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Complaints & Reviews

Resolved unauthorized charges

It appears that is one of the ways Telus makes a profit. They put $211.00 cancellation fee on my credit card. I phoned in October and they agreed it was an error and would reverse the amount. It is now December and the reversal did not come through. I phoned again and the credit had not been processed. The first person told me that I would have to call the credit card company and initiate a dispute. I finally got a supervisor who told me that she would process the credit and I would have to wait 4 to 6 weeks for the credit to appear.

A similar thing happened to my brother and it took six months to get a refund. If Telus does this to several thousand customers a month, they could be holding millions of the customers money. They use this money. At the same time they have interest and surcharges for everything that they do.

According to my records I only have 15 days left in my contract. According to their records, I requested a change in April and my contract does not expire until April.

Here is my plan:

1. Call the billing department and ask to speak to a supervisor. Refuse to get off the phone until the refund is processed. Do this every day until the money is refunded.

2. Call customer relations at [protected]. Keep calling until you are satisfied.

3. Followup with emails to [protected]@telus.com

4. File a complaint with the better business bureau. Very effective

5. File a complaint with Consumer and Corporate Affairs Canada.

6. File a complaint with your provincial consumer protection office.

7. Do what I am doing now and respond to as many forums and blogs as you can. I have scheduled two hours every night for this activity.

8. When you get your money - switch companies, Telephone, internet, TV and cell phones.

Post your successes to help others.

unfounded date usage charges

Since I became a Telus Pay and Talk client I have had various problems. Initially I could not send or receive text messages. So they gave me a new number. Then I couldn't receive picture messages. That was fixed. The main and major ongoing and never rectified problem I have had is getting charged for webbrowsing, downloading ringtones and games. When it first occured they credited me back. One day, there was approximately $5 worth of data usage charges overnight (bear in mind my phone is always on me and if not it is locked with a code and the keys are configured so that I can not "accidently" sign on to the web). I called in and they said that there is no way that this is possible. I even took the phone to the Telus store and the manager reviewed my web history and ringtones and found nothing and advised client care of her findings. They said the charges lined up with my serial number. One of the reps was really rude and accusing me of lying. I would check my balance online and see these charges and call in and get credited back and then they set up two investigations which concluded nothing. On one call I was so upset that the rep credited me $30 worth of credit - just a bandaid solution. It is clear to me that Telus Mobility is ripping people off one data usage charge at a time. The problem still has not been rectified rather the last rep gave me the unlimited web browing feature free of charge so that I can't keep track of the data usage on my transaction history. Once it expires, if the unfounded data usage continues, I will be giving up on Telus. Please note that I have talked to various family and friends and viewed many online forums in which there are many more people experiencing this problem. Thus contrary to what Telus is saying, the problem does exist and is possible.

  • Ta
    Tammie Dowd Nov 26, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I'm having problems with Telus Communications not mobility but they keep sending me a bill for phone number that doesn't exist any longer, I complain, send letters, fax and e-mail to no avail ... a full year and a half later I'm still getting charged !!!

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  • Ju
    Jules29586 Nov 07, 2009

    I have had the same problem, for the past couple of months I was recieving bills from telus that were outrageous! 300-400 phone bills, (i am a student and obviously cannot afford these kind of bills, who can anyways) but the main problem was that when I would review my bill some of the things I was being charged for, I wasn`t actually using, or the features were not even possible on my phone, for example a `radio package`was on my bill one month for 15$...I called in and told the customer service woman that my phone is not even capable of recieving radio.
    These kinds of things kept happening, until one phone call last month I had hit my limit, I knew there were atleast 6 things on my bill that I had not used or done. I once again called in to `customer service` and threatened to cancel my contract, because it was literally costing me more to keep the phone every month than to just end the contract.
    The woman on the phone got scared and credited me 250$!!!
    I was in shock, with the click of a button I had a 250$ credit, it was incredible.
    If this does happen to you, dont let them push you around, they will make you out to be a liar and they will do what it takes to get the money from you even if its under false pretenses.
    stick to your guns! and maybe you`ll be lucky!!! otherwise get out of the contract, its isnt worth the stress.

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  • Mi
    Mississauga Nov 22, 2009

    Me, my siblings and most of my friends started with a telus cell. Word has it "Telus is great". Now, it's just me and Telus, everyone-else moved on. Telus was VERY good to me (us) in the beginning but over time, they started to treat me (us) bad; then they got worst, and worst, and more worst with each passing year. It appeared to me they were only concerned with new clients, getting and keeping them; but then again, maybe it was just me. At a recent company meeting, an inquiry by a personnel looking for a good cellular company took us off topic. When asked, another personnel replied, "I don't know what to tell you. I've been with Telus for so long that they treat me bad now!" Roars of laughter bellowed, myself included, for a very long time. It turned out more than half the room was with Telus and everyone felt the same. It felt good to laugh, even better to learn that I wasn't alone. I’m thinking about changing service provider now too…word has it, Fido is good?

    Anyway, for the rest of the Telus customers out there, remember, you're not alone...many, many, many others feel the same you!! Just remember...
    (Telus should adopt this phase as their new motto...would make a great commercial, at least an accurate one.) LOL

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no response after repeted requests

TYelus is supposed to Activate my hjome internet line for my internet provider. Well it's been almost 2...


I decided to switch to a different carrier and had two cell phone numbers switched from Telus Mobility to the new carrier 6 days before my Telus contract was up. They sent me a bill for $200.00 dollars for switching. I am told by a telus employee I know that they aren't supposed to do that, but they will try. The maximum they can charge is $20.00 per phone, so $40.00 NOT $200.00. I am going to go to the CRTC and anyone else who will listen. I am tired of Telus getting away with ripping people off. Has anyone else had this problem?

  • Ja
    jackie Jan 09, 2009

    I totally agree with the above comment - re: billing. I have been a customer with Telus for over 8 years... Loved them when they first originated but slowly the service decreased and the bills increased. I had asked one customer service rep if Telus has merged or been acquired by another cellular company because I couldn't believe the service I was receiving. I and my 2 daughters are with Telus. I would often complain to my oldest daughter about the HUGE cell phone bills I would receive every month. As a typical teenager, I thought she was just over using/abusing it. Turns out that apparently, Telus was overcharging her for text messaging that should have been included with her "Fave 5." Thank god my daughter did her own investigation and informed me, as the phone was in my name, that apparently she was being charged for text messaging that she had under her Fave 5. I contacted Telus who informed me that there was apparently a "glitch" in the system, couldn't tell me how long it had been going on, and couldn't tell me when it would be corrected. Informed me that they were going to credit her account, which I believe they did (only one-time credit of about $45) but what I don't understand is: (i) if they were overcharging, why did they not notify the customers and automatically credit their accounts and, (ii) how do I know that it was only for that one month and that I wasn't been overcharged for prior months. My daughter created her account at mytelus.ca and did a little investigating. She found that they were overcharging her on her text messaging but also, that she could only go back to the previous 6 months and that was it. When she went on her account, she could view all her text messages that she had sent and messages received but when she went to show me online, the account had been updated and she could no longer view this feature. I've contacted Telus numerous times as I now question the bill when I receive it. How do I know that I'm being billed for the correct amount? I mean, I have to call them to tell them they are overbilling me? I don't understand. At several times, my daughter's phone has been cancelled susupended and one time, a rep at Telus told me 'Just to pay the bill". Why should I when I'm questioning the overcharges. I've asked them what it will cost to get out of the contract with my other daughter, to which they reply, $650. When our contracts are through, goodbye to Telus. I should not be incurring over $300 plus per month for 3 cell phones. I have family in the UK and they cannot believe what we Canadians pay for the use of cell phones. This is absolutely ridiculous...

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  • Ru
    Rush Feb 11, 2009

    I switched to Telus from Rogers purchasing a new Motorola Q for $299 with a three-year contract only to find out that I received no reception in my building. After explaining my dilemma to customer service and higher up, the continued response was "we don't guarantee reception and you signed a three-year contract. There is nothing we can do but you can pay the cancellation fee of $20/month for your 3 year contract."

    Basically $720 was the only way out of their service contract. All together out of pocket was $1019 for the phone and to cancel service that didn't even work, not adding taxes in. In response I had to switch back over to Rogers and finally after 2 1/2 years of paying $45 per month for nothing, I have cancelled my Telus account and am paying a final cancellation fee of $120 left on 6 months for absolutely no used service and a phone that was never used.

    If this isn't proof not to go with Telus, I don't know what is. They are thieves and don't care about their customers, only their pocketbook.

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  • Sa
    Samirlapucha Nov 11, 2009

    You should READ your contracts before the signature...

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  • Mi
    mira 902 May 04, 2010

    My son recently moved to Alberta and set up a Telus contract. His girlfriend moved from Nova Scotia to the Cayman Islands, undergoing surgery and spending time with her parents there. He had always had a long distance plan, which he had assumed would apply. His one month bill came to $8200 !!! He has always paid his bill on time, and was told that he must pay the bill in one month at $2000 weekly payments!!! After that time, his bill will be forwarded to the collection agency. This is so unreasonable and does not seem fair at all, after making a mistake that will affect him for many years to come...

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  • Le
    leeloodallas22 Jan 25, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My husband and I work in Alberta but reside in Ontario. We both have phones with Telus and since our contract was ending we signed up for a promotional plan (Promo 65+) in Medicine Hat while on our way back to Toronto. Please keep in mind that;
    1. The plan included 200 minutes of Canada-Wide calling. Each.
    2. We both have Ontario area codes.

    Our first bill with the new plan arrives and there are long distance charges totaling $400. My husband calls Telus to inquire why we are being charged long distance when our plans include 200 minutes of Canada-Wide calling. The Telus representative explains that the Promo 65+ is only valid in Alberta, and because we have Ontario area codes, we are not eligible.

    I was not present for the call but my husband was able to have the Promo 65+ applied to our Ontario area codes, though Telus would not credit our account for the erroneous long distance charges. I do not know if this was because my husband decided not to pursue the matter, or if the Telus rep refused to.

    We are fortunate my husband's employer will reimburse him for work calls on personal phones, but I do not believe requesting Telus to reverse the long distance charges is unreasonable; neither of us were told nor did we read any documentation stating the Promo 65+ was Alberta only.

    I am posting this complaint to make a point and add to the cry of disapproval regarding the oligopoly of Canadian telecommunications. It is very sad indeed that searching for "complaint" and "Telus" brings up so many frustrated customers. With the CRTC's record I do not expect any new regulations against the cellular market will be beneficial to Canadians. (http://www.vancouversun.com/business/Three+year+cellphone+contracts+should+banned+Public+CRTC/7672056/story.html) When shopping for a cellular provider the options appear to be whoever is the lesser of the evils.

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poor customer service and scheduling system

I was scheduled to have new TV and Internet installed on Monday the 3rd. I took a half day off from work as I was told my appointment was scheduled in the morning. I waited until Noon, and then phoned the customer service. Without notice, they changed the schedule and claimed my appointment was a whole day schedule. By 3:30 I phoned them again and this time i was placed on hold for 45 minutes just to get the answer "Sorry, the technician is behind the schedule, he is not going to make it." They promised to give me a call the next day (Nov 4) and to make my installation a priority. I was at home around Noon on the 4th, and I saw a Telus truck in the building so I phoned customer service again to see why I had not yet received the promised phone call, and I was placed on hold for another 20 minute wait. Then I was told that "they" would phone me by the end of today to get the rescheduling done. Yet again, I did not receive the promised phone call. I called customer service again around 5 pm. They claimed that they were not able to make changes to the scheduling system, and that I'd have to wait for someone to fix it the next day (the 5th), and they tentatively claimed that I would receive a phone call on the 5th for rescheduling. Again, I had not received the any phone call to resolve the issue on the 5th. I phoned again around 1:30 pm on the 5th and this time the rep said "There is nothing you or me can do but to wait. If you wish, I can cancel your service".

I don't understand where there is such a problem with scheduling. I was scheduled on the 3rd, and then stood up while losing a days pay sitting at home frustrated all day without access to the TV or Internet. I did not receive compensation from your company for that, but instead receive one frustration after another and even have to put up with lousy attitude of the service rep who suggested to simply cancel the service. I am wondering with the scale of Telus' business, why the scheduling system and customer service seems ridiculously unreliable. At the end of the day, it is really like living in the stone age without Internet and TV at home simply because a large multi-billion dollar company cannot manage their scheduling system correctly.

  • Pi
    Ping Nov 07, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    After trying to get service installed in my condo all week, and today someone from Telus customer loyality department phoned me and tells me that Telus is not able to provide service to my building. I called the building manager, and he confirmed that Telus services are provided in the building, both television and Internet. I have yet to see anyone show up at my unit, and after a week of getting the run around and endless hastles, I am now told there is simply no service available in my building! This is absursd, and a breath taking level of incompetence.

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  • St
    Steve Nov 30, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Same problems with the above, However I know that after dealing with telus for long time you can get them to provide you with good service for a reasonable rate.

    Summary :
    Telus Customer Service -> BAD BAD BAD
    Telus Services -> Good compared to some other providers.

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  • Et
    et747 Feb 03, 2011

    Personally I find dealing with this big company is the same. You must be patient and willing to accept inconvenient to some sort. Telus is good as far as I am concern as the other multi-nationals are no better. At least Telus after service is good and their package deal is very good. As for service schedule, it is very hard to predict. Anything can happen as the technician is just doing his job. Again, just accept it is human and surprises can happen along the way and screw their schedules. In the end you will get your installation done.

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  • Cj
    C.Jackson Oct 08, 2011



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fraudulent charges

October 25, 2008 Sept 2007, I called Telus to cancel my internet account due to very slow speed and ongoing...

botched insatallations

After Telus installed my TV service my phones a have ceased working. There techs have told me that the installation was done incorect. Yet they have missed there service appointments and have repeadly dodged my complaints by not responding to Emails and providing disconnected phone numbers. I can't even cancel the service without incurring a high fee.

  • De
    Debra Brandrick Nov 16, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have endured the Telus Digital TV/Internet package for too long. First Installation took over 4 hours - and I had service for approximately 1 week without problems. Second Installer said that the first had installed filters in the wrong electrical room. Now everytime the phone rings both TV and Internet cut out. The last straw was coming home after work to no service at all - phone, Internet and TV. On average the Internet was down at least 3-4 hours a day. The response was that the telephone cord (that Telus installed) was too long and that the system was being interrupted by other radio signals. Each phone agent had a different response - but the only solution was to send out a third installer sometime during the week between the hours of 7 and 5. I've had a basic Telus modem for over 8 years without a problem but the move to TV/Internet has been a nightmare. If anyone has other providers that they are happy with please post.

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  • No
    not happy Apr 06, 2009

    I've tried getting Telus TV installed. So far, they've missed 3 appointments! How is that even possible!!

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  • Br
    brent007 May 04, 2012

    Do not use a pre authorized payment with this company. They will charge extra charges without your permission. Upon cancelling the account an additional $1090 of charges were added taken added to my credit card bill. It has since been 3 weeks of phoning to try to get the charges reversed. Every time I call I am put on hold for 15-30 mintues and then put on hold again for an additional 5 minutes for the representive to review the case. Only to then tell me that he cannot do anything and they need to wait for approval from a different department to reverse the charges. When I asked to be transferred to that department they state they cannot help me. I imagine I will get my money back but not after 4 weeks wait time and several hours of being on hold and wasting my time. All because of their mistake. Will never use telus again. customer service is horrible.

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  • Br
    brent007 May 04, 2012

    Nice try. The charges were for 2 pvr units which were returned 2 months ago. Thanks the facts only.

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  • Br
    brent007 May 04, 2012

    Like I said, the money will be returned. It is the hours on hold and lack of care from the customer service department.

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  • Br
    brent007 May 04, 2012

    You are clearly not educated on the matter. Telus owns their pvs boxes. They thought I did not return them. I did. If you don't return the pvrs, then they charge you. However, telus is such a proactive company. They dont actually know who returns pvrs and who doesn't. They rely on tracking numbers to find out who returns pvrs. Yes the customer has to phone in with this tracking number and be placed on hold again. So I did this. Charges were reversed. 2 days later charges showed up again. There have been several phone calls since. Like I said, the money will be returned, because it is mine.

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  • Br
    brent007 May 04, 2012

    Customer service. 7 or 8 phone calls to get this money back. And I'm probably going to have to make a few more. Horrible experience.

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rip off artists

I had signed up for a family plan for one year with three phones. I had purchased unlimited text message...

internet/phone 3 yr contract

i was stupid enough to get into a 3 yr contract with telus, for internet/phone deal, for 70.94 a month all inclusive, no extra fees, etc, well the first month they started screwing up my bills, to make a long story short, i am now paying 150.00 per month for this service, they said im lying about the contract, even though i have letters from rob durham the senior vice president of telus, on client operations, that i have this contract, every time i phone, which is every month i get this bill, they say ya, well fix it on next bill, LIES, or they just hang up, or they say, its other charges, that is not covered by my contract, OR NO SUCH CONTRACT IN EXISTENCE, SINCE THEY DONT GO BACK FURTHER THEN 1 MONTH!!!, so they cant see i have a contract

is there anyone out there who can help me, with phone numbers of durham or some place or some one who can straighten this out, the customer service people are a total joke, half of them dont speak english, and they all lie!!!

  • El
    Elliot Oct 03, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    ...wondering if you have tracked down a senior management phone number or e-mail...i've been getting the same sort of run around as you have mentioned...my last two cell phone bills were $664 and the $353 (no typos and no decimal points)...they did take some off each bill but i'm still pissed as i have been quoted to be receiving bills from $120-$150...i just want to pay $150 for my bills as quoted, but have received the same "it will be adjusted on the next bill"...BS...it gets worse, but i won't bore you all right now, but would love to have a number/e-mail of somebody who can do something...

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customer service

I called to move my phone and internet service provided by telus. I sat on hold for twenty minutes and then there was a busy signal and they hung up. I don't have time for this b.s. You'd think for the 85$ a month I pay them they could answer my call.

Resolved telus handing out my silent phone number

I recently purchased phone service from Telus and the one thing I requested and pay for is a private "unlisted" number.

Well after giving our number to a few family members I started to get calls from banks and credit agencies. Someone who shares the same first name as me (but not the same last name) owes them money and they think I'm him.

After numerous inquiries with this people who refuse to believe who I am I was told by all of them that Telus gave them my phone number. When I phone Telus they said we could fix the problem by buying more advanced phone features from them.

No "sorry". No "our mistake let's fix it". Just "buy more product". Is this why I purchased a silent number to begin with?

Resolved billing errors without redress - where are telus managers?

I have never complained, nor considered complaining online before about a service, but after 7 months of being overbilled by Telus Communications - first on administration fees and thereafter on "monthly services" (read internet charges) - and after as many attempts to have it corrected, I am fed up. I have been left wondering what Telus policy is regarding customer billing complaints and whether they give well-willing service representatives the authority to resolve these, for instance in terms of corporate culture, performance evaluation systems, training and effective computer applications. Furthermore, I wonder at the apparent lack of willingness of managers to speak with their customers. After 5 monthly attempts to let service representatives address the problem, I have tried to access a manager. Of the last three representatives that I spoke with, only the last one did not stonewall my request to speak to a manager. Alas, even an escalation 3 form, which should have prompted a manager to phone within 12 to 24 hours, has failed to get me in touch with one.

Telus, what are you going to do about this? How can you expect to keep customers in the long term if you do not provide valued customer service? This kind of lapse can easily create a poor impression about a company as a whole, despite its positive performance in other areas. Please, address this lapse in customer service and save people like me hours of wasted time and feelings of frustration resulting from failed attempts to try to deal with you amicably.

If you listen to your customers better than others do, you can "inherit the world."


  • Un
    Unhappy Oct 13, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I'm also getting screwed over by Telus over an extra charge for the internet service that suddenly appeared on my bill without any explaination. Contacting Telus I was told it was "a system error" that occured a year ago. Why should I pay for their error that occured last year??
    Calling Telus was a complete waste of time. Currently I'm looking into other alternatives for phone and internet and perhaps with some luck, I can drop Telus forever!!!

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  • Te
    Telus Customer Feb 26, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Telus recently telephoned my house and advised me they are installing my service at another building lot located two door away. Many calls to telus have not rectified this situation, we are not moving, have been at this location since 1992 and today our telephone was cut off. It is amazing I pay this corporation 300 to 1000 dollars each month on my cellular telephone and another installment for my office. This is it!!! my business is being transfered after thirty years of paying these @@@@##### Campbell River, BC Canada

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poor and misleading service

I made the mistake of calling and asking a Telus rep in January 2017 when my contract was up with Telus (I was in a 3 year contract to get free monitor) and was advised it was Feb 2017. I then canceled. Now Telus is trying to stick me with a $240 cancellation fee. I feel this is very poor business and extremely poor customer service. Had I been advised it was not up to April 2017, I would have not canceled and I would have suffered with the slow service for another year. I intend to ignore the charge and hope to see them in small claims court over it!

My advise to anyone considering using Telus is DON'T! Cable is way faster and offers great bundle pricing.

  • Co
    Cory Michaud Oct 04, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I've been a Telus customer for the better part of 12 years with the same phone number. In december of 2017 I signed up for Telus internet service. Apparently it was a 3 year contract. I cancelled the the internet service as well as my phone number when I moved residences. I had still been paying the internet charge of $34. a month but...no one had contacted me to re-connect the line to the new residence. When I finally cancelled the service the next bill showed a charge of $120. Why?

    I haven't used the service in over three months before I cancelled, I've been a customer for over ten years with the same account & I also have had a cell phone account with Telus for the last 3 years.

    Loyalty to a service provider gets you NO WHERE. Shop for your services and don't sign contracts for longer then you precieve you have to.

    Telus is fine with contributing to the Alberta economic credo of ' Eat or be Eaten '.Not everybody in Alberta is seeing the boom. Only feeling it when it comes down. Thanks Telus. Karma is a ###.

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  • Cl
    clifford persaud Oct 13, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have moved recently and set up with Telus communications for my phone and internet services to be transferred as I have always had with the. I was given Oct.4 as the day a technician would come to service my new location and set up the services. The customer service rep that set up the appointment failed to put in the order that I need a technician and Telus thought they could flip a switch. I was told the customer service rep made an error. I find that hard to believe as I told her it was a secondary line and she quoted me prices of the technician to set up the new lines. So I wasted 1 day and no one came. I was rescheduled for Oct.11. I called in the morning to confirm my appointment as I did not want to waste yet another day. I was told my appointment was scheduled and I would see a technician./ By the end of the day no one came. I called customer service and I was given a case number #265344. I was told a supervisor would call me friday. No one called. I called saturday Oct.13 and I have been given a third appointment being tuesday oct.16. I do sales for a living and I have missed 2 days of work already. I have no phone or internet services entering my 3rd week. I have been told several people would call me. I have been given a case number. I am on my third appointment waiting for my services to be set up. I will miss my 3rd day of work. I am at a loss for the treatment and neglect I have received and have been shown. I just want my services set up and I have been shown nothing but lies and ignorance on telus' part. Is there a process I can go through with the CRTC to file an official complaint. If there is an avenue, please guide me to it and I will follow through as I have few options against a big corporation like Telus. I am told I have to sit and wait. I have waited and I have had no one call or show up to set up my services. Someone please help if you can.

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  • Le
    leif olson Nov 28, 2009

    Last Saturday we phoned telus about moving service from one address to another. The phone number was 403-347-4865 which was to be moved from 5630 56 st. in Red Deer to #10 Inglewood Drive in Red Deer Suite #209 which they said they would try to do on Monday. It was needed asap so the senior could have it available for his emergency call button. Nothing was done all week and yesterday I called the number and it has been disconnected from the old address but never hooked up at the new address. Telus keeps trying to sell new services but the can not supply the old services to long time customers. Is there any way we could get them moving on this as it could be a matter of life or death for this senior?

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  • Au
    Autumn7 Jul 02, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My complain is to request Telus to train their customer services agents and tell them try not to insult their innocent customers...When I saw some suspicious computers I decided to change network password..I called Telus but I found a strange thing that telus had two different accounts in my name...for same address...if Telus inquire about this they will find out that this is the result of greedy telus operators who want to make some bonus sales points doing this rubbish making two accounts for one person...and this duplicate account resulted that I paid telus long time ago and they disconnected my internet services...for non payment...ok say if I have two accounts and one is closed for non payments than why there is service interceptions when you people say i have two accounts...any way issue was resolved after spending full day talking with TD Canada operators and no cooperative Telus operators...If I would have spent same time in my office I could have earned hundreds of dollars...but my concern was still not resolved...the reason I called to change my password..when I asked operator he said...every thing is on the website ...I said OK...I will search it...and I tried telus website and it is so complicated...cannot explain how to change your network password...I said ok just leave it..forget telus rudeness and its rude operators...but after three months when I saw more strange computers on my network I called telus agent...the worst operator name Cody...in my life...I said I am calling to know how to change network password...he without asking me changed network id and password in a matter of seconds...but when I asked how to change it...he said every thing is on the website...IF I NEED TO GO TO WEBSITE...WHY I AM SPENDING MY TIME ON THESE OPERATORS..TO LISTEN EVERYTHING IS ON WEBSITE...than I requested Cody to please change this id ..i don't like it and i explained the reason why...and this no manners operators asked me WHY...WHY ...I DON'T UNDERSTAND THIS WHY...than i said to the operator I AM VERY DISAPPOINTED AND I HUNG UP...I TRIED TO check website..but there was no success...the website very complicated ...it has so much technical info I mean the router address website...if you see...and there are more than one ids and password...customer don't know which one to change...any how..I messed up...i did change my network id and there was no option to change its password on same page...and i lost INTERNET connection...I called again..and a new Telus operator told me to...Google..the procedure how to change password...oh God...what I do here...why not Telus train their staff to Google and use you-tube how to resolve issue for once so at least they can...tell the customer most important and common question how to change password ..which more than four operators unable to resolve...including the installer technician who ..given me ...can you imagine...26 digits password for my network... and even he did not bother to give me a simple network password...so this issue is still not resolved...and I think I will order another service provider...who can answer simple question how to change network password and whose operator do not insult their customers and do not consider themselves superior smarter and consider their operator inferior...my questions is to TELUS why your operators are changing network IDS and PASSWORDS without asking customers and why they are saying EVERTY THING IS ON WEBSITE...any why they recommend to GOOGLE...i just need a simple step by step procedure how to change password ..either on website or a call from your office...or otherwise my next call is to cancel the services...

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on hold...

Ive now been on hold for 36 min after being hung up on three times. Total time invested so far today 1 hr and 3 min.
I am still on hold, oh wait ... Have I been onhold that long ? I here a Christmas song now being played. I was able to set up my new email address while I am waiting it is [protected]@TELUS.net. Wow that didn't take very long...40 min... I wonder what the weather is like outside... I am in priority sequence...Tried my new email address, works great...how is this possible... are they really this busy?... wow!...42 min...I am quite pissed off at this point and have almost forgot what I was calling them for. It's about principle now, I am going to keep holding...56 min...
...Avril Lavine...stompin Tom Conners...now I hear That I could be onhold for upto 7 min. and to be patient...59 min ... look the leaves are changing [email protected]#[email protected]#@...1 hour 11 min...wow I got through...I asked to speak to a supervisor, Im back on hold, ...3 min...6 min...
12 min...no music this time, damn...just dead air, I am waiting for that dreaded fast beep that comes on when youve been disconnected...14 min...
checked my email, paid my bills online, talked to my neibour...16 min...I got through and was very nice to the person ... I started to explain my problems to him in a nice manner, then I got a busy signal --- disconnected @#$#@[email protected]
I am going to the bar to have a pitcher of beer now ! do I go through Bell next ... Im pissed... good luck to all with any big bussiness you deal with in the future...Cam

  • Mo
    mohammad khan Nov 04, 2008
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    over charge bill and promise in your system was creadit and not appear on bill and when i call they said i have creadit wich is appear in bill every month. please look this matter and resolve this problem please thank you for your attention

    your coustomer
    mohammad khan
    403-590-4961 home
    403-401-3909 cell

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Resolved disgraceful customer service

I use Telus residential service for my business office in my home (I work remotely for a Toronto-based firm...

deceptive advertising

Telus offered the Connect 75 Unlimited wireless data plan. Data bandwidth per month was clearly defined as "Unlimited". So we subscribed to this service and paid full-price for the hardware (not under contract).

Well, apparently Telus thinks that "Unlimited" means just 5GB per month. I have been informed in a telephone conversation that my service is being terminated. The Telus representative clearly admitted that the real reason was that we were using more than 5GB per month.

We paid extra each month to have what was presented as Unlimited service.

The Telus representative also admitted several other aspects (Telus's lies) to this campaign of service termination that will get Telus is deep doo-doo when this reaches court.

bills keep coming after account has been closed

I have canceled my TELUS phone line in May 2007. Ever since then, a bill appears in my mailbox every month...

residental billing

I just received a TELUS bill as well as a TELUS letter, trying to explain to me that I have to pay $32.52 more this month on my telephone bill because "transition to a single billing date for all your services".
I am outraged. That TELUS is rearranging their internal billing practices is their overhead and not the customers' responsibility.
I have cancelled my automatic payment plan and will change phone service delivery if there is no change in their unacceptable billing practices.

poor service, bad products

On friday, I went into the telus store to buy a cell phone to have a pay as you go service. They offered me a package that included the phone & a free $50 card of minutes.

She told me the phone takes 10 minutes for them to activate it for me, but they would deduct $15 of the $50 free minutes to do this for me. She handed me the phone after 10 minutes and told me it takes about 2 hours for the phone to work. I paid them $78.39, and I left the store.

I tried to use the phone after 2 hours, then 3 hours, then at around 10pm, then in the morning, then all day on saturday. I kep getting a message that the phone is not activated.

On saturday day at 4:30pm I went back to the store and told them the phone is not working. She told me all she could do was give me a "repair ticket" and telus will contact me within the week. I told her I was not interested in having the brand new phone repaired as it is brand new. I would prefer to get another phone or a refund. She was adament that she will not give me either of those and my only option was to wait for the phone to be repaired. I left the phone there as it was no use to me. It did not work.

I called telus when I got home and told them what happenned. The man I spoke to explained to me that telus was having problems with their service and I need to go get the phone and call him back when I got home, thus waiting another hour on hold, to file a compaint. Then the phone would be fixed within the week when telus sorted out their service problems. I told him that this will not do. I am not waiting to have brand new phone fixed. When I left the store, it was not working, and considering I had just bought it, I do not want the hassle. He told me that telus will not refund my money nor would I be getting a replacement phone. My only option is to keep the phone and be patient for telus to fix it. He told me that if I felt it would be better to take them to court then thats what I should do.

Any suggestions on what I should do?

The store inormation is here:

Cantalk wireless (Telus store)
11 45905 yale road
Chilliwack, bc
V2p 2m6


Resolved they signed me up without my permission

I received a marketing call from telus trying to sell me another service - cable - I declined - he insisted on knowing why, so I told him I was a former employee waiting for my current service contract to run out and then was moving my business to shaw. 5 days later I received a letter thanking me for signing up for a 3 year service contract for internet. I called the company and they insisted that I had called them and requested the service, because the marketer had made notes on my file to that effect. They offered to cancel my service immediately, for a 120.00 charge, otherwise I was on the hook for a 3 year service contract of enhanced internet access I had not agreed to.