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Direct TVawful company

Shame on Direct TV. After several years of doing business with Direct TV and thousands of dollars in fees for premium service, tivo's etc; I made arrangements to relocate to UT Knowing I would only be in a rental house for 6 to 12 months before finding a permanent residence; Direct TV told me they would suspend my account until I notified them. I was sent a $135 credit on payments made, which I never received. I called them to let them know I was moving and had never received boxes to send the receivers back and requested a pick-up of the boxes and HD tivo's.

I was told if I did not move them to UT and retain their service; I would be charged over $300 dollars for breaking my contract early? This was a total misrepresentation of what I had been told when I transferred their service to our new home in colleyville from a previous residence in Colleyville where i had their service since their inception. After seeing all the bad reviews on [redacted]s; I see this is a standard practice. Stay away from these guys. They mislead and blatantly lie. A terrible way to do business. Shame on Direct TV for shoddy deceptive business practices.


  • Ma
    Marge Reimann Sep 10, 2012
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    Verified customer

    It seems like nobody knows what the other guy is doing for a customer at the customer support center. I have ordered a HD receiver, they deducted the amount from my credit card already, and now I learn they cancelled the order. WHAT???

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  • Ke
    kent phh Jun 17, 2010
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    Verified customer

    Please stand up together we can make a right thing
    We will open a campaign to force Direct TV to provide their services to consumers rightful and Direct T V should obey the fed or/and state regulation that should protect consumers. Direct TV, They are running a big scam right now by giving out misleading information and flyers all over Medias. By many and many scams from Direct TV’ false advertisement, wrong billing, poor and incompetent customer service, Unauthorized over charge, cancelation fee and 24 hours only policy for cancelation, Harassing calls, scam selling, property and roof damage and more to notice. It is ridiculous for consumers that are allowed only 24 hours to cancel the services from the first day installation if consumers are not satisfied.
    We need stand up together to ask our Congress representatives, our senators, our local force law force, our State General Attorney to sent a clear and strong message to Direct TV. We want State and Federal open investigation on all over Direct TV misleading services to our consumers for many years. We should not allow this happen in our society today.
    We will collect all the problems you have, are facing with Direct TV and we will sent letters to all official agencies and Congress. Please have your name and address if applicable.
    Best Regards
    Kent Phh
    [email protected]

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  • Yi
    Yille Jan 23, 2010

    To make this short, Direct tv salesman straight out lied to me about the service I would be receiving. All the calls in the world to them won't make a difference I know now. So I am forced to ride out my 2 year sentence with them and then I'm GONE!! YOU PEOPLE THINKING ABOUT GOING TO THEM, THAT WOULD BE A REALLY BAD IDEA FOR SURE. AS YOU CAN SEE I'm FAR FROM ALONE HERE.

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  • Be
    Bermundto Sep 16, 2009

    It all started when I had decided it would be nice to add HD TV to my existing Direct TV service, a few months before my two year agreement was up. When I called and had the HD service added they told me I would renew my two year agreement, I was fine with that I had been satisfied with the service thus far. The tech that was sent out to my house to install the new HD satellite was extremely rude, it was a snowy day and he told me he had fallen off a roof a few days prior and is now very scared of roofs. He told me his back was bothering him and his boss would not give him the day off and also makes him work very long hours. He said he didn't want to go on the roof that day and asked if I could reschedule, I said I will if I have to but I only have a weekday off every two weeks so it would be another two weeks until I could have them come out and install it. He told me I just don't get paid enough to climb up on that snowy roof if you were to throw in an extra 50 bucks or so I would definitely do it, and I blankly said no way. After an hour or two of him trying to talk himself into not doing it and an hour of him leaving to finish another job and coming back he finally crawled up on the roof and installed the satellite. He came down and installed the receiver and it didn't work. So he crawled back up to tweak the satellite and came back down and it still didn't work properly, he told me it was because it was snowing and when the snow passed it would work fine, and he left. Well it didn't so I had another tech out two weeks later to fix it, he did. A few days after he left it again didn't work. I only received less then a quarter of my HD channels and even those faded in and out. So I called direct TV and complained about the first tech being totally unprofessional and the second not fixing it and said I didn't want anyone else coming out to my house and I wanted to cancel service, because it didn't work properly. I spent a totally of about 8 hours on the phone over a two week period talking to different reps and supervisors. I finally found a level headed supervisor who apologized for all my troubles and told me she had removed my new two year agreement. So I thanked her kindly and a few days later after setting up a new service to come out and installed I called Direct TV back to cancel. They did everything they could to keep me they promised to not make me pay for HD service or the receiver but I could keep them and through in 6 months free of all the premium channels. I couldn't turn it down so I talked to my fiancee and we decided to wait 3 or 4 months until our original agreement ended and cancel. So those 3 or 4 months have gone by and I called them. They told me I am in contract until 2010, I got pretty mad and hung up. I called back today after I cooled down a little and explained to the rep the situation. He told me that the supervisor who told me she removed the new 2 year agreement, hadn't removed but escalated the account and asked to have it removed, which the commitment dispute people had denied and had said the agreement will stand from the time the HD receiver was installed, did I mention the HD receiver doesn't work?

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  • 1o
    1ollt Sep 05, 2009

    Due to being out of work, I "bundled"with Qwest to have internet, phone and direct tv all together.No one ever mentioned I would be under a 2 yr contract.not Qwest, not the installation guy.It wasnt til I called to reduce our service to a cheaper plan that I learned I was being billed for movie channels, then I mentioned being out of work and I may have to disconnect all together and that's when I was informed I'm under a 2yr contract.And apparently if you break that contract you are charged a hefty amount.I felt scammed.The movie channels are free for a period of time, but you will be charged if you dont call and cancel.This is a ridiculous set up, just for some cable tv.My recourse, if I have to use it, is direct tv never got my landlords permission to install, which they are supposed to do.I dont want to be stuck with a bunch of charges if I cant pay my bill due to lack of work.

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  • Ma
    Mama Lopez Sep 01, 2009

    Please include me when you set this up.


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  • Sh
    Shara Hicks Aug 11, 2009

    Direct TV is the worst business to deal with i will email every one i can. put it on face book call better business and tell the world what i think they false advertize and scam you out of money and they lie you can not get a professional person and forget CEoO's playing golf. [protected] i need help dis connecting direct tv and all these made up charges and their false adv. i will not quit until some one contacts me about the poooooorrrrr service.My name is shara [protected] cell i am not good on computers but i can type and i will keep typing until i find the person i need to talk with to handle this situation

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  • Vi
    Vince Aug 05, 2009

    I am so upset. direct tv sent me to a credit collections agency for non payment of $90. I asked them what the bill was for and they said service in september/october of 2007 (bill was in california). i said that's impossible as i moved to Penn in june of 07 and did not move back to california until february of 08. i was with Comcast in pennsylvaia (penn) the whole time. furthermore, i paid them in full when i left california and even referred them to my nephew who was renting my home - he was in my home at the time of this ridiculous billing to me. they said i still owed the bill. that's ridiculous. i said where is my $50 for the referral. the said that because i owed them money they weren't paying me the $50. i don't owe them one penny!

    my daughter first called them thinking it was monies owed for the equipment i still had, which was now in penn (i told them i was taking it and they said it was fine). so she mailed the equipment back and when they received it they mailed the box back to her (unopened) and said to return it in their box. they said they would send their shipping box in 3-5 days and then they would officially receive it. they never sent the box and that was June 2, 2007.

    Now i call direct tv because i am getting collection agency notices. direct tv said they do not want the equipment back, i owned it now and said the bill was for not receiving the payment in 9/07. again, i told this rep that i did not use their equipment that i was in penn during this billing cycle and using Comcast (penn). i was going to use direct tv when i left but they didn't accept direct tv in the apartment building i was leasing in penn (i wonder why). so it sat there in a box in my penn basement. i was going to return to california sometime the following year so just kept it.

    i have been on line for an hour or more and see hundreds of complaints regarding unfair business practices of direct tv. i am going to set up my own direct tv consumer complaint site and get enough complainants together to file a class action law suit. it's time direct tv pays for its outlandish business practices.

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  • Ve
    VeryAngryCustomer Jul 19, 2009



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  • Mo
    mouser Jul 18, 2009

    if you have the current day contract then you have access to section 4 of that material which states that the company reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of the contract...basically put the wording of the contract you entered in to in '06 no longer matters, it's the wording of the current contact that matters

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  • Ju
    Justin Jul 11, 2009

    Please allow yourself as a consumer all the correct information about contracts with this provider. If you own your equipment and it goes bad, Direct TV will replace it at no cost, but in doing so your are stuck with a contract extension. I have been a loyal customer for three years, just this week I found out that my contract runs through September, because a HD receiver was replaced last September (08). As the shock worn off, they told me that was in my contract. I ask what contract, the original expired one year from March 06. They continued to explain since a receiver was replaced, I now have a new contract. At which time I asked for a copy of the contract that was entered into in 06. Today I received a booklet in the mail explaining their contracts. THEIR CURRENT DAY CONTRACT NOT THE ONE I ENTERED INTO IN '06. I am trying to obtain information on how to proceed with an action against them. If anyone knows how please inform.

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  • Na
    Nancy Jun 04, 2009

    I will be moving to an apartment that does not have a connection for Direct TV and I was told that it is my fault that the apartment does not have these connections and I will have to pay for the termantion fee of 320.00 dollars. And that I should look around for an apartment with the Direct TV connections. What a bunch of Bull-... What kind of company is this anyway.

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  • Valerie Oct 15, 2008

    Falling prey to the incessant advertising of Sat deals on TV, I decided to give Direct TV a shot towards the end of August, first of September this year. It took a couple of weeks for their installer to come. Got everything up and running.

    For a couple of weeks, everything was fine. Then, my picture started to pixelate (blocky patterns) and audio began to drop out about every 10-15 minutes. Called customer service. Turned the Direct TV box on and off, as they asked. Plugged and unplugged it, as they requested. Still no resolution. Phone service rep suggests it might be my TV that's the problem. No way. The TV is less than a year old... a very good, very expensive big screen that had no issues whatsoever with my previous Time Warner Cable set-up. They said they'd send out a service person. But, the service lady on the phone took time out to explain to me that, while my warranty period was still in-effect, I should think about getting their 'Warranty' for an extra $6.00/mo to cover needed repairs after the warranty period. What? I explained that my previous Time Warner service never, ever required an extended warranty. When/if I needed a repair, they were on top of it, right now... no charge. She told me I essentially was lying to her. That Time Warner charged me for each service call they made after their warranty period. I'm a liar, now. Not wanting to get into a verbal sparring match with someone who clearly doesn't know what they're talking about, I politely disagreed with her and left it at that. Service person never showed up. No phone call to explain, or reschedule... they just didn't show up.

    I wait, and I wait... for about 2 weeks. Picture gets worse. Audio gets worse. No service people ever showed up. Called again. After being on the phone for about 30 minutes, and being bounced from one person to another, put on hold for long periods of time in-between, I finally hung up.

    Fast forward a couple more weeks... now, the picture freezes, no audio whatsoever. Finally, after a couple of days of freezes and audio malfunctions, the screen goes blank. Call service, yet again. This service person was a bit more thorough. We go through 'signal strength' checking on my box. I'm getting no signal whatsoever, now. She has me go outside to my connection box to make certain all the connections are correct, secure and tight. This was just installed. How am I supposed to know if the installer made the connections correctly? I comply. As best I can tell, the connections are indeed correct, secure and tight.

    She finally admits that there's probably a problem with either the installation or their equipment. Again, she tries to get me to buy some sort of 'extended service warranty', even though I'm in the 90-day warranty period. I repeat that I've never had such warranty issues with Time Warner, in the 12+ years I had cable. What must be their mantra, she explains that Time Warner does indeed charge for this service, even though I know better.

    I tell her I want to cancel Direct TV service. She sends me to a 'customer retention' specialist as she's not able to cancel my service. After being on hold for another 20 minutes, I get to talk to someone else. That person spends another 20 minutes telling me how much of a mistake it would be to cancel, for various (and mostly untrue) 'facts' about cable providers. Finally, I'm hit with... 'it will cost $400 to cancel your Direct TV service'.

    Now, I'm livid. $400 to cancel a service that never worked correctly except for 2 weeks out of the 2 months I had it? The 'retention specialist' convinces me to give them one more try and sweetens the deal by saying 'I'll give you a free month of Direct TV'. But, she says a technician can't come out for another 10 days. NO! I'm not going through this with them. I tell the Direct TV rep as much. They miraculously find a service person to be at my home the next day. Again, the service person is a no-show.

    I'm past livid at this point. I call to cancel. No talking me out of it this time. Enough is enough. I made a huge mistake in leaving Time Warner. Whenever I had an issue, at most, I had service at my home within 24 hours... usually the same day.

    I tell the Direct TV rep that I refuse to pay for their SAT service that was woeful, nor their cancellation fees. I'm informed that it will just be charged to the credit card on file. I inform the rep that I'll contest the charges with my credit card company. I'm then told that if I do so, my account will be sent to a collection agency. But, if I wanted to dispute any charges, I could email Direct TV with my complaints and they'll respond within 24 hours. Well, it's been 48 hours... haven't heard a word from them.

    Long and short of this, it's a breech of contract. I contracted for services (SAT TV) that were never delivered. Further, no cancellation fees should be imposed since I gave them ample opportunities to remedy it.

    Stay away from these people... far away. Their service is terrible. They're dishonest. And, from the tactics used on me are any indication (and it looks like there are plenty of others who feel the same way), if it isn't fraud, it's the next best thing.

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  • Valerie Sep 22, 2008

    Direct TV informed us we could get HD channels with the package we ordered. After installations we could not get all the sports channels or the HD channels. Direct TV informed us that to get the HD channels we had to pay an additional monthly fee, but that is not what the installer told us.

    Also the installer was not very professional, talked too much and was trying to get all in our business while he was here. I don't recommend Direct TV to anybody. I had to call them back to install all the boxes I asked for. I will pay the cancellation fee just to get rid of them.

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  • Valerie Sep 17, 2008

    Direct TV has no clue what it is doing. My bank sends payments automatically every month. I pay for the football channel separately. After the football channel was paid, Direct TV kept billing me for the football channel. Then they stated they have not rec'd payments. I keep faxing proof of payment (however this fax # has no phone # associated with it). If you have a question, that is a different # and those people do not know what you are talking about. Even after you repeat that you have paid, they don't get it but do state that the people at the end of the fax # should be able to look at the fax in 10 more days. At that point, I said turn the the ***** tv off. I am going back to cable tv. I have never been associated with such independence in my life. Sept, 08.

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