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Vodafone Complaints & Reviews

Vodafone / unlogic increase in my monthly bill

sirenna Se on Sep 17, 2018

Dear Vodafone customer service, I have joined the red system few months ago and I was very interested with the benefits that I get and every month I was settling my bill with same amount approximately and consistent consumption, however last July I was shocked that my bill reached to...

Vodafone / bill (amount deducted by wrong)

Alaa Elkasheif on Sep 8, 2018

Dear, I am writing to you to raise an issue about bill error The issue that I have experienced was: What happened with step 1- I recharger my credit with amount 100 (EGP) at 9:43 (PM) 2- there is 32 (EGP) amount have been deducted for shokran services and the remaining amount was 63...

Vodafone / charging

Shaimaa aiaad on Aug 31, 2018

I found my credit 6 pounds less, when i called vodafone to know why, one employee said that i have subscribed in a music application, something went wrong with the connection so i called again, the other employee said that i have subscribed in play and win application and surely i didn't...

Vodafone / mobile network problem

Sanu Khan on Aug 29, 2018

sir hamare yha par network ki kafi problem he hamare yha par kisi bhi mobile me network nhi aata he cross ka chinh laga rehta he kafi mushkil hoti call karne me kahi dushri jagh jakar call karni padti hee .mere pure gao ye dikkat he agar kisi death ho jaye ya koi bemmar ho to ambulance ke...

Vodafone / postpaid packages and very bad customer service

Zaree on Aug 2, 2018

Four days ago I charged my wife's phone to make her a package(85 egp) and I entered the code and a message was sent to assure it. Then I realized that only 50 egp was taken to activate an old package. So I contacted customer service online and they didn't help, and went to the store and...

Vodafone / unethical behaviour/scam

Mostafa Zakaria on Aug 2, 2018

my problem is with Vodafone Egypt, the problem starts as I subscribed in an internet bundle that gives me 6000 MB by paying an amount of EGP 80 monthly, then later that day I downgraded the bundle as I discovered that starting next month I will not use that much GB each month, after I...

Vodafone / vodafone service

Louise Adels Adelstrand on Jul 26, 2018

I have been a customer in Marbella, Spain since early 2016 with Vodafone. I have been over charged every month by 12euro for internet which I have by another company and for a phone line I never asked for and never was in use. Plus the bills never add up. I am quite sure I have complained...

Vodafone / vodafone cheated

subhashsharma on Jul 23, 2018

Vodafone is cheating people by offering 3 months plan with bla bla for Rs. 559. How : If you recharge for anything in between, your Rs. 559 is gone and you will end up writing them and their reply would be like this is how we make money. They also claim that you made a mistake so face it...

Vodafone / adsl vodafone. /customer service vodafone

Manal Fouad on Jul 21, 2018

كلمت شركه فودافون النهارده لابلاغهم ان الخط اتغير من نحاس الي فيبر للاسف رد عليا شخص بلغني ان الموضوع بياخد أسبوع ويخليه في احسن الاحوال 4 أيام تقريبا الوقت في الشركه دي ما لوش اي اهميه كأننا في العصر الحجري بالليل اتكلمت تاني علشان قلت ممكن يكون في شخص اكتر حرفيه اتكلم معاه للاسف بلغني ان أصلا...

Vodafone / no network

Tirkit Taal on Jul 17, 2018

Hello Madam/Sir, I am Chintan, I have vadafone prepaid Connection, hope I am a valuable customer for your company. But I am not getting the benefit. I have network problem in my residence. Means my call is disconnected and in another situation I am not able to make any call because of...

Vodafone / my invoice vodafone egypt

Ahmed abdel tawab on Jul 16, 2018

My company"QHD" contracted with vodaphone for some numbers. Vodaphone charging me for massages I didn't send. They charge me according to a massage coming from "7785" this massage says "your are submitted in our service. You will be charged 1pound daily. To cancel the service send a...

Vodafone / vodafone egypt

Ahmed ZAher on Jul 3, 2018

My Vodafone Egypt number didn't work today all day long I cant call customer service I cant Call any b body I searched for Vodafone branch and I went to the branch in Sheratom Elmatar He told me the system is not working in all braches even didn't accept to contact me to customer service I...

Vodafone / vodafone egypt - bad customer care - staff misleading - corporate lines

Zohny on Jul 3, 2018

Dear Vodafone CEO / Complaints Manager,   account number: 5.26946.100000 Account Reference: 00201022600003 I am contacting you to express my frustration with your organisation as there has been no response to my complaint.  I had a serious & critical issue with Vodafone Egypt   We are really...

Vodafone / new phone number

Mahmoud Abdelmoneim on Jun 19, 2018

Dear sir I have a big problem with Vodafone Egypt sine 5 days ago actually in 14 of June I went to Vodafone shop in Carfour Madi - Cairo location get anther number in addition to my current number same account and after I paid the money the phone work fine for 1 day and then the activation...

Vodafone / poor customer service - bad network

Soad Hawary on Jun 18, 2018

First, you can't call 2828 a customer service ( can't deal with customers - ignorant - can't solve an ABC problem ), I made complains and each month we are back to square one . Second, i have been using vodafone for 15 years but let me gladly inform you that vodafone had been able to lose all...

Vodafone / customer service

Keredios on Jun 17, 2018

Hi This is may complain numb 27540790802 Four days ago nothing happend. I called a few days ago someone answerd my call but all i heard was ( stop joking youssif ) then he hangup i called i called again youssif answerd i told him to make a complain for his team mate who answerd me first next i...

Vodafone / employee behavior

Keredios on Jun 10, 2018

Hi Yasterday at1:02 am egypt locale time someone took my call but didn't say any thing he was acually joking with his friend (first person said stop joking youssif second person said these are son of [censored] custome) that's all I heard then he hangout. I called again some one called...

Vodafone / billing and customer service

Avinash Gv on Jun 5, 2018

First of all I was sold bad. I am told I will get 3 months of television total for free but no I was billed for that. Every month my invoice is higher. After 3 months of disappointment service, I cancelled the television service to make sure I stick to Internet only, which was supposed to...

Vodafone / poor customer service and limited working hours to serve

Mkamel 311 on Jun 1, 2018

First of All I am another mobile operator First Class Customer It has been long time to deal with Vodafone And coming to end up this relation soonest by transferring my lines to my loyal other operator 1st I paid the amount needed for my two lines 01066664242 and 01099994242 at new Cairo...

Vodafone / prepaid

xieulw on May 28, 2018

I was loaned a sim card by a friend so I would not arrive in Spain without access to data for my GPS. I purchased an additional plan with 2G data for 10 Euro online at Vodafone Espana. When I arrived I called to check the data balance to be sure I would not run out and find myself lost...