Steak 'n Shakeservice

After a long day all a family wants to do is eat their dinner and connect with each other. Tonight was no different. My husband my Mom and I went to our local S&S to do just that. There were maybe 10 tables taken, three servers, yet we waited almost 15 minutes to be seated. Because we frequently eat here we all knew what. we wanted. Husband goes to the restroom, Mom goes to the restroom... still no server. Fifteen minutes go by and a server walks by and says, "She'll be right with you guys. I thought she was following me out." Another 10 minutes goes by and she finally comes to get our order. She puts the pad on the table and begins to write out our order. At least another 15 minutes goes by before we get our drinks.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Marion, AL My husband and I order chili deluxe with our order. That came out another 10 minutes later. Then 10 minutes later our food. (Which mine was wrong, just like EVERY time I order it. Even though I'm always specific when I order it) When the server delivered food she placed the tray on the table, which I held so that our food didn't fall on the floor. ZERO check backs, drinks sat empty for 20 minutes. When we motioned for our server to come back so we could get drinks she said she would be there in a minute... she never did return. I used to work for steak n shake... this store and buy the looks of the reviews ALL of them need retrained. No more than 3 minutes... check backs.. Prebus... Always use a tray... never set tray on a table... Steak-N - Shake you fail! The past year you've REALLY gone down hill...

Dec 11, 2018

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