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Telus Mobility / very, very unhappy customer!

1 Canada Review updated:

As a Telus customer for almost a year, I am very unhappy to say that my phone has consistently been giving me a lot of problems with reception, battery life, display problems, and sometimes I don't even receive calls or messages. When I called Telus on Tuesday July 4, 2006 for the first time, I was put of hold for 15 minutes until I finally hung up. Later that day I called again and talked to another representative, Carol. I told her the problem that I was having and explained that I had already sent the phone to be repaired once before with the same problems recurring.

This cellular phone is under warranty and I am regretting having a Telus phone, I would like someone to review this complaint. As a paying client, I feel as if my concerns are not taken seriously, please get back to me with respect to this urgent matter. If I did not need the use of a cellular phone, I would not have purchased one, I am a very, very unhappy customer.


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  • Ch
      24th of Nov, 2006
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    Please understand that there is no such thing as a " Telus Phone" as Telus does not make Cell Phones, nor does Telus take responsibility for the phones either. Everything, even the repairs, are handled by the Manufacture.

  • Da
      26th of Apr, 2007
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    I was sacked by telus as a customer, I had a talk Halifax plan was with Telus for over 9 years, tried to get a PDA phone to work in Halifax, had great email and internet,but terrible audio or voice quality tried many many phones even BB phones but voice quality was nasty. So this afternoon one of the senior management people called on my phone and told me i was not allowed in any of their corp stores in Nova Scotia She screamed at me for over 1/2 hour, i asked her what had happened,still dont know, i didnt threaten any employee nor throw my phone or kick nor put my fist threw any walls, but i am now not allowed in any corp stores in Nova Scotia.. Also she cancelled my plan which one cant get any more, i took my business to another carrier. My bill was always paid never left owing any money, this is the way Telus treats its customers like top bananas, their service SUCKS!

  • El
      12th of Aug, 2007
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    I hate telus, worst telephone company in Canada, their operators are rude, the whole company sucks.

  • Po
      3rd of Sep, 2007
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    Telus - Non-compatibility with vista

    For those of you folks who read this, primarily in Canada and some few places in the U.S., if you are running Vista stay away from Telus as an ISP. I tried them and it took four phone calls to their support before anyone would even tell me this little tidbit. Their startup disk will not run on Vista so you have to have them walk you through the setup. Good luck! They screwed up my mail service like you wouldn't believe. It was always a guessing game as to whether or not mail went out or came in. Sometimes you found it in their app and sometimes in Windows Mail. Some messages sent over Telus ended up in the Mail inbox and some in the Mail sentbox. And their tech support attitude is that it is the user that is always wrong...never their app. Beware!

  • An
      3rd of Sep, 2007
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    I bought a htc pda from telus on june 24 2007. It worked with a few glitches here or there, turning off and on on its own, freezing etc. Then suddenly the phone just would not turn on at all. I went into a telus store only to be asked repeatedly if " i used my phone in the shower...". Apparently, i had exposed my phone to moisture and was s.o.l and would have to pay to replace it! I am telling you with all honesty i have never exposed that phone to moisture. I was in tears begging telus associates to believe that i had not exposed my phone to moisture. I am a 27 year old business owner and i was insulted by the treatment i got. The staff was rude and accusatory. I was being convinced to give my "broken" phone to telus and pay 125$ for a new one! (i just paid full price two months ago for a new one!!! )when i asked if i could receive a diagnostic of the problem or notified if it could be fixed i was told "no". Now, someone help me here: why would i hand off a phone i paid full price for and am sure i did not damage, only to never see it again or told what exactly the issue was? What if they discover a defect? What if i can be refunded for my troubles? It all seems very shady to me. I suspect i was sold a refurbished phone and in turn my phone would probably be resold once they fix whatever the problem is. In the meantime my hard earned money is being spent replacing a phone i didn't break in the first place. I am still seeking some advice i can trust and am phone less. If anyone has any advice on how to get this resolved that'd be great. I will keep you posted!

  • Ik
      9th of Sep, 2007
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    Everybody which are complaining about their phones make me laugh. If you buy a car and you got to put gas on it with Shell and the gaz has a problem, will you go to your car company complaining about the gaz or you will go to Shell?? Same damn thing with a phone, it's not Telus which is making the phone but the company itself... think about it before complaining on something.

  • Te
      13th of Sep, 2007
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    I hate telus.. they are the worst place ever.. as soon as my contract is up im out of here i cant stand it anymore they are rude everyone is.. we do not have a recorder on here.. nothing is free at all.. problems with the phones occur a lot.. like you cant even preview a ringtone until you buy it.. and you have to buy it.. other companies have sites where it sends them free to their phone.. telus is a rip off.. nothing but problems with them.. save yourself the trouble and go somewhere else.. and even if you have warranty on a phone and something happens its an arguement to get it fixed or replaced.. most time you don't you have to buy a brand new phone that has to be over $120.. it sucks I HATE TELUS RETIRE ALREADY!!

  • Ja
      1st of Oct, 2007
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    Telus - Customer service!

    Telus is THE worst company in the world. You wouldn't believe the stuff I've been through with this company. Now I believe I'm known as a 'problem' customer and the CSR's are rude to me from the very beginning of the calls. I'm also quite certain that because of my triads some of the CSR's have 'sabotaged' or else their CSR software is horrible. I got into a big fight with them recently because my credit card expired and they shut down my account. They don't ever give you notice by the way. They left a message in the afternoon and then shut down the account several hours later. I got into a fight with them about the reconnection fee (a cash grab by the way - they have to press a button basically). They finally charged me for it and lo and behold two months later, they still have the old credit card number on their computers and the same problem occurred this month, and they were about to disconnect the phone again. I'm so dependent on my phone for my business I can't get away from Telus but now I think I have to. As I am writing this, I have been waiting on the phone for over an hour for customer support. If you're thinking about purchasing a TELUS phone -- DON'T!!!

  • Ni
      4th of Oct, 2007
    +1 Votes

    Telus service is the worst around. I have recently moved to my acreage and have been fighting with Telus to get a land line installed. This has been going on for over a year. They want information, but never notify you right away. The latest with them is the address to where I live. It took them 2 weeks to let me know they needed this, after giving them the legal land description. I am currently running off a cell phone, which the reception is the greatest out there. If there ever was an emergency, how the hell am I supposed to get a hold of anyone. Not only that, I cannot get internet until I have a land line. In my opinion, Telus is not the greatest company to deal with.

    Does anyone know who one can contact to make a direct complaint, as I am tired of being on hold and getting the run around.

  • Je
      7th of Dec, 2007
    +1 Votes

    I am not satisfied at all with the service that Telus provides. First of all, my blue tooth doesn't work and when I called in to ask about this matter they said how its a copyright issue with the government and that's why I can't send ring tones and pictures. Meanwhile, rogers, Fido and other phone companies have working blue tooth. This just proves that Telus wants you to buy their ring tones and pictures. They always want to eat your money. Second off, I kept calling in about 6 times that my cellular phone did not clearly receive calls. I would have to text my contacts in order to tell them the call wasn't clear. Telus did not fix this issue and I've been a client for 4 years now. The stupid thing i did was renew my account. I regret being with Telus and I'm just waiting for my contract to finish so I can leave Telus. I wouldn't recommend Telus to anybody. There phone service is not up to par as they make it seem.

  • Lo
      11th of Jan, 2008
    +1 Votes

    My Telus T.V., Phone, internet was cancelled on Sept.18th because I was moving to B.C. They told me there would be a cancelation fee of $450.00,Which was fine. When I got out here I received a bill of $450.00, which included the rest of what I owed on my bill. A week later I got a bill for $800.00 So I tried getting a hold of someone to talk to, which took me forever. Finally I got a hold of someone and they told me that with all the disconnection fees and with my last bill that it did come to $800.00 and some. Which is a crock of do do. I will never go to telus again. !!!!!

  • Jo
      13th of Mar, 2008
    +1 Votes

    I hate Telus.
    Wow. Service is ###. Phones are ###. Overall its ###.
    You have to buy your ringtones, unlike rogers or bell you cant set your mp3s as ringtones, Instead you pay $3.50 plus another download fee of $.50 plus your internet usage on your phone which costs more than the damn ringtone.
    My phone was already serviced and it didnt get repaired. same ### phone... They told me it got a new software system... no.. they lied.. it was the same phone

    If there is anyone out there looking to buy a cell phone, BUY ROGERS OR BELL!


  • Ma
      12th of Apr, 2008
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    I have recently being trying to get Telus TV.. actually recently is a joke. I have been trying to get hooked with Telus TV for at least 4 months now. They have a basic package that allows you to pick and choose some channels which appealed to me cuz I do not watch very much of it blah blah blah. Anyways, I canceled my old service when I was told that it was in my area and I could get it right away. After I did this and phoned back to setup an appointment I was informed by another person at Telus that it was not in my area and that I would have to wait, but they would put me on a waiting list and call as soon as it was in the area. I was not going to sign up with my old provider just for a couple of months so I thought whatever.
    About 2-3months went by and I phoned in on an unrelated problem with my internet, and off handedly also asked how I was doing on the waiting list. The person said that Telus TV was in the area and informed me I was not a waiting list... wtf? So, whatever I shrugged it off as just one idiot and setup a date to get it installed. Wait another month or so and rearrange my schedule as Telus employees only work bank hours (so basically I have to bend over backwards so I can give them my money?) only to have the guy show up and tell me that because I was not the principal account holder that he could not continue on with the install... I have never had this problem or even heard of this before with any other company (even when I phoned to complain the support staff at Telus thought it was strange). So basically I waited 3-4months for some guy to show up and decide he didn't feel like working anymore. After which I have complained a few times to Telus sales and higher up tiers in the system only to have people tell that they will call me back with a new date for install and then never do.
    All this pretty much leaves me to believe that Telus hires only incompetent people. I would suggest that anyone ever thinking of dealing them and to not waste there time or money. Go elsewhere please as Telus obviously is making so much money that they do not even have to consider giving good customer support.

  • Ma
      12th of Apr, 2008
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    ^Also I forgot to add that my name is on the account so it wasnt like the guy was just going to have some random sign a form.

  • Un
      23rd of Apr, 2008
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    Ontario Wireless Telus fraud altert. Becareful of any dealings or purchases from this Telus Authorized dealer, you may think your getting solid goods authorized by Telus (HO) infact you could get ANYTHING including grey market phones, unlocked phones, pirate stuff and so on - and for phone plans...they will try to sweet talk you out of anything you are interested in, and substitute that with one of there 'special' plans... My advise is to purchase from a Corporate Telus store - or go to a competitor..

  • Me
      25th of Apr, 2008
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    My telus phone is not recieving text messages?
    And im sick of wasteing half an hour on the phone with you to find out things that go wrong like once a month.
    I would like it fixed?

  • Al
      6th of May, 2008
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    Telus - Random Charges
    United States

    We live in Alberta and switched our phone service from Telus to Shaw, years ago - as soon as we were able (the customer service at Telus is awful!). I am not sure how many years ago, but maybe about 4 years. We closed our account (no contract) and had no amounts owing.

    Yesterday we got a bill from Telus - 51.79 for a "closed account" and no other details. When we phoned we were told that this fee has been assessed to us for closing our account with Telus. Years ago. There were no services offered, just a random unbased charge that this corporation has decided to charge. Any one else have this experience or any suggestions on how to complain about this action? I've already filed with the BBB.

  • Tr
      8th of May, 2008
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    Telus - Abysmal Service
    Rocky Mountain House

    Absolutely the worst company I have ever had the misfortune to deal with.

    1. 8 weeks to connect our telephone service - 8 weeks of frustrating fighting with the automated answer service, different CSR different story each time.

    2. Being told we would not be charged for the first month due to our bad experience but, surprise, not only receiving bill but bill includes several charges for items Telus had never discussed with us - various "protection" charges - what are they, the Mafia.

    3. Fast dial-up - ha hilarious - it is so brain crushingly slow as to render it unusable. I pay for the internet service and still have to go to the local library to use the internet if I actually want to do any work.

    4. Worst of all - I don't have any consumer choice, they are the only provider in my area so I cannot take my business elsewhere as I could when I lived in the city. There is an option to go wireless with a company in town but it is obscenely expensive.

    I don't think I expect much as a customer - reliable service, decent customer service, at a reasonabl and fair price. You won't get any of that at Telus.

  • Ad
      25th of May, 2008
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    I am 61 years old and even I am impatient with how slowly I can access my internet with my over $100.00+ bill each month. I actually find the most annoyance is that I can tell a salesperson at my door to go away but Telus expects me to pay for yet another service to get rid of callers I don't want and I still get to pay for them. Oh Yes I could pay another fee for 12 callers to be blocked. Getting to the point of my Grandma's era she just wrote letters.

  • Jo
      28th of May, 2008
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    Telus - amex gift card

    I am very fed up with this stupid company. I have faulty bills (overcharged), bad service the entire time I have been a customer. Last year I agreed to go on high speed internet with them with an incentive of a $100 amex giftcard. I was told to go online to redeem the card and it would be sent to me via mail. Of course, not suprised, it never came. This was last august. Since then I have called them quite a number of times and finally now, 9 months later I have been offered a discount off my internet totalling $100 but will still have to pay a cancellation fee and pay out of my contract even though the original promise was not honored.
    This is just an example, one of many things that is driving me nuts with this crap company.
    I agree with another poster here that "the Future is definatly not friendly!"

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