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On Monday February 11, my package with tracking 1Z9481943504981072, first said it was going to be delivered on Tuesday the 12th. Then the status changed to unknown. I called customer service. They said, that because it is 2-3 day service, they will not delivery it early on Tuesday. Thus it will be delivered on Wednesday. I logged into my ups account and paid for it to be delivered between 145pm and 345pm. Of course it wasn't. Someone was to call me with an update, and the didn't. Come 745 I called again and was told it wouldn't be delivered there were extenuating circumstances beyond ups's control. Not sure what that is, but this is NOT acceptable. I paid to have it expedited. I paid for the window of time. Then no one even calls me back. Because it is a phone needed for my daughter, I am going to pursue this legally because no o e would help and it is all on you.

Feb 14, 2019
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  •   Feb 14, 2019

    If something happens to the truck, route, or anything there is nothing anyone can do. UPS stinks to begin with.

    I'm sure you would feel very embarrassed and humbled if you learned the driver had been in an accident or suffered a heart attack. SHI7 think of someone other than yourself.

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  •   Feb 14, 2019

    Legally they cover their butt in small print. Circumstances happen and shipments can’t be delivered. Their guarantee means a refund if late. They can’t guarantee time of delivery though you claim to have paid for a specific time. My account shows no option for delivery at a specific time.

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  •   Feb 14, 2019

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