American Furniture Warehouse [AFW] Complaints & Reviews

[Resolved] American Furniture Warehouse [AFW] / complete customer experience!

Aug 13, 2019

Thought I would shop local, not again at least with this company. I purchased a queen size mattress set. I got a full size mattress and queen size box spring. Now trying to correct the problem, so I want to exchange the box spring for full. They come to pick up the queen and no replacement. I...

[Resolved] American Furniture Warehouse [AFW] / bunkbed assembly

Nov 21, 2018

American Furniture Warehouse [AFW]Purchased 11/18/18 sales order [protected] item numberDW-4720 bunkbed frame/w. The assembly was completed and the crew said everything was good to go and left the house. I went to inspect the bed and discover some problems. Two of the slats had been split with screws and the SIDE RAIL wa...

American Furniture Warehouse / refund

Sep 13, 2018

I purchased a matress from AFW Glendale Az. and paid most of it in cash and the rest financed. I returned the matress because it was too hot. I waited fpr my refund of $574.39, instead AFW gave all my money to the finance company in error. When I asked what I need to do I was told I needed...

[Resolved] American Furniture Warehouse [AFW] / power loveseat, couch, and recliner

Jun 05, 2018

The USB ports on all three of these are not working gentleman comes out today June 5th to fix them tells us that we should either replace the couches and take a 15% loss or we could have them fixed with the pieces but they can't really you let us know that if they're going to last they...

[Resolved] American Furniture Warehouse [AFW] / need to make a warranty claim

Apr 17, 2018

American Furniture Warehouse [AFW]My husband and I purchased a dining room table and chairs about 3 months ago, it is a solid wood table and over the last few months started severely cracking and splitting. It is obvious that this is a material defect. We have both tried contacting AFW customer service, left messages and...

[Resolved] American Furniture Warehouse [AFW] / customer service

Apr 03, 2018

On April 3 I contacted American furniture warehouse regarding the pending status of my refund on the bedroom set that I had purchased days earlier . The original customer service representative advised me to call back a day later just to verify that the actual refund was processed. Upon...

[Resolved] American Furniture Warehouse [AFW] / sectional reclining sofa

Mar 01, 2018

My boyfriend and I recently purchased a sectional sofa from American Furniture warehouse that was delivered Sunday the 25th of February. Upon delivery we noticed that the console was cracked and broken in the back, and have since attempted to contact them. I have left 2 voicemails and now...

[Resolved] American Furniture Warehouse [AFW] / sofa cushions

Feb 28, 2018

On February 28, 2018 I had a service tech from your store come to my store and check on a couple of cushions that need repair. The gentleman was nice and cordial and said someone from the service center would give me a return call. I received that call about 30 minutes later telling me...

[Resolved] American Furniture Warehouse [AFW] / bed set

Feb 17, 2018

I bought this bed set in the end of March 2017. When I moved I noticed they had used a stripped-out leg on my dresser and screwed it in so it wouldn't move. I also noticed my bed was making some noise. When I moved into my new house in October I set up my bed and it has gotten increasingly...

[Resolved] American Furniture Warehouse [AFW] / customer service representative

Feb 12, 2018

My husband and I purchase a bedroom set and the headboard arrived cracked from side to side. We called customer service and were transferred to a person by the name of Brittany Powers. She was very rude, unprofessional, talking over us during the conversation and hung up on us refusing to...

American Furniture Warehouse / updated: mattress/ afw does not follow manufacturer's warranty

Jan 25, 2018

American Furniture WarehouseAmerican Furniture Warehouse American Furniture Warehouse Contacts & Information Posted: Jan 20, 2018 by KMD01 mattress/afw does not follow manufacturer's warranty Complaint Rating: 0 % with 1 votes Contact information: Grand Junction, Colorado United States I purchased top of the line Sealy...

[Resolved] American Furniture Warehouse / mattress/afw does not follow manufacturer's warranty

Jan 20, 2018

American Furniture WarehouseI purchased top of the line Sealy mattress set 15 months ago from AFW in Grand Junction, CO. It has a 10 year warranty. After submitting a claim with AFW, they sent someone out to inspect it. I received a letter that states that because it has a stain, it voids the manufacturer warranty...

[Resolved] American Furniture Warehouse / desk

Jan 19, 2018

I bought a desk and when the delivery drivers delivered it on on 1/11/17 the desk had a factory default. They had to take it back to have a new one delivered. I asked the driver if there were more desks to replace the one I had and he said yes (reason I asked was because the sales lady a...

[Resolved] American Furniture Warehouse / the financing don't do it

Oct 23, 2017

So I purchased with a american furniture retail card no interest for a year. Ok I set up the last payment to pay the account in full. But wala the payment wasnt taken out because they said I was on auto pay. But yety they took a payment last month of 400 that was not on auto pay. Now they...

[Resolved] American Furniture Warehouse / sofa / chair and a half

Sep 18, 2017

American Furniture WarehouseWe bought sofa and chair and a half in 2010. It's completely peeled all over and has sunk so far down we have boards under couch for support. This is worst furniture that we have ever bought. Right now remodeling house so keeping. Otherwise would have places to curb years ago. It'...

[Resolved] American Furniture Warehouse / per recl console loveseat bonded leather 1d-9760 prl

Sep 12, 2017

American Furniture WarehouseBought loveseat on July 15, 2014. After not quite one year we had to replace the reclining motor. Now all the bonded leather is peeling off and it looks awful. I think that this piece of furniture should have lasted more than a few years. I am very disappointed and am wondering if there i...

[Resolved] American Furniture Warehouse / furniture set purchased june 16

Jul 09, 2017

I moved to Colorado last month and was asking around about good place to purchase furniture and was told to go to afw. This is the worst place I have ever been to The couch was ripped being delivered and i had to wait 2 days for a replacement When the new couch came it was the same couch...

[Resolved] American Furniture Warehouse / couch order # [protected]

Jun 13, 2017

To whom it may concern I am a new customer who is very unhappy with the level of service not only delivery but product wise. I purchased some couches that was supposed to be delivered this past Saturday. Somehow the address was incorrect mind you I have to work on Saturdays so I had to...

[Resolved] American Furniture Warehouse / terrible customer service

Feb 08, 2017

Hi all! Please do not buy anything from American Furniture Warehouse. My husband and I bought a dining room set and a sectional from American Warehouse 3 weeks ago. We were told that the two bar stools that came with the dining rooms set would be on back order which we were fine with. Upon...

[Resolved] American Furniture Warehouse / canceled order

Dec 22, 2016

I placed an order for some bar stools (over $500 worth) last Saturday. I realized today (Thursday) that they never called to give me my time window for the delivery. I called and they said they had no record of my order under my phone number but did finally find it with the order number...

American Furnitures Warehouse / the mattress

Dec 02, 2016

The warehouse and also the store located at Sacramento were not helpful. When I bought the set including the mattress, I was told 8 to 10 years warranty for the mattress, but now no one wants to help and replace it. I called the store talk to Sunny the manager who was so rude and...

American Furniture Warehouse / bedroom suite

Sep 23, 2015

Bedroom suite smells after a year, of course once the warranty was over. They sent someone out to confirm our furniture does smell bad. (did they think we were lying?) they said since our warranty is up we have to deal with the smelly furniture. They said it was not mold, but how can they...

American Furniture Warehouse / customer service

Sep 16, 2015

After being very satisfied with our purchase of bedroom and living room furniture at the Denver location, we decided to buy a few more pieces from the Colorado Springs Showroom location. After opening up the box of a black bonded leather accent chair, we noticed that there were no leg...

American Furniture Warehouse / delivery scams and terrible customer service

Jun 20, 2015

Tried to buy furniture. They couldn't precommit to a delivery timeframe on the sheduled day. Said they would call me the day before and tell me when and if i didn't accept that time, i would pay a second delivery fee. Manager was an incompetent guy who wouldn't simply...

American Furniture Warehouse / no customer service

Jul 20, 2014

Went there to buy a bar stool. We called ahead of time and were told they had 3 of the bar stools in stock. We found the bar stool we wanted on display. We were told they didnt have any in stock, so we asked if we could buy one to the two bar stools they had on display. Out of all the bar...

[Resolved] American Furniture Warehouse / bait and switch

May 16, 2014

Purchased a leather match sofa and love seat. The cushions, back rest and arm rest are suppose to be made from 100% leather. Their floor model had a "leather" sign attached to the sofa along with 100% leather cushions stated on the floor models label. I received my, what I thought was a...

American Furniture Warehouse / terrible customer service

Sep 16, 2013

We purchased our furniture at the end of February 2013. By august the sofa we purchased was sagging tin the middle. We were told we had a one year warranty and called to complain about this issue. they sent a tech named Rich out to look at it. All he did was glance at it, and then took...

American Furniture Warehouse / warranty/cheap furniture

Aug 05, 2013

Don't buy American Furniture if you're not going to live in Colorado throughout your warranty coverage! I bought a couch and within a year, I need major reconstruction to it! Cheap furniture that's priced high! Don't buy!!! Go somewhere else! Trust me, you're going...

American Furniture Warehouse / unethical behavior

Mar 23, 2013

I was in the store a couple of weeks ago, and had a problem with my young foolish salesperson named Christina Knight. I said that I wanted to go check a few other places, and she called me a complete idiot, she said I would never find prices like these anywhere. Her behavior was that of a...

American Furniture Wearhouse / Furniture Delivery


I purchased over $2000 worth of furniture from AFW. They were extremely unflexible with my delivery. They never called me the day before to give me my delivery window. Customer service was extremely rude, and told me I could take my business elsewhere. They showed up early for delivery and...

[Resolved] American Furniture Warehouse / delivery


I purchased dining room chairs from american furniture warehouse in englewood, co on 10/31/2012 and was told that I would have my items on 11/9/2012 for pick up. I called customer service on 11/9/2012 to check if my items were available for pick up and was told that my sales person gave me...

[Resolved] American Furniture Warehouse / bad furniture and they don't care


I bought a table from American Family Warehouse and decided I would pick it up myself. I called a few days later to ask if it was in yet, and they said it was. So I borrowed a van big enough to put it in and drove 45 minutes to get there (1.5 hours round trip). Once I got there they said...

[Resolved] American Furniture Warehouse / financing


I have no problem with American Furniture's product and especially appreciate Greg, our sales person. What I do have a serious problem with is Well Fargo Financial - American Furniture's business partner. Make one mistake with them and they jack up the percentage to 24%. Not only...

American Furniture Warehouse / could find better place to work!


American Furniture Warehouse is a paradox within itself. I was a recent employee from their Grand Junction location, and the place is a two edge sword in all aspects. The management getting into circular debates, “Pissing Contest, ” with the employees getting wet, to fellow...

[Resolved] American Furniture Warehouse / injury


In March of 2011 my mother and I went shopping at American Furniture Warehouse in Westminster, CO. There were several outdoor chairs on display. One was a hammock type chair. My mother sat in it and it fell apart. The chair seat dropped my mother to the ground where she hit her head on...

American Furniture Warehouse / incredibly rude customer service


I purchased $4k worth of furniture from American Furniture Warehouse. All but one item was delivered on time. I have had to contact the store THREE times (because no one from the store has bothered to keep me updated on my order) only to be told each time my delivery date has been extended...

American Furniture Warehouse / customer service


American Furniture Warehouse has to have some of the worst customer service/sales people in the industry. My wife and I ordered A sofa/loveseat/chair combo on 2/25. We were told that the sofa and chair were on order and would be in around 3/23. No big deal. So the 23rd comes and goes and...

[Resolved] American Furniture Warehouse / horrible customer service left me in tears!


I have purchase thousands of dollars with afw over the years and I will never purchase with them again!!! Every single time I bought something new with afw i've had some sort of problem with the furniture or delivery and it was always made worse by the customer service reps... Which btw...

American Furniture Warehouse / employee mistreatment


We are all well aware of many cases of customer dissatisfaction. But, we, employees cant talk. We will get fired. And, yes, Managers curse at employees as well. Don't ask us, we cant tell!!

American Furniture Warehouse / close the store if you can't buy or pickup


I went to American Furniture on February 8th, 2010 to buy a sofa and table. I get there around 7:00 pm and I'm told I can't buy anything. I just drove 45 minutes and am not able to purchase what I went there for. I am told by an employee the computers are down. If that's the...