Steak 'n Shake Enterprises / customer service issue

Hi, I visited the Steak n Shake in Austell, Ga on the East West Connector on Sunday November 18, 2017. I ordered the Bacon Steakburger meal and a child size milkshake. My total added up to be more than I had paid at my previous visits when ordering the same thing. I asked the lady attending the window if the total was correct and she said yes but I will get the manager if you would like. I told her no need I will pay the total. The manager overheard her and came to the window and asked me what the problem was. I explained to her and she said you must have been getting the shake at 1/2 price. I told her that I did not visit the store during happy hour so that wasn't the case. She said "well this is the total and I don't make the prices, honey!!!" And walked away before I could say anything. I did not appreciate her condescending and demeaning tone, it was very disrespectful! The attendant at the window said "that was rude, I apologize". To think this is the person you have representing your store as the leader. I will not go back to the store again. I would rather keep my money or spend it at an establishment that treats you as though they want you to come back.

Nov 19, 2017

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