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My issue with The Bricks Customer Service.


I noticed a sale on a bed frame back in September.

I purchased in full for $ 299
The Sales rep Kumar advised that they had the product in stock.
We explained to the Brick Employee that we were in the process of moving we did not want to move the bed frame twice. We wanted to pick up our bed frame for Oct 15/18 to Oct 19/18 as we would be settled in our new place. The Sales Rep assured us that this would be okay and advised us he would make a not of our circumstances we could pick up our bed frame from the Kennedy location and to follow the instructions on the paper. He assured us that he made a note to keep the product for us.

We showed up Oct 19/18 ( took the day off from work - both my boyfriend and I ) to pick up the bed frame. They advised us nothing was in stock.

We then went to the Brick location In Brampton ( on Kennedy ) where we purchased the item.

Customer service was eager to help us but there seemed to be a disconnect from the Sales rep and customer service( in fact while I was waiting I heard a rep ask the sales lady to not promise things will happen that we cannot deliver as it creates more issues in the long run ** Sales rep walked away without acknowledging the service rep .

We then had a chance to approach our Sales Rep Kumar
Who was less then helpful
He would not get a manager to assist
He told us to pick something else on sale. He would not match the price.
I was very frustrated. He finally approached his manager and asked for free delivery ( only after i asked for it )After all of this. we agreed to wait until Dec 6/18 as the product would be available


I called the Branch location and spoke with Ahmi. She advised her managers were not available. I told her i would wait on hold. i waited for 1.5 hours. I then agreed for a manager to call me back in 24 hours.


The product is now being advertised again in the flyer from Dec 1 to Dec 24

I find it strange that you would advertise a product that you can not keep up the demand for.

I am extremely dissatisfied with the entire process.
I do not like making complaints. It is not in my nature however, this has gone on long enough. Your company was quick to take my money however not quick to service me or provide the product.

Nicole Harden [protected]

Dec 11, 2018

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