this for you? I made 300k last year, and I'm moving to Chicago. Is this for you?"

Would you want to work for someone who lies, misinforms, and is not willing to invest in you as an employee?

  • C0
    C'busOH3556 Feb 22, 2010

    he does 150 interviews per week, so dont expect to get more than 15 minutes. No real opportunity of moving up in the company. Just stand in a best buy all day at a kiosk and sell direcTV. if you see this as you, go for it. if not, dont waste your time.

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can't record from dtv to a dvd recorder

We recently signed up for Direct TV and although so far we have only had a few problems with the signal (not too many to be fair)

The big problem is that we are unable to record anything either directly from the signal to a DVD recorder or from the DTV DVR to a DVD recorder. When attempting to do so the recorder stops the recording with a message saying that

"Copying of this material is not allow recording has stopped"

After a number of misleading calls to the company indicating that some shows maybe copy protected by the various channels etc. I eventually found out that the DTV "cable/satellite" box has something in it that prevents recording or anything to anything!!! This is probably so that you have to have their DVR and or because they eventually intend to charge you EXTRA for the privilage of recording shows you could record off the air if you didn't have their service.

According to the Tech that told me this they are aware of the problem and working on it but no time frame for when it will be corrected or even how long they have been working on it.

I'm no lawyer but this seems like it would fall under the area of nondisclosure of a material fact? Any attorneys out there interested in filing a class action?

Bottom line if you ever intend to record anything you might want to keep DON'T sign up with DTV!!! Once my contract is over I'm GONE!