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pop-up scammers receiving scam calls to vonage phone numbers

Hello abuse department,

I have a Youtube channel which investigates Popup scams whereby scammers arrange to have a fake apple virus pop up message which lock people's browser and force them to call a phone number. Although the organisation called " GAB IT SERVICES " in New Delhi.

They use the following phone numbers which are supplied by "VONAGE"


I can provide unequivocal evidence that these phone numbers are used exclusively for scams and will be reporting my findings to POLICE and FTC.

Please close and block these phone numbers and do what you need to do to protect people from these tech support scams.

Please find the pop up screenshot which used people to force them to call on phone numbers.

pop-up scammers receiving scam calls to vonage phone numbers

phone internet

This "vonage" company has made unauthorized charges to my bank account. I was told by my bank that the number...

International calling

Vonage Account number - [protected]
They allotted me wrong plan (US local calling) instead of international calling. i noticed this via huge bill since every single minute to india calling was getting charged. This happend for 5 months until i called them today and they said sorry we cant do anything and on top of that charged me $100 for early termination fee. Unprofessional customer service people, not willing to listen to customer plight, this company is definitely headed to drains. I will not leave any stone unturned to get my money back that they overcharged.

worst voip provider available

This company should not be in business and anyone that signs up for this lousy service is in for a miserable experience. I tried this VOIP provider and the service never worked so I subsequently cancelled. Its representatives will threaten you with early termination fees and whatever it feels it can get away with. I disputed the charges and after a couple of months ultimately won but only after going through a couple of rounds of Vonage's sleazy tactics. Instead of providing a good quality service that customer's want, Vonage spends its resources hounding customers, making threats, using any form of intimidation it can to keep its shrinking customer base. This morning, a few months after beating Vonage, I received an email from Vonage Customer Care, Subject: Charge Success indicating that it had successfully charged my credit card for the entire amount previously disputed. This sleazy company just won't give up so it's best never to sign up with it in the first place.


international calling

Firstly I would let you know that I have been with you since your initiation. I have family in the UK, one of whom is in the hospital, and cannot get through. I just keep getting a message saying that the lines are temporarily busy and to try later ... day 3, still busy? No, they are not! I used my neighbor's phone and got through, using AT & T. Why am I paying for Vonage?

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To whom it may concern, I would like to start off by introducing myself my name is Mamie Rocha I've been a widow for over 40 years I'm 84 years old I own my home I have worked very hard all my life to have the things I have, Now the reason for this complaint is because someone has done fraud with my debit card this person has had a vontage phone in my name since December 2016 thru April 2017 and vontage was taking out $35 a month from the bank I have banking with which is Bank of america in fresno california I have made a police report and the bank has made a fraud claim now were just waiting on vontage to reimburse me my money .It was not me who took out this phone I was not aware of any such phone I've always had service with cricket and I can prove it, I would appreciate if you'll help me they took my only income that I get from social security please help me thank you

world plan and cancellation process

Several problems;
1) I was promised gift card at the beginning and when I enrolled, I was told that I'm not eligible. Surprisingly, why they have not validated my eligibility while enrolling me.
2) They charged 38$ to my card on 23rd Jan and I called them to cancel my service effective from 1/26. They told me that they cannot return my money corresponding to remain billing period (i.e. 1/26 till 2/22)
3) I asked them to place cancelation of my services with future effective date and they told me that I need to call them again.
4) I told them to remove automatic payment method as I want to review the bill before my card is charged and they told me that it is not possible.

It appears that they want me to forget calling them on Feb 20th so that they can charge my card again and anyways, they don't have the process of returning the money for the time period not served

rebate never came even 18 months later still trying

Good luck, I've contacted the rebate team like 10 times still haven't received it even though they say they sent it. Now it's been over 18 months still nothing. this company is a joke. they just try to hook customers and then never send rebate. I just receive a generic response stating that my rebate was sent and to wait 15 days to receive it and it never comes. I contact customer service and they say to contact the rebate center. I contact the rebate centers email again and receive the same generic response every time. I just keep going in circles with no end in site. I try and call the rebate centers phone number and it's just a bunch of ads with ZERO way to talk to anyone. I literally spent over an hour. you should call it and see for yourself to see [protected]. I contact vonages customer service and they say they can't do anything and the supervisor says he can't do anything that I need to contact the rebate center. I explain the situation to them and they just tell me the same thing that they can't help me. Someone needs to file a class action lawsuit. I'm going to send all me info to channel 8 news because I'm not they only one I'm sure this has happened too. I'm not going to let this company take advantage of anymore people.

  • Sh
    Shaun R. Jan 10, 2018

    Hi Tim.

    I'd like to help. Do you still have the original rebate forms?

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Resolved deceitful customer service

On 10/11/17, I signed in for service with my checking account. I was not told there was a time frame to be activated between when using a credit card versus a checking account. I was offered a $25.00 visa card for signing up. When I called customer service on 10/12/17 to change the method of payment, the first account was cancelled, and I was told that I was an existing customer; therefore, I was not qualified for the $ 25.00. I don't understand the logic that I am not a new customer. I have not received an adapter. A new number is assigned; however, I cannot access the service yet.

What are the criteria of an existing customer?


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer's satisfaction.

  • Vonage's response · Oct 19, 2017

    We're sorry that you're having an issue. Please send an email to [email protected] and we will be more than happy to look into this for you.

poor customer service and refund policy

Gave a 1 year "reduced charge" for service. When the 1 year was up, without notification, doubled the charge for service to $34. When I called to cancel the account, was told cannot refund the charge. If you are going to use this company, make sure you keep track of the year and call before the billing date, otherwise the same thing is going to happen to you. Better yet, find another provider who is not as greedy.

cancelling service.

I ported my number over to Shaw on August 16. Vonage shut down my number on August 15. They charged my cc on August 18 for entire month. My anniversary day is every 15th of the month. Called them today on the 28th. They told me Shaw didn't inform them until 21st. Vonage refuses to refund the money. So, now I'm dealing with my cc company to get my money back. I'll keep you guys posted of the results.

Resolved vonage refuses to port my number to my new phone service

TWELVE days so far, 8/1 - 12th, spent trying to get Vonage to transfer my phone number. EVERY day on the phone for HOURS!!! My new service provider even did a conference call with them and me on the line. My new service provider called them many times having to WAIT the 20 - 30 minutes for someone to help them. Each time they say it will port over in "1 to 4 hours" ("or 2-3 days" yes, that's how they say it.) STILL NO PHONE SERVICE!
I was with Vonage for 17 yrs, $41 a month for a land line!
8/1 Vonage canceled my service per my request. The only thing happened is when people call my number they get a message saying it's been disconnected. Vonage REFUSES to put any other outgoing message or include my other number - so business lost. I've filed a complaint with the BBB and the FCC. They don't really care. They have 30 days to answer - NEVER work with Vonage!!!


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer's satisfaction.

  • Updated by Alex Anders · Aug 12, 2017

    Sorry, it was on the SEVENTH day (8/7) that I canceled my service thinking it would help. They have had SEVEN days to port my number over while my service with them was active, and SIX days since it's been canceled. It's ILLEGAL to hold a phone number, but they don't really give a rip.

  • Vonage's response · Aug 17, 2017

    Dear Alex Anders, ,

    In response to your recent comments on the Complaints Board website, I would like to speak with you regarding your experience with Vonage.

    We sincerely apologize about your issue with your service. It is my intention to get a personal account of your issue so that we may take the appropriate action to resolve it. Let me know if you are willing to allow me or a member of my Executive Response Team the opportunity to work with you. Please reply with your preferred method of contact - email address or phone number, as well as your account number, and we will reach out to you shortly.

    Thank you,
    Rachel F.
    Executive Response Team

  • Ch
    chonzik Oct 10, 2017
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I seem to be running into the same exact issue. I going to file with the state attorneys office if this is not resolved by tomorrow. If need be I will attempt to sue the company just based on the principle of it.

    Clark Honzik

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  • Pa
    Pam N Nov 15, 2017
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I also have been calling for 3 weeks to port my phone numbers! I am beyond frustration! Does anyone have an answer? No one at Vonage will help. I have spent hours on this issue.

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  • Ch
    chonzik Nov 16, 2017
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    @Pam N You have to stay on top of them. I eventually got them to let go of my number but I had to demand to speak with a supervisor and had to be extremely stern with them. Good Luck!

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chat help - if you call it that

I am VERY disappointed with your online help. I received a call from your chat help, first of all what he wa...

unauthorized credit card charge

Hey my name is Robert Elgin, I am an old man living at "14 Newport Dr
Columbia SC 29223"
Last month first week of April i got a microsoft blocking page with a phone number to call on my computer and i had to call that number as my computer froze..
when i called they said i have virus and hackers on my computer and asked me for money to fix that. They fixed my computer and charged me $419.99.
Later on i came to know its a scam as per told by my bank and saw it on television also.
I asked them for my money back and they refused.
I filed a dispute but they are fighting it back and refunding my money and broke my computer also.
I want you to immediately cancel their subscription and close their number so that they don't scam other people.
They have given me these two numbers.
[protected] and [protected].

i am going to complaint in BBB also against this guy David Wilson who scammed me.

The number to contact me back would be:- [protected].

Resolved voip phone service

Horrible service, worst customer service, disconnected departments, still thinking they are at monopoly and have right to exploit the customers, hidden charges, customer cheating, they disconnect on 1st day of month, charge for entire month for which no service provided.

They cheat you by putting terms and conditions in very small letter.taking your credit card # in advance and took money in many ways, they market and lure customers by 6 months promo and forcing customers to pay heavy price subsequently


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer's satisfaction.

  • Vonage's response · May 08, 2017

    This is the Executive Response team for Vonage. We are sorry to hear about your experience with our customer service. We will like the opportunity to discuss this matter with you. You can reach out to us on our Vonage Community in which one of our Executive Response team members will reach out to you directly in order to resolve your issue. Please visit our homepage:
    Thank you,
    Vonage ERT

voip phone service

Don’t ever do business with this horrible company, ever! When signing up for their business service 9 years ago, they cancelled all my listings in local phone books and said it was “per my request”! What? What company would ever want to cancel it’s phone book listings? That’s when i should have dropped them, but i didn’t. It only got worse. After negotiating a new rate plan with them 6 months ago, my phone bill was to be lowered by $85.00 per month. Now after 5 months they say i owe an additional $544.00 (Which includes late fees and charges) because they claim that rate fee reduction never happened, even though i have a recorded conversation of it. They now hold my number hostage until i pay $544.00. They are crooks!


they drop calls all the time. call to complain and cant understand them, not in America. I would not tell anyone to use this ### service. not professional don't speak English very well. all them do is read from they q cards on what to say. I give them a minus 10 for grade. request paper bills don't have but cheap labor. hope trump cleans it up.

Resolved scammers

I signed up for this service and they said I'll have to pay $15 per month. Seemed like a great deal, price was also nice. But for some reason when they charged billed me they took $40 instead of $15! I contacted them right away and asked what was going on. Their rep was very rude and nasty, he said that they changed my rate and that's why I was charged $40. I asked them to cancel my subscription but they refused to do that. Terrible service and support! I finally got rid of these scammers when I cancelled my card.


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer's satisfaction.

  • Vo
    Vonage Nov 14, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Hello Bersk83,
    This is the Executive Response team for Vonage. We are sorry to hear about your experience with our customer service. We will like the opportunity to discuss this matter with you. You can reach out to us on our Vonage community website in which one of our specialists will reach out to you directly in order to discuss this issue with you. Please visit our homepage:
    Thank you,
    Vonage ERT

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I was contacted to join vonage again in March. We had previously used their service but had canceled. WE do not use a land line often enough to warrant the cost.
The sales person offered a discount and a $50.00 gift card that would be sent to me after 3 months of payment had been made. I called and asked representative about this and was told I still needed one more month of payment and then it would be sent out.
Since then, I called and was told by an escalated employee that via email that I did not qualify and sales representatives do not have that authority to offer and complete offer, just to offer it.
After numerous attempts via email, no response to speaking with anyone, I am told I am not entitled to it and too bad for me. I even asked them to listen to recordings and showed them emails that were sent to me offering me the gift card if I came back to Vonage. Still no explanation other than it didn't apply to me.
I think they are the worst. Very worst. I hope this comment will hinder new customers and existing customers to question the business practices that this company uses. It is a fraudulent means of extraction and deceit on their part to the consumer.
They should have their license and business audited

unauthorized credit card charges & unethical behavior

Used Vonage internet phone service for more than 10 years while I was AD USAF. I recently retired and came back to US. Cancelled the Vonage phone service. They charged me $150 for the device that I bought with my own money at Osan AB, ROK about 10 years ago at local retail store and another $270 for next year service charge. I complained to Vonage and received email from them. The email stated they will refund the money but they never did. My bank stopped the payments. Now they are charging me another $25 for returned check fee. I send them the email from the Vonage customer service. I am extremely upset with Vonage.