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As a Telus customer for almost a year, I am very unhappy to say that my phone has consistently been giving me a lot of problems with reception, battery life, display problems, and sometimes I don't even receive calls or messages. When I called Telus on Tuesday July 4, 2006 for the first time, I was put of hold for 15 minutes until I finally hung up. Later that day I called again and talked to another representative, Carol. I told her the problem that I was having and explained that I had already sent the phone to be repaired once before with the same problems recurring.

This cellular phone is under warranty and I am regretting having a Telus phone, I would like someone to review this complaint. As a paying client, I feel as if my concerns are not taken seriously, please get back to me with respect to this urgent matter. If I did not need the use of a cellular phone, I would not have purchased one, I am a very, very unhappy customer.



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Feb 11, 2019 5:55 pm

I called Telus customer service to cancel the service and they put me on hold for 4 minutes. After waiting for 62 minutes i hang up. This totally unacceptable. What right consumers has to cancel the service.

Sep 18, 2018 9:07 am

We were a customer of Telus, paid off all of our devices.

I have been attempting to unlock all of our paid-off devices and 3rd party unlocking services are telling us that Telus has not released them.

have contacted Telus repeatedly, and get promises of a response but that is all.

Sep 05, 2018 8:32 pm

My fiber cable internet suddenly stopped working and after spending 4 hours over the first 3 days trying to get someone to repair all they can do is give me a date 2 weeks from problem. My business depends on internet. I am loosing hundreds everyday because telus will not hire enough people to service problems.

Aug 20, 2018 4:28 pm

on friday the 16 of march i received a phone call from this number [protected] i am a fido customer but a telus provider font took over my phone meaning the fido on my phone was replaced for about ten minutes my phone did not work properly, number was not assigned, do you guys not regulate these things how about contacting the crtc thomas

Dec 19, 2017 8:22 am
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Seems its not just a one off but numerous complaints listed on internet. Telus does not realize it takes lots of people to build a business but if they dont care for customers it will not take long to destroy their business

Dec 18, 2017 4:55 pm

I would like to make a comment on your service, I phoned to talk to someone regarding some issues with my account, I know that there is a wait and I would normally expect it but 2 hours is just ridiculous. I have been with telus for probably close to 30 years and this honestly makes me question your service and if I should even stay with telus. Very frustrating to say the least. I believe service should be at the top of the list for any company.

Aug 08, 2017 3:59 pm
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Sir or Madam:

I am a military officer and worked in CTC Rocky as Canteen Officer. I went to Safeway and purchased phone cards but was issued Telus top up cards.

I purchased 20 for our cadets and when the error was noted Safeway contacted Telus to see if they would refund the $210 so we could purchase the right cards.

BUT Telus says the cadets are out $210. You would expect from a large corporation like Telus they would have compassion.

You have moved into Manitoba and I will be telling my friends the way we were treated.

I usually say thank you for your assistance but you will not assist us.

Dave lassell

Nov 05, 2008 6:01 pm


My name is Melissa, I live in St. John's, Newfoundland. About a year and a half ago I purchased an LG Chocolate phone from Telus Mobility on a 3 year plan. Along with the phone I also purchased the Blue Tooth Headphones and accessories. I have to say that I loved the phone, It did everything that I wanted and worked perfect... At first.

About 10 months into using the phone it started to loose battery very quickly. I brought it into Telus and they told me to come back if I continued to have problems. SO the problems persisted, and actually got worse. It got to the point that If I were to make or receive just one phone call it would begin to go dead, not matter how long I've had it charging for. I then brought it into Telus again, and by this time my "1 year warranty" was over, They fooled around with it to make it better and once again said if I had any problems bring it in again. By this time I was sick of bringing it in so I just dealt with it. I kept the phone plugged in when I was home (as it was my only phone, I didn't have a home phone) and I just hoped that If anything happened while I was out that the phone would last long enough to call someone. Then one night I went to plug in my phone and it didn't work, not one bit. The phone was completely useless because it wouldn't charge. For the third time I had to bring it into Telus (If they had to fix it the first time when I still had my warranty it would have been fine) the man checked it with another charger and found it was the phone that was broken, not the charger. The only options I was given were to send it away to LG and pay for it out of my own pocket, buy a battery (which may not have worked anyway) or buy a new phone at full price.

As I have been a loyal customer of Telus for the last 6 years or so I couldn't believe that because my 1 year warranty was over (even though I still had a year and a half left on my contract, and I DID bring the phone in before the one year warranty but was turned away) They could do next to nothing for me. I was basically told that it's not their problem, It's LG's.

I did have to phone the main headquarters and I was given a Samsung phone, for $50.00, that now cuts in and out, and has nothing that my other phone had. The headphones that I payed for are now useless, the phone I have now is nothing near the LG chocolate phone, It doesn't even have a camera!

I just find it ridiculous that I payed good money for that phone (even on a 3 year contract) and now there is nothing that can be done for me only to have to pay for a phone that is nothing compared to what I payed for in the beginning. I guess I assumed that if I was paying that much for a phone with a 3 year contract that the phone would actually work for 3 years!

This is very poor customer service on LG's part and Telus' part. Even though I like LG phones (when they work) and I like the pricing of Telus and the phone service (not customer service) I will not be bothering with either in the future, because why be a loyal customer if your not going to get loyalty back.

Sep 03, 2007 12:00 am

For those of you folks who read this, primarily in Canada and some few places in the U.S., if you are running Vista stay away from Telus as an ISP. I tried them and it took four phone calls to their support before anyone would even tell me this little tidbit. Their startup disk will not run on Vista so you have to have them walk you through the setup. Good luck! They screwed up my mail service like you wouldn't believe. It was always a guessing game as to whether or not mail went out or came in. Sometimes you found it in their app and sometimes in Windows Mail. Some messages sent over Telus ended up in the Mail inbox and some in the Mail sentbox. And their tech support attitude is that it is the user that is always wrong...never their app. Beware!

May 08, 2008 8:22 am

Absolutely the worst company I have ever had the misfortune to deal with.

1. 8 weeks to connect our telephone service - 8 weeks of frustrating fighting with the automated answer service, different CSR different story each time.

2. Being told we would not be charged for the first month due to our bad experience but, surprise, not only receiving bill but bill includes several charges for items Telus had never discussed with us - various "protection" charges - what are they, the Mafia.

3. Fast dial-up - ha hilarious - it is so brain crushingly slow as to render it unusable. I pay for the internet service and still have to go to the local library to use the internet if I actually want to do any work.

4. Worst of all - I don't have any consumer choice, they are the only provider in my area so I cannot take my business elsewhere as I could when I lived in the city. There is an option to go wireless with a company in town but it is obscenely expensive.

I don't think I expect much as a customer - reliable service, decent customer service, at a reasonabl and fair price. You won't get any of that at Telus.

Apr 28, 2012 5:15 am

Worst service I have ever delt with. It all started when I initially signed up with telus. I received my PVR Digital TV Box. Everything went gret untill I realised that the box they gave me was not the box they promised. They advertise the PVR to record pause and play live TV. The box they gave me did not work! When I called to complain about my box not working and did I mention I was on hold for an hour and it took the CSR 2 hours to figure out what the problem wass. I was eventually told that the box did not have recording capabilities. WHAT! Then why am I paying as much as a customer who has recording/pausing capabilities?! Telus told me that that's how it is. I Requested a new box and instead of apologizing to me they insisted that I give them all my information because they did not believe that they were talking to the account holder. Why do I NEED to give them my drivers licence, SIN # and credit card again! They have all that info! So after arguing on the phone with them about the problem they came up with the idea to charge me a reinstallation fee of $150, plus a service fee for $50 dollars to bring out a new WORKING box! This was just outrageous to me! I told them they can count on me NEVER doing business with TELUS AGAIN!

Oct 11, 2009 12:01 am

as of Oct. 9th 2009. I payed 300.00 dollars to TELUS MOBILITY. and they said that I would have to pay 250.00 dollars to get my phone back spoke to a woman that said that she was the manager. BUT! when I spoke to Juan! he said. and I QUOTE "There is no manager to speak with" So I am very upset that Telus would let me down like this...As I have been with them since 1998. Why would they want to screw a costomer that has been with them for eleven years?

May 06, 2008 12:26 pm

We live in Alberta and switched our phone service from Telus to Shaw, years ago - as soon as we were able (the customer service at Telus is awful!). I am not sure how many years ago, but maybe about 4 years. We closed our account (no contract) and had no amounts owing.

Yesterday we got a bill from Telus - 51.79 for a "closed account" and no other details. When we phoned we were told that this fee has been assessed to us for closing our account with Telus. Years ago. There were no services offered, just a random unbased charge that this corporation has decided to charge. Any one else have this experience or any suggestions on how to complain about this action? I've already filed with the BBB.

Jun 15, 2011 1:29 am
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Recently i have been charged over $17 from text messages received from Textchallengetriviagameservices and I am asking you to stop sending and charging me $2 per message immediately... Also i am asking you to for a refund for all the $2 fees charged on my phone since the beginning of June 2011... I have already called Telus Mobility and I have been advised to write to you immediately giving a code # 84040 and if i do not get a refund back or do get additional charged messages on my phone in the future... I am planning to take legal action against that Textchallengetriviagameservices website ...

So i am asking for a full refund of all the fees charged on my phone immediately totalling over $17.00 and want you to STOP charging me for those messages... I have never authorized you to do that so please do stop.


Rosia Doucette

Dec 08, 2013 5:20 pm
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I need to post a few enquiries about repairs on our telephone line on a good forum. I hope posting it here helps. Our apartments office phone is phone number is [protected]. We are a not for profit housing co-operative at 11027, 109 Street, Edmonton and the phone number is a telus account. When accessing the link to check for internet availability, we are told that internet is not available. I cannot get any further than that. I suspect that Telus have found the line to be old and defective. Perhaps they have decided that our not for profit status means that we cannot pay for the repair. We have the money for such repairs and until Telus repair the line we cannot get internet. If it means purchasing Telus Services to get the line repaired that is fine but we need to get moving on this.

Nov 15, 2010 6:53 pm

My daughter lost her phone while running around the neighbourhood. So I call Telus who I know for a fact can find a phone within a dozen or so feet. But no they won't tell me. I am the account holder. Why not?

For the love of God Wind mobile come to Halifax to save me from these evil doers.

Aug 06, 2010 7:23 pm
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On July 9th my wife and I went to our Mobility [Telus Apex] agent in coquitlam B.C., and said we wanted a new phone as the one they sold me for christmas present, had been in for repairs 4 times. My agent John said he would phone in to Telus to arrainge it. At 2pm on July he made the call. A guy named Nicolus on the other end, said that John Hadden called Customer loyalty, until now, and put arepair tracter on the repair. John said We use Future Tel. So Nicolus said, U did it wrong and it doesn, t show on my screen, so I can, t help the telus customer. So John got mad and after 45 minutes, on the phone, Nicolus said, Well I can help you if they take another 3yr., contract? John told Nicolus, that was not the way to treat SENIORS, or 15yr., customers. Nicolus said take it or leave it? Ithink that is the poorest service, I, ve ever Had. Itold them the most I should have is a 2yr., contract.Its Bad to ROB SENIORS, Bill &Maureen acc.#[protected]

Mar 18, 2012 2:03 am

I recently switched from Rogers to Telus in January 2012.
Since then I have had numerous problems with my bill.
Upon activating my phone, the guys at BestBuy needed to activate two numbers as the server froze the first time. They did not fix this over at Telus HQ, so i got billed not one, but TWO Activation fees and service charges.
They took it off my bill for THAT MONTH, however now it remains on my bill constantly.
They keep saying they will change it and never do.

Now, this month they are charging me for data I didn't use (but moreso transferred the data charges from my last bill onto this one, which I already paid for). I can prove this, because I turned OFF my mobile packet data several days ago, when it was still 35 mb off my limit.

I'm not sure how to get Telus to finally do their job and serve me, a PAYING CLIENT properly.

I need help!
I cannot afford messups as a student!

Jun 09, 2011 7:25 pm
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My contract with telus was over. and 1 month after my contract was done.. they took all the features off and started billing me for calls after 6pm... and they notified me that i should have been aware of that i would lose my evenings and weekends free option once my contract was done. I had no clue that thats how they had worked.. over a hundred dollars, they sent my file to collections.. i did pay the usage charges but left the 100 dollars for evenings and weekend usage for dispute.. NO MANAGER CALLED ME.. NO ONE CALLED AND THEY SENT MY FILE TO COLLECTIONS.. SO UPSET

Nov 03, 2011 8:45 pm

i was suppose to get a hook up on oct 26th 2011 for home phone and internet, they switched the service date without notifying me for oct 27th 2011. Service for oct 27th was not done due to technition stating he was there for noon, we were home until 1pm. he did not show. nov 1st 2011 was suppose to be a hook up, Telus sent out a tech from a different town when there were service tech in our town that could be there to help. He did NOT know what he was doing ( even told my fiance that) wasted our time. nov 2nd hooked up our home phone and internet worked for ONE night. Then on Nov 3rd everything STOP working, not sure why, but they screwed up and keep screwing up(even admitted it over the phone) then tells me i will have to wait another day (probably for them to screw up some more)I am pregnant. due any day and can not get in touch with fiance while im visiting the family. Also he cannot find work due to having to switch the phone number on resume twice from Telus's screw ups. WORST COMPANY ever. Recommended for stress and frusteration and not getting the jobs done.

Nov 08, 2010 11:40 pm

I hate these guys. I signed up for high speed internet and the technician came over 2 weeks ago. right after that I noticed my internet constantly disconnects yet the lights on my modem remains on. I called them a dozen times in a span of about 1.5 weeks, every single day. a technician finally came, but did not fix it at all and the problems continue happening. the technician gave me his cell number to call him again if the problems continue, ok good. so I called him again, he said he'll run some tests for me and call me back. 3 days later no call back, nothing.

I went to live chat and was disconnected a gazillion times due to the internet problem I was having, so I tried calling them again. got passed around like a hot potato and wasted 100 minutes on my cellphone plan (fido) cause I got put on hold like a million times. finally a guy came on and I told him if he doesn't fix my internet by monday I'll cancel service and bring my business elsewhere (probably shaw). he said there's no need for that... just need to isolate the problem and fix it. so after like an hour of him telling me to reset the modem, restart my computer etc etc etc it still doesn't fix the problem. so he put me through to this lady in another province, and she was all like "i am 95% sure its the modem" and she said how first thing monday she'll call me and set me up for a new modem. she even said how she noted it on her calender and she'll call me first thing after she comes in on monday.

today is monday, 4pm. no call.
I'm done with telus, they are so full of [censored]. and I'm not paying the $31 that they are charging me. my credit is already bad so I really have nothing to lose by not paying.

and another thing, their support are so f'king useless. I asked whether a phone jack extension cord would slow down the internet connection and one guy said no, and then asked another guy and he said for sure it will. ? are they just guessing? and then I asked whether the problem is with the modem or not, first guy said no its with the network or a problem with my computer. then of course the last lady I spoke to said she was 95% sure it was the modem. unbelievable. their support and so called technicians are just as unreliable as their stupid internet. damn

i have called telus for my phone service they said would cost me 41 a month the said my phone would be in tomorrow .well that is not going to happen they want a deposite thay i do not have .i am sick and need my home phone .i tryed to explain this to the jerk on the phone that i am on a fixed income that i can pay my bill but dont have money for deposites .he wouldnt let me talk just kept cutting me off .and i told him would you let me talk .so i told him again that i cannot pay a deposit he said well i guess you have no phone then right .I have wrote the head office 2 times already and never get an ans they wont pass me to a manager or anything .they are rude and are in need of people skills .inthe mean time i am left with no phone .i have heart palpations asthma and diabetic .and the will not give me my phone what happens if i pass out no phone .what can i do now .Theresa Leblanc

Mar 19, 2013 2:56 pm
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So, I get hit with overages on local minutes and long distance. I call Telus and am told that since I am not on a long distance plan that in I have to pay local minutes and long distance charges on a incoming long distance call @ $0.45/minute. Now this seems shady to me because they are charging long distance fees on both ends of the call. You really are forced into a long distance plan. The hit to local minutes also seems like a cash grab. Basically I was paying $0.90/minute on my end (local and long distance overage fees). This added to the fees the originator was also paying it is no wonder providers are always posting huge profits. This seems excessive to me.

Apr 24, 2012 9:26 am

Looking for Service with shaw I have amazing offers for customers that wish to leave telus please call [protected]

Jul 20, 2016 6:32 am

When I signed up with telus - I got there 'top of the line' phone at the time. It broke down within the first month and I got it fixed under warranty. It broke down 11 months later (just after my warranty), and I brought it in and the younger person in the store said they had 'huge issues with this phone and the software was ###'. But when I called to get it fixed for free, they would not take any responsibility. The best answer I got was 'the phones are massed produced, you got to expect a defect'. However, it was there best phone at the time.

After a long and pointless fight with customer service, I got a new phone. 2 months later, it broke down again. Wow! They have taken absolutely no ownership, and for a firm that hides behind a good environmental image, they do not seem to be concerned with all the crap cell phones which are breaking down and going to the dump.

Also, my bills are often extremely high for ridiculous hidden charges. My text messages never go through on weekends since there 'network gets clogged up' so I have missed many important messages.

Many of my friends have had similar experiences with Telus.

My advice - stay far far away!


Jul 08, 2008 9:05 pm

I moved back from Alberta to Newfoundland and had a Telus telephone and internet service while in Alberta. after my move, i contacted Telus telling them to close my account. They said i had to pay a $648 fee for early disconnect and for a computer i received from them. I did not receive a computer from Telus and in regards of signing a 3 year contract with them i am not aware of doing it. I asked them to investigate the problem and the final word i received is that they cannot track or do a check on where the computer went or who signed for it so as far as they are concerned i must have it. Well i don't have it and neither did i receive it. Now they have sent me to a collection agency wanting me to pay for a service and product that i never received. Beware... seems that if Telus sends or say they send you something and even if you don't receive it... guess what your still liable... hard to believe that they have no way of tracking their product or having a way to check and see if, when and who signed for their product.

Aug 26, 2008 10:26 am

in october 2006 i was sold internet service for $15.95 with no extra costs. i asked about the condition of having long distance or a cell phone with telus and was told it would be waived. as a result i said i would like it. the first billing said i ordered high speed enhanced and was billed for this and a long distance plan of $4.95. many phone calls and months later i was still billed for the long distance and the price was still incorrect. telus will not remedy this situation for nearly 2 years and now has once again changed my plan costs and billed me incorrectly. my internet has ceased to function yet my access and emails to telus have been frustrated. i have paid what i agreed to pay for nearly 2 years yet service has been on a one-sided basis with telus chaniging and only their notes are in the file. my assertation on what was agreed to, what i agreed to pay, terms of the agreement have been only telus's official policy despite their own words that the terms ggiven me were incorrect. the person selling and olrdering the service is no longer with telus due to irregularities inb their actions at telus.

Nov 02, 2010 11:39 pm

Our son had a two year contract with Telus beginning on June 17th of 2008. It is now November 2010 and we are still receiving his Telus bills here. I have tried a couple of times to call (and Telus has to have the VERY WORST MENU to get to customer service I have ever witnessed) to explain that our son is no longer a resident in this country and his contractual obligations are complete--as of June 17th 2010. They insist that unless I have his P.I.N. (which he has long forgotten) he will have to call them. I have tried to explain that that will not happen and I am only trying to save them the expense of billing. I also challenged them to try and collect or threaten court action. I believe the court would accept the signed, dated contract that there was no obligation on our son's behalf after June of 2010 (He did pay a bill of 165.00 for July and August of 2010 before his departure). In my last call to someone named "Eric" at Telus I explained that as far as I was concerned they could remove him or from here on I will simply return the bills to them unopened.
This has to be the most unprofessional and unresponsive telecommunications experience I have ever had and I welcome competition for these laclustre and annoying companies like Telus.
I am deeply appreciative that I do not (nor will I ever) deal with Telus. They have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that they have no concept of providing customer service.

May 11, 2011 2:39 pm

Like everyone who recently got their Telus bill and was dismayed to find that the Internet price had been raised (even if it was $2 it's the point of the matter) that you can contact the Commissioner for Complaints for Telecommunications Services (CCTS) in Ottawa to file a complaint with them.

This morning I received a reply from the CCTS informing me that my 'complaint falls within the scope of our mandate and will be processed in accordance with the Procedural Code'.

If enough people act upon this we may be able to turn around Telus' increase and put them in their place by honoring previous agreements they made with their customers.

The more complaints the better chance we have in quashing Telus' bogus increase to customers that they promised that the price would remain as is.

A number of months ago, I was having all sorts of Internet problems (very slow speed, signal drops) and had enough of Telus's service. I called to voice my displeasure and was told by their Rep who I spoke with that they would drop my Internet price and it would remain that same price for 'as long as I remained with Telus for Internet service'. I asked to verify 'No Increase?' and was told no increase.

Basically they lied to me.

May 03, 2011 11:20 pm

I ordered the Internet Service back in December 2009 when I moved to apartment in Vancouver. First month I got my bill correct with no problem.From the second month until December 2010 (date I closed the account) they charged me with TELEPHONE - LAND LINE Service which I never have! Never have home phone and never plug land line cable whatsoever. I called them millions times up to this date. And they never changed. Sometimes I got fed up and did not bother at all. But I know I have to straighten this up. Until one day the called me for overdue payment and I explained to the last person which the most cooperative staff so far I've been spoke with; and explained to him about what is going on. He seemed nice and he said he will forward this to the higher officer to figure out why I got charged for phone line. But until this day I never receive anything or heard anything back from TELUS besides e-bill statement that asking me to pay full amount that did not change and still have the phone line charges. Its insane! Not to mention the scream and yelled that I got from the phone owner that I try to phoned couples times to cooperate with me and ask if they receive bill for their phone line, cause I've been getting theirs...
It's totally drain my energy and mind to figure things out.
Please consider this before you sign up with TELUS. I hope this doesn't happen to anyone else. AND if TELUS staff read this. Please get this over with... aren't we have something else better to deal with in this life?!? *sigh!*

May 28, 2008 3:48 pm

I am very fed up with this stupid company. I have faulty bills (overcharged), bad service the entire time I have been a customer. Last year I agreed to go on high speed internet with them with an incentive of a $100 amex giftcard. I was told to go online to redeem the card and it would be sent to me via mail. Of course, not suprised, it never came. This was last august. Since then I have called them quite a number of times and finally now, 9 months later I have been offered a discount off my internet totalling $100 but will still have to pay a cancellation fee and pay out of my contract even though the original promise was not honored.
This is just an example, one of many things that is driving me nuts with this crap company.
I agree with another poster here that "the Future is definatly not friendly!"

Nov 13, 2009 3:53 pm

I purchased a Telus cell phone and I activiated the phone on line. I purchased a pay as you go account but since I had given my credit card information Telus has decided to charge me the maximum allowable costs. I had registered to be notifiedn of when I need to add more funds to the account but Telus decided to do it at an extra ordinary rate for me

As well, I spent 2 hours on the phone with thier callcentre and was sent up to their support team - a Melissa disconnected the phone and a simone had absolutley no idea what she was speaking about - in fact I believe they keep you on the phone just to frustrate you

Simone says - I understand how frustrated you are - she is paid to do this and does not know at all what she is doing - this is the responsibiity of Telus

Jun 10, 2009 11:24 am

2 words for TELUS: NEVER AGAIN!
Communication should be removed from their name.

Talked me into getting the "FREE" for a limited time bundle, said I could cancel at any time, then when I tried to cancel they would not respond to emails and would put me on hold for long periods of time and then disconnect the calls. This happened to me repeatedly over a 5 month time frame.
Today I called and spoke to 4 different people, going throught the whole issue over and over only to get hung up on (after an hour of being on the phone.) This includes "Supervisors-who are always busy according to the phone reps. They disconnect too. They will ask you redundant questions (to appear as though they are trying to solve the problem) such as asking you to repeat your account information; they even asked me for my phone number several times-ha! Then you are transferred and put on hold again & again.
By the way it took them 5 months to remove the bundle($41/month) and I never was reimbursed for this. I just can't face the thought of trying to get my money back...I've wasted too much time already.
I consider myself to be a calm & rational person when dealing with problems and have never experienced such immature business practices before in my life.

(For the record this is the only bad review I've ever you can see how steaming mad I am about this.)

May 29, 2008 7:29 pm

My husband and I had 3 different cell phone accounts with Telus Mobility. Although we paid regularly on our accounts we had an unfortunate lack of income as my husband is truck driver. Even though we called Telus "customer service? to report our misfortune and make other arrangements for payment, it fell upon deaf and arrogant ears. Telus cancelled our service and now we are being constantly harrassed by a collection agency. We are being forced to pay for the remaining period of the contracts on each phone.

We tried to cancel our contracts but the company just told us that we signed the contract, we owe them and too bad for us. For heaven's sake, even Ontario Hydro gave us a helping hand so that we could get back on our feet, but not Telus. The Hydro company even told me that we had an excellent payment record and that she could do something for me. It amounted to some added interest but that was fine by us.

NOW we are receiving threatening phone calls from a credit agency and of course our credit rating has taken a dive.

To anyone reading this message, PLEASE DO NOT SIGN A CONTRACT WITH TELUS UNLESS YOU KNOW YOUR FUTURE IS SAFE FOR THE NEXT THREE YEARS ! We did not know that we would have some unfortunate problems with income for a short time, enough to mess up all of our bills and please give this a really big think before you do sign up. Just because Telus offers phones for free, believe me, they come at a price !

Oct 21, 2009 3:28 pm

Telus is the worst, most poorly equipped phone company. Not only they don't have the latest and greatest but their stupid phones all have changed menus to their incredibly ugly telus menu icons, they just could not be worse. Phones are poor, selection is poor. Service is expensive. Customer service is extremely unhelpful. AND MOST OF ALL, BEWARE OF SAMSUNG PHONES, not only from Telus but in general, they are the ugliest, most counterintuitive, user unfriendly, crappy, disfunctional, slow phones this planet has ever seen. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me they say... I will not be fooled twice, no more samsung, no more Telus! THEY BOTH SUCK BIG TIME!

Oct 27, 2010 12:03 pm

Several weeks ago, I decided to switch to Shaw after many years of being an unhappy Telus customer. Upon cancelling my service, I was surprised to learn that I would be charged a $120 fee for breaking my contract even though my contract should have expired several months prior.

Let me explain...

I entered my most recent three-year contract with Telus in spring 2006. In February 2010, soon after a Telus agent "tweaked" my service to save me about a dollar a month, I received a friendly letter from Telus thanking me for locking in to a new three-year term.

I called customer service, where a friendly female agent insisted she didn't know why a new contract would have been initiated. She assured me she'd remove the three-year obligation from my account.

Imagine my frustration when I was suddenly charged $120 for breaking a contract that I was assured didn't exist!

Several calls to customer service went nowhere. Neither did my first chat with a agent in "Loyalty and Retention."

But it was my second call to L&R that truly revealed how little Telus respected me as a customer.

After reviewing "every phone call I'd ever made to Telus, " the gentleman stated matter-of-factly that there was no record of the call I'd made to protest the new contract. He did, however, see quite clearly that I'd entered a three-year contract in February and would have been told so at the time (I wasn't).

It seemed convenient, I replied, that the only phone call he couldn't find on my extensive file was the one that would corroborate my story. He said nothing. I expressed my frustration and asked if he was basically saying, "Telus wins and you lose." His reply? "Well, I wouldn't use those exact words. But . . ."

I sent a letter to CEO Darren Entiwstle and to Telus customer service. No replies from either. Then, the other day, I received a letter form a collections agency. Nice.

At Telus, the future may be friendly but they sure as heck ain't

the disconneced my phone wanted money for using theweb browsing when it was free after four days the phone was reconnect i was miss lead and should be not heald on the three year contract but month to month and afree phone

Oct 17, 2010 4:12 pm
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I have been a long time customer of Telus Mobility. I had a great plan on my phone but of course if I wanted to update my phone I had to change my plan. I was willing to do this for one reason only. I was offered a great plan at a great price. Well I guess if it's sounds to good to be true it must be.
The new plan I was offered was thru customer loyalty and retention because customer care couldn't help me. My old plan included unlimited internet which Telus doesn't offer anymore. Well the new offer was 6 gigs of data along with a variety of other add ons for less then a 100.00 dollars per month.
I went in yesterday to buy a new phone, these phones were on back order and couldn't be purchased before then. I purchased the HTC Desire. Well first they didn't want to give me the 6 gigs because the offer expired but after telling them to just forget the sale and my signing a new contract they decided to give it to me. This took about an hour. Then I was quoted a price for everything offered in the new plan of 89.36/mth. Well after the papers are signed and the phone transfer complete they are charging me 125.00/mth for the same services I was quoted at a lower price. Whatever happened to the benefit of the doubt going in the customer's favor. Whatever happened to standing behind your word. I am not impressed with the service. And even after talking with Loyalty and Retention they are saying that's not what they said or maybe I just picked a price. Well I didn't pick a price it was quoted to me from a loyalty service rep.

Posted By: Karma69

Oct 01, 2007 12:00 am

Telus is THE worst company in the world. You wouldn't believe the stuff I've been through with this company. Now I believe I'm known as a 'problem' customer and the CSR's are rude to me from the very beginning of the calls. I'm also quite certain that because of my triads some of the CSR's have 'sabotaged' or else their CSR software is horrible. I got into a big fight with them recently because my credit card expired and they shut down my account. They don't ever give you notice by the way. They left a message in the afternoon and then shut down the account several hours later. I got into a fight with them about the reconnection fee (a cash grab by the way - they have to press a button basically). They finally charged me for it and lo and behold two months later, they still have the old credit card number on their computers and the same problem occurred this month, and they were about to disconnect the phone again. I'm so dependent on my phone for my business I can't get away from Telus but now I think I have to. As I am writing this, I have been waiting on the phone for over an hour for customer support. If you're thinking about purchasing a TELUS phone -- DON'T!

Oct 15, 2010 1:22 pm

I have been a long time customer of Telus Mobility. I had a great plan on my phone but of course if I wanted to update my phone I had to change my plan. I was willing to do this for one reason only. I was offered a great plan at a great price. Well I guess if it's sounds to good to be true it must be.
The new plan I was offered was thru customer loyalty and retention because customer care couldn't help me. My old plan included unlimited internet which Telus doesn't offer anymore. Well the new offer was 6 gigs of data along with a variety of other add ons for less then a 100.00 dollars per month.
I went in yesterday to buy a new phone, these phones were on back order and couldn't be purchased before then. I purchased the HTC Desire. Well first they didn't want to give me the 6 gigs because the offer expired but after telling them to just forget the sale and my signing a new contract they decided to give it to me. This took about an hour. Then I was quoted a price for everything offered in the new plan of 89.36/mth. Well after the papers are signed and the phone transfer complete they are charging me 125.00/mth for the same services I was quoted at a lower price. Whatever happened to the benefit of the doubt going in the customer's favor. Whatever happened to standing behind your word. I am not impressed with the service. And even after talking with Loyalty and Retention they are saying that's not what they said or maybe I just picked a price. Well I didn't pick a price it was quoted to me from a loyalty service rep.


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