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I have been getting my son's monthly Topamax prescription from the 3850 FM 2920 Road, Spring, Tx 77388 location for over 5 years now and I have never had any problem like this before, being disrespected and insulted by an employee, this one is by the pharmacy manager, Miss Alexandria Ybarra. I have received my son's previous months' prescription with expiration dates of 4/20. But yesterday, one of the bottles that I received expires 2/20. It's obvious the pharmacy is trying to get rid of the medication with sooner expiration dates first. All I asked from her was if she could replace it with a longer expiration date. She told me in a very rude way that she could not do anything about it. And just abruptly said she'll give me a refund without further explaining anything. I had to get it out of her of when I'm supposed to get the replacement. She said she had to sell those 3 bottles first so there's no telling when she will order the replacement. So rude!

I wanted longer expiration dates for the Topamax because I had this experience before. They had been giving me expired Topamax that I had not noticed when I picked them up. But when I brought them back to the pharmacy, the pharmacist (not Miss Ybarra) never gave me any problem. She was very apologetic and just ordered the replacement. I can't remember exactly how many bottles were replaced..maybe around 8 or more.

From then on, I always check the expiration dates. I would not mind coming back to the pharmacy to get the replacement if she only treated me with some respect. Obviosly, she just wanted to get rid of me without so much as an explanation. I left the pharmacy without any information on when I can come back for the refill.

I just want Miss Alexandria Ybarra to stop being rude to any customer, to be nicer and be more understanding and to have some empathy. The amount of time I spent with her last night, I never saw a smile on her face. She looked so mean...It would be to CVS's benefit if they can send her to some Management training on how to deal with customers, if she has not been to one already, or get some more additional training.

This incident happened tonight, April 23rd, around 6pm. I tried to do the CVSHealthsurvey but I could not get in. I tried to speak to the store manager but he already left for the day. I found this.

My name is Erlinda Ong. You can email me @[protected] or call me at [protected].
Thank you.

Apr 23, 2019
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  • Kn
      Apr 24, 2019

    Some people need to grow up and learn that just because they were told "no" does not mean you were given rude treatment. Grow up. You are an adult with a child of your own. Isn't it about time that you grew up and realized that no and rude are not the same thing? I just want "adults" like you to stop mistaking being told no as rude. It happens all the time on this site. Add the race card and basically that is what most members who post complaints on the site are like.

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  •   Apr 24, 2019

    @kneelfist Don't you know that's the new way to parent? It's so sickening to see 7 year olds out adult their parents.

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  •   Apr 24, 2019

    Is 20 2020? If so, your son takes this this regularly so what's the problem? I've noticed that prescriptions come with an explanation one year after you fill it.

    In regards to her being more empathic... Um, you could start. There are some people whose bodies lack smile muscles. There's one at my stop and shop. Sure, she's scary looking and she does have a demeanor to match her scowl, but I'm at least understanding. I wouldn't be very nice either if my body made my face scowl no matter what.

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