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This company is on the right track to keep up with incoming complaints, but there's still plenty of work to do.

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+1 514 925 4590(International) 0 3
+1 866 888 3436(Mandarin and Cantonese) 0 3
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Fido Complaints & Reviews

FIDO / cell phone

Oct 17, 2019

This company has charged me over 4 grand in a 6 week span, all in data chargers. I clicked on the extra data for 10 and 30 dollars, somehow they came up weith 4g. This has to be illegal and I am gwtting every govermnet agancey possible involved on this one. The fact that this companyu i...

FIDO / promised product not received

Oct 04, 2019

Was promised 1000 mins of International calling on converting to Fido from Chatr under an ongoing promotion. Rep escalated when unable to add mins after porting the phone numbers to Fido .. Then got a call after couple of days or more saying unable to provide that service as it i...

FIDO / wronged and tricked by customer service

Oct 03, 2019

FIDOHello, I dont usually complain. However, I feel that I was scammed by a company that I enjoyed their service for almost 5 years. I needed to upgrade my phone and there was a nice offer at a sister company Of Fido(the company I am with). So I called them to see if they had any offers and the...

FIDO / customer service (1hr 49 min wait), roaming and international fees

Oct 02, 2019

Fraud alert, awful company! I just wasted over 2.5 hours of my time, 1 hour 50 minutes on hold awaiting to speak to a manager. I spoke with a woman named ashley, who claimed to be a supervisor, was extremely unhelpful, argumentative and pretty much told me, she can't do anything for me on...

FIDO / offer of free tablet retracted

Oct 01, 2019

When making a billing inquiry to Fido Customer Service yesterday (Sep 30, 9.30 AM) I was offered and accepted an offer from Fido representative Yasmin for a 0$ tablet on a free 2-year tablet data plan. I was initially skeptical of such an offer but was assured it was absolutely free of...

FIDO / sim

Sep 30, 2019

I changed my Fido sim thrice in 4 months because I couldnt hear the other person kn the line after 10 minutes of talking. This happens everytime. I dont get connected to the customer service number from my phone. When I went to the store to enquire about this the representative told me he cabt...

FIDO / roaming

Sep 30, 2019

Such a Ripped Off Ive been a loyal customer of Fido for 10 years, it was alright before and now theyre such a ripped off. I dont mind paying if I know I use there Service BUT I did not use it at all...I went to US for the First time and they charge me 25$ on roaming for 3 days eventhough I...

FIDO / customer service and credit department

Sep 29, 2019

FIDOMy name is Serguei Serdiouk. My opinion about Fido is completely horrible. Company irresponsible. I pay my phone bill automatically from the bank account. First of August 2019 they send negative credit report to credit report website. I spent 1 hour on phone call to clear situation. Credit...

FIDO / [protected]

Sep 26, 2019

Hi, My name is Nasir Khalique Qureshi. I have to complaint that I am a user of FIDO for the last 4 years and for this specific number I was given an offer of 4GB data + 3GB Bonus data without change of price. Afterwards it was withdrawn. I was also promised by the agent to reverse $10 of...

FIDO / misrepresentation information about usage of data

Sep 23, 2019

FIDOI am writing in regard to my line [protected]. I received a text from fido that I have used 90% of my data on 21st September 2019 (3 days before my bill cycle) when I checked I was left with 0.88gb. As my requirement, I added 1 GB of data by paying $15 but when I checked my usage before 1...

FIDO / fido extra

Sep 18, 2019

FIDOI cannot believe the pathetic service I have received regarding a FidoExtra offer that appeared on my account. 3 times i was reminded of the offer, which at this point I decide to take the offer. I visit store number one. They agree that the offer is valid, however they are out of stock. I...

[Resolved] FIDO / fake xtra offer

Sep 15, 2019

FIDOI am a fido customer ([protected]). On 13 sep 2019, I received an offer in xtras which tell me that I can get a 0$ tablet on a free 2-year tablet plan. But when I went to a fido store, the people there told me that in my account, there is no this offer. I have tried to contact fido customer...

[Resolved] FIDO / mobile

Sep 07, 2019

Worse customer service i ever had. I had my contract cancelled with fido and went to rogers. Then i forgot i had a balance with fido and i tried to go back to them to finish my contract, apparently i cant do that anymore since my contract is cancelled. I called rogers and they said all...

[Resolved] FIDO / fido committed but not fulfilled on my new plan

Sep 07, 2019

FIDO / Cheating and not fulfill what was committed for a new plan US Add a Comment Am expecting to have a feedback from Fido by today Sept. 07, 2019 by email to re-solve my complaint. Feel deeply disappointed with Fido and hoping I have the feedback soon after this complaint submitted...

[Resolved] FIDO / mobile device

Aug 26, 2019

I got a new phone Samsung galaxy S10+ from the mobile shop in spruce grove superstore with carrier Fido. The guy in store made me pay 200 down and the plan was on XXL which is 105/month including tab. After few days My cousin told me you getting much better deal in bell on same phone...

[Resolved] FIDO / customer service

Aug 25, 2019

I have been with Fido over 6 years now . I should tell you it is getting worse when it come to customer service . Please ref # [protected] . Fido management does not want to keep their loyalty customers any longer . I owns two phone lines for years . My contact is over and I was promised a...

FIDO / customer retention

Aug 24, 2019

spoke to rashid from customer retention who was manager. felt like he was holding back in assisting me. had a deal in place for ipad 6th gen with a deal for data. he came back and completely ignored that deal said cant do it. said no deal was ever discussed asked him to read notes which...

[Resolved] FIDO / (current customer) - modify phone

Aug 20, 2019

So fed up with Fido, from day 1 the employees have been dishonest about details of my account and just done a bad job. the IME for my 2nd phone was input into the system wrong and it was only realized through an audit! And I only ever received 1 message stating if I wanted it fixed I would...

[Resolved] FIDO / being billed for cancelled plan and returned phone that was never opened

Aug 13, 2019

FIDOAfter having a ton of trouble setting up my account because the customer service chat is so slow, I decided to cancel the plan. The phone hadn't been used because they didn't send me a sim. The phone was still in the box and the screen protection sticker hadn't been removed. I only took it...

[Resolved] FIDO / price match issue

Jul 02, 2019

I was going to update my phone plan to $50 6G, but I happened to know my coworker has this plan already but with a 25% off promotion after he talked to the fido customer service. I called to ask the same deal since I am pretty sure me and my coworker are almost the identical situation, only ha...

[Resolved] FIDO / cellphone

Jun 25, 2019

I reached out to Fido a month ago to see if they had a good promotion they could give me or a special offer to match other phone companies for data because I use a lot of data for work after speaking for a good amount of time I got through to a supervisor who agreed to give me a rate of...

FIDO / fido premium device protection

Jun 18, 2019

THE ISSUE: iPhone 8 WITH A CRACKED SCREEN, COVERED BY FIDO PREMIUM DEVICE PROTECTION, NEEDS TO HAVE THE SCREEN REPLACED There have been 48 email exchanges, 8 phone calls and over 12 hours spent waiting, or in chat with FIDO and Brightstar. I have ben in contact with the office of the...

[Resolved] FIDO / home internet

Jun 12, 2019

Up to this point I've been an avid fan of Fido. I am absolutely livid at how poorly my account has been handled. I called customer care this evening to set up an appointment for a technician to come to the new house to which we'll be moving next week. I had called them a week earlier to ask...

[Resolved] FIDO / bad service at home internet

Jun 07, 2019

My Name is Romulo Andrade Lima, my Home Internet Account number by FIDO is # [protected], it was installed on February 14, 2019. I'm writing this complaint because I just don't have any more patience to chat or call FIDO customer service. Since I've decided to install internet service with...

[Resolved] FIDO / incorrect billing

Jun 03, 2019

To whom it may concern, I recently left Fido as my cell phone provider because of the horrific experience I had. My phone bill was never correct and I was told that I was actually getting double charged for my data plan as the gentleman whom made an adjustment to my account didn't cancel the...

[Resolved] FIDO / cell phone plan

May 22, 2019

To whom it may concern: I have received a text message and notification on my Fido bill that my additional line savings of 10 percent will be cancelled. I have just spent over an hour speaking to your reps on the phone who explained that Fido has made the decision to change their...

[Resolved] FIDO / in store and customer service (phone)

May 21, 2019

Horrible horrible experience with fido store representatives and fido customer phone service!!! Poor communication and misleading information in store with representatives as I was trying to upgrade my phone. Also, I have a monthly plan worth $90/95 that should have 5 Gb as their special...

[Resolved] FIDO / fraud

May 18, 2019

FIDOHello this is shivang monga i am from brampton(canada) and i have been living from the last 2 years.If you know me i was a diamond customer with your company (fido) and i really like the services of your company but bcoz of my new phone plan i just tied up with another company but i would...

[Resolved] FIDO / stolen tablet

May 16, 2019

i have a cell phone plan and a tablet plan through Fido i reported my tablet stolen awhile ago and am still being charged for the tablet and the data that was used from the tablet that i had nothing to do with and they have since cut off my cellphone and are refusing to remove the charge...

[Resolved] FIDO / bogus collection harassment over non-existent claim - caused undue stress for months

May 04, 2019

Bogus collection over an item returned by hand without time to actually try it out and no obligation try and return has become a constant strain for nearly with a year now with increased bogus bill for item I do not have even after they kept trying for foist in on me with UPS delivery (in...

[Resolved] FIDO / scam on unauthorized cell phone billing

Apr 23, 2019

Account [protected] This was cancelled effective in november 1 2018?? Check the phone use? This was because I was leaving the country for 6 months for health reasons, why try and scam me for phone use when I have not used this phone? And contacted you previously? I repeat this again november...

[Resolved] FIDO / unethical behaviour (charged for something I didn't use)

Feb 22, 2019

I just switched from Bell to Fido because I was promised better services and offered a promo over the phone. I received a phone I didn't want and an exchange was made. I asked how I was going to return the phone and was told I will be sent a return slip. I didn't receive the slip or the...

[Resolved] FIDO / prepaid service

Jan 31, 2019

I just changed my prepaid service provider from Fido. I had around $18 dollars in my account when I transferred to another provider. Fido tells me they cannot credit my charge card because that is the way it is. I guess the small print must have said that somewhere. So the agent I talked...

FIDO / mobile phone

Jan 03, 2019

I have just ended a TERRIBLE episode of LOUSY customer service, trying to rectify a fido rip-off. 2 days for over a half hour each time. To correct a mistake fido made!! over billing me for the last 5 months!! I spent over an hour during the last 2 days to be told I would get a measly 30$...

[Resolved] FIDO / over charged and improper communication of plan

Dec 28, 2018

i took new FIDO Postpaid connection (A/c: [protected]) in mid Nov as soon as i came to Canada, in my Dec bill i was shocked to see a $493 bill, majority of billing was done for my incoming calls. when i took connection i was told that i have 500 minute week day calling, and never told that...

[Resolved] FIDO / fido bill

Dec 20, 2018

Mr. Fadel Chbihna General Manager & Senior Vice President-Customer Care Fido Canada Account Number: [protected] Dear Mr. Chbihna, I am Tareq and I am one of your postpaid subscribers. I got myself, my wife and my daughter internet plans last September 2018. You can browse on my transaction...

[Resolved] FIDO / phone customer service representative

Dec 20, 2018

When we were signing our phone plans with a different provider and asking for our phones to be unlocked because we legally own the devices after paying off our tab after our 2 year contract finished, the guy wouldn't give us our unlock codes, constantly repeating the same thing over and...

[Resolved] FIDO / experience received by service rep at square one fido store

Dec 01, 2018

FIDOWe went into the Square One FIDO store today. The service representative Ayla was assisting us with our inquiry. While we were waiting, they were calling people who were in queue to service them. Each time they called a name, the FIDO rep Ayla would turn to her colleague and make fun of...

[Resolved] Fido Mobile / employee behavior

Nov 29, 2018

I went to the fido booth at the montreal trust center on novembre 29, 2018 at around 8 pm. The two employees were very rude and unpleasant. I asked them very politely how I can change my plan and although I was speaking in french (because my english is bad), the girl replied in english and...

[Resolved] FIDO / unethical behaviour

Nov 26, 2018

my name is Jerry my number is [protected]. I called in to fido customer service on Nov 25 around 4:40pm to cancel my request of renewing my contract and the order of a new phone (Samsung galaxy s9) (this request was done on Nov 23 2018. I did not receive any confirmation email of the device...