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Direct TVscam charges

After canceling my Direct TV subscription (Cable is cheaper and is unaffected by weather) Direct TV sent boxes for the receivers to be returned in, but on the same day made an unauthorized charge to my account for the amount of $1032.70. I returned the receivers the same day and they received them the next day but they still have not refunded my money. That was 3 weeks ago. They also assessed an early cancellation charge of $70. I had a one year contract and canceled after 1 1/2 yrs!

They also charge extra for HD service but you do not get the HD channels unless you pay extra for them! Their service is NON EXISTANT, quality is crappy, they do not have the slightest idea of what customer service is or how to achieve it, and they are a RIPOFF.

My bank said when you sign their agreement you are agreeing that they can charge your account for the equipment, and that they have 30 days to issue a credit once you return it. BEWARE OF THE FINE PRINT!!!

Stick with anyone but DIRECTV!!!


  • Valerie Sep 30, 2008

    In August 2008, my directv service was disconnected for non payment. I only owed the one month, which I do not dispute. Two weeks later, I received an email stating that they had discontinued my service. On 09/29/2008, I attempted to pay my electricity bill with my credit card. To my surprise, the charge was declined. When I checked my balance, DirecTV had charged my card, $179.17.

    When I called them, I first spoke with a girl who barely spoke english, becoming increasingly frustrated after spending 10+ minutes on hold, I asked for a supervisor. I was then transferred to a Gentleman named Dax, Dax refused to give me his last name, but informed me his ID # was [protected].

    I explained to him what had happened, and that my car had been charged for more than what was owed. I had service for more than 4 years, so there was no early cancellation fee. After he reviewed my file, he agreed that On 09/22/2008, DirecTV had cut my new Bill, now note that I had NO service for the month of August.

    On the same day, 09/22/2008, they [Directv] charged my card for the same amount that they billed me for. This bill was not mailed to me, emailed to me, nor was the charge authorized. I did not, nor have I ever, elected for automatic bill pay.

    THE CHARGE WAS MADE WITHOUT MY CONSENT!! After getting a long speech from "Dax", I hung up the phone. I am sure I will not hear from them again, but he assured me that I would hear from his supervisor, whose name is "Marlon" his voice mail number, NOT A REAL VOICE number, is [protected].

    So on 09/22/2008 DirecTV cuts a new bill with inflated charges.

    On 09/22/2008, they also pre-authorize my credit card for the amount of the inflated bill, On 09/27/2008 they post the charges, apparently this 5 day period was to see if I would notice the charge. On 09/29/2008 I spoke with "Dax", and reluctantly I will see if they will keep their word. I will update this post when they do. Until then, Beware of DIRECTV!!! I would entertain hearing from any attorney who would like to file suit against DirecTV. Please note the following information listed below my name and account number is information that was cut and pasted directly from their website. If you notice there is NO automatic bill pay selected!

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  • Valerie Oct 06, 2008

    One year ago I subscribed for the 2007 ESPN Game Plan. This year I noticed a charge for the 2008 ESPN Game Plan, since I didn't ask to renew it I assumed it to be an error. When I contacted Direct TV I was told that it was an auto renewal since I ordered it last year. I said this was never explained to me when I made the initial order and was not interested in this service. I was then told that one of my statements notified me of the renewal and that was my opportunity to refuse. I guess I don't sift through all the marketing literature in my statement to find where they can add charges to my account (who does this?). The customer service rep said the charges stand as posted - This is sneaky, shady and unethical marketing practices. I'm not paying for something I did not request or authorize.

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  • Valerie Oct 24, 2008

    We have been customers of Direct TV for 9 years. All though they state there records show we have only been with them for 3 months. Today October 22nd, when I went to get Milk for my 2 kids my card was declined. I went home and noticed that direct TV had taken all of my funds out of my bank; as if they knew how much I had. I have been making monthly payments of $40.00 but not the original $69 a month. I never heard anything from them, they just decided that my payment wasn't enough and disconnected our TV and charged me $200.00 for our DVR box all together totaling $394.23. How can a company just take your funds without your knowledge. What is the extra $194.23 for. Last I knew my current bill was only $120.00. I asked them if they have a contract that I signed or a voice recording stating that they could steal my money and I was told they had nothing. I talked to 10 people today all stating different stories. A few said there was nothing that could be done, One person said I would get all my money back plus all the fee's my bank will charge. Another was extremely rude and was reading from a screen, so on and so on. I told them about and all the other innocent people that are being affected and they don't seem to care. How can a company do this to people that are paying on the these accounts? I can understand if it was someone that skipped town and Direct TV hadn't heard from them in months or years, but everyone getting frauded by Direct TV seem's to be paying customers. This can't be legal, even if Direct TV stated that they have no binding contract's with anyone that was signed or voice recorded. I am up for a lawsuit!! WE should at least get a notice when our funds will be stolen. But then again, crimes to innocent people aren't announced.

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  • Bl
    blahsss Oct 24, 2008

    Yep, they have their policies online and if you get their equipment you automatically agree to their agreement.


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  • Je
    Jennifer Mar 05, 2009

    $39.99 /mo Ya, Right!!! During our recent relocation I saw an advertisement for Direct TV. The ad was offering a, 1 year, discounted, PLUS DVR, bundle package for $39.99 a month. The discount was enough for me to give them a try, WHAT A MISTAKE!!. When setting up service the representative lets me know that the first bill will be a bit higher because of prorating and assures me that I would be receiving the $39.99 promotional rate. During this call I am informed on everything except that I need to go online to submit a rebate in order to receive this promotion. My first bill is for $62.99, I call Direct TV and they assure me that I will see my credit on my next bill and still nothing about going on line for my credit. Next bill $62.99 again!! I call again, then and only then do they tell me that I needed to submit the rebate, which I had 60days to submit and now it was 62 days (I was out of luck). I then ask to speak to a supervisor; I am then transferred around to several more CS Reps until I reach Sean the Floor Supervisor. He is very rude, belittling and interrupts me at any given chance. I am then informed, “There will be nothing changed on my bill and that there is anything I can do about it”. That there was no reason for us to speak any further, nothing will be changed. He goes on to inform me that it is not their responsibility to inform their customers on information that they should already know. How exactly was I to know this, it wasn’t posted ANYWHERE on their advertisement, it wasn’t disclosed by their representative when calling and questioned the bill, just to be expecting the credit. He was very clear that I signed a 24 mo. Agreement and would have to buy out my contract if I cancelled, my account was what it was and that they would not honor the advertised price. Also, to let me know again that there was no reason to carry on our conversation. I regret ever leaving Dish network. Please contact me at [protected] I am in the process of filing a complaint with the Attorneys general office.

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  • Vi
    Victor May 11, 2009

    I competed a year contract with Direct TV. My job wasn't going as well as it had in the past. I called to cancel my service. I was talked into, putting my account on a 6 month suspension. During the 6 months, I had moved to a different location, and had left the dishes at the old residence. When the 6 months was up, they automatically started charging me for the service again without any warning. I called them several times, and I told them I had no way of receiving the signal, as the dishes were at the old place. They refused to drop the $63.00 charge, for a service, I did not, and could not receive. The woman from customer service was very rude on the phone. I informed them that I would never use their service again, I felt like they really took advantage of me. I feel I should have received something in the mail, to inform me. I would not let them talk me into this situation if I were you.

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  • Re
    realist May 13, 2009

    I know for a fact that directv lets you know that your services will be reinstated at the end of the suspension, so if you failed to call that is your fault. Aslo directv sends you out a letter letting you know the services are going to be reinstated so if you failed to let them know your new address, again thats your fault. Wow, directv lets you suspend for free?? did you know that most companies charge you $20 a month to suspend???

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  • Pe
    Peter Jul 18, 2009

    We were issued a new credit card, called compant with new info---our next bill had a$5, 00 charge for "phone service" They refused to take it off!

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  • Mo
    mouser Jul 18, 2009

    when you gave them your new card did you also authorize for the rep to go ahead and take a payment as well...if so that is what the $5 fee is for and it is a valid fee.

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  • Ne
    Nelson Jul 22, 2009

    Direct TV has been overcharging me for a year. For the first 6 months I called every month to complain. Several times, after waiting 15-20 minutes for a live person, I gave up. Several times I have spoken to someone but received nothing but double talk. When I tried to cancel they said they would charge me for canceling early and if I did not pay, they would report it to the credit bureau. It is a case of their forcing me to complete a 2 year commitment and making no real attempt to solve a customers problem. So far, I have convinced 6 family, friends, and neighbors not to go with Direct TV.

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  • To
    Tom Aug 05, 2009

    Directtv tryed to cheat me too! And I never got Directtv because my apt was facing the wronge way. But they charged my credit card anyways the activation fees and a deposit fee and charged me for a months service. Again I never got there service because the guy who came out to my apt. said My bld. was facing the wronge way and there was no signal. Needless to say when I got my bill and statement from my credit card company I was Pist! I got my money back but not soon enuf. It should of never happend in the first place. I wonder how many people don't look at there statement and just pay there bill. I really don't think Directtv would of gave it back unless cought.

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  • Dt
    dtv lawsuit Sep 29, 2009

    CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT!!! I have free legal service and I'm on my way to his office. Where's the F.C.C. when you need them. The band of theives known as direct TV need to be stopped but how? They took $1249.11 Illegally from my checking account for an account I don't have, and got away with it!!! Oh yeah i changed banks too little too late. CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT!!!

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  • Pa
    Paparazi Jan 06, 2010

    Have you set up to watch a football game and the pregame show is getting ready to come on and up on the screen you are asked if you would like to watch the pregame show it will cost $44.99 and you say to yourself wait a minute I have Sunday ticket. THat's when you have to get on the phone and wait and explain that you pay for sunday ticket why can't you watch the pregame. The operator tells you they no longer offer the pregame show with the Sunday ticket. Wrong he resets the account and then we have it. Now this week we can't watch the game in HD even though we pay $9.99/month for HD and the cost of Sunday ticket that isn't enought apparantly we need to spend more probably superfan. Enough is enough.

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  • Kb
    kb2vzj Dec 30, 2010

    DTV SCAM. Check your credit card and bank statements. Direct TV is doing multiple charges on cards and when you call the number referencing the charge, the electronic voice tries to have you say yes to service. I have never had DTV and Never will.

    Direct TV Stole $435.22 from us even though we have never used them nor ever will

    Direct TV - If you have been ripped off please submit a internet complaint to your states Attorney General's Office. Just do a google search. I filed my complaint and it took about 15 minutes. They will look into it and if many people complain then we should all get money via a class action suit. Good luck

    DTV Scam - If you have been ripped off by Direct TV, Please goto the Direct TV Facebook Page and click report page on the bottom left as spam. If enough people do this, maybe Facebook will remove their ad page and a few less people will be ripped off.

    Also go here:

    And file a complaint: It will show up on Facebook so everyone can see.

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  • Sh
    Shirl Dent Jan 05, 2011

    Worst business practices I have seen in free America. I think we need to be notifying the Attorney General of the state they are headquartered in.

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  • Ka
    KarateBubba Mar 02, 2011

    Called Direct TV technical services and was told, after going through an endless set of instructions and steps, that the problem with my DVR (it would turn itself off and could only be reset by disconnecting and then reconnecting the power source) could be alleviated with a service call during which a technician would realign my dish. The problem was the dish!

    The technician came out, I directed him to the dish, and he asked to go inside to check out the problem.
    The technician discovered, as I suspected, that the DVR that I was "leasing" was broken and needed replaced. It should be noted that that's what I complained about to the online techie ("it turned itself off three times and I had to unplug it to reset it)!

    Here's the scam: 1. I was never told that there would be a charge. 2. The issue diagnosed by the online techie was incorrect at the very least, and bogus as the scam unfolded. 3. I was never offered a "do it yourself" option, " which would have cost me nothing other than my time (I still wait time for the visiting technician, so...?)) 3. The technician who came to the house NEVER mentioned a charge for any service and/or replacement cost. 4. The charge was automatic.

    I was automatically billed to my AMEX card and promptly called them to dispute the charge. I did call Direct TV and they believe it to be a "legitimate" charge. It is not, based on my specific situation.

    Can't wait for my contract to be over in October. I count the days!
    BTW: quality is terrible. It has never been better than cable. I made a terrible mistake signing up with Direct TV. I do not recommend it to anyone, and in survey, give it a 0 out of 10 in almost every aspect of the company. I hope to have another opportunity to evaluated them!

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