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Sonic / Safety

1 KY, United States Review updated:

One of daughters works for Sonic in our town. I have heard her come home and talk about them stealing her tips, cheating her out of her wages, not letting her have breaks and over working her to the point of her feeling like she is going to pass out amongst other things they need to be reported to OSHA for. Anyway, I am trying to stay out of it for the most part and let her learn and grow but today she came home and told how she slid under a moving truck and hit her head on the concrete fortunately the lady driving the truck stopped before driving over top of her and got out to get her food which my daughter managed to not drop. Her head hurting she went inside to tell her manager and he told her to "suck it up". She continued to have a headache for a few hours but continued to work. I am furious! The carhops are made to skate and the surface is far from smooth in fact, there are large pot holes they often hit. Several of them have almost been hit by cars a few times already and the boss and owner have been informed but refuse to do anything to make the work conditions safer. It's Sonic's responsibility to make sure it's employee's have a safe environment to work in but most of them are young and don't know they have rights so Sonic takes advantage of them. Shame on Sonic! I am ready to call OSHA.

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  • 8w
      20th of Feb, 2009
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    I started working for sonic last summer. I immediatly found out we were only allowed one fifteen minute break if we worked over six hours. The skates were optional, but our boss encouraged us to try and skate even if we weren't very good at it. I nearly killed myself trying (because I knew I would get a raise if I carhopped on skates) even with the close calls he still encouraged us to keep skating. We all finally got smart and gave up on it. I finally quit today because after I decided to try for manager I found out I was pregnant. My boss made it pretty clear to me that he would expect me to do all the same things a nonpregnant manager to do (ie. heavy lifting, grill cleaning, long hours) which I pretended not to have any problem with. The last straw came today when he was having a new sink installed by his maintanence guy. It was fine until he pulled out the plumbers glue/ putty/ sealant or whatever it was and the whole store filled with fumes. I dealt with it for a little while and when it got really bad I asked my assistant manager what to do. She told me to talk to the boss, so I did. I simply asked him to look at the chemical container the maintanence man was using and see what it was and if there were any birth defect type warnings on it. He refused and said there was plenty of air circulation, I would be fine... I dealt with the fumes about another hour and decided to walk out on my break. I have filed a complaint with OSHA and I hope something is done about it. They don't care about the safety of anything but their profit margins... I can tell you that from seeing it first hand!!!

  • Ro
      4th of Oct, 2009
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    My two daughter works for sonic in rolesville nc. You are right when you say they don't care about anybody but making money. When they started working there they were made to skate and if they didn't skate then they would be fired! So of course they skated. Then when their first pay check came, they both bounced. I called the owner Mitch Neal and told him he had issued the two girls bad checks. It took him a week and a half to finally get the girls their money. I had our bank calling me everyday to find out what was going on because of course they wanted their money. Then the girls where scheduled to work like 4-8 well they would work about an hour or so and call me to go get them because they had too many people working. The nasty and dirty looking district manager finally fired one of my daughters(who is 15) because I was out of town unexpectingly and didn't get back in time to have her to work. When my daughter called to tell her she would be late she told my 15yr old to walk, well her exact words were well I suggest you get to walking honey. She wanted my 15yr old to walk 2 1/2 miles instead of letting her come in late. She also took my other daughters tips because her register was short 4.00. Instead of counting everyone's registers she just kept her tips but she had took 100.00 prior because they were so busy and she had too much money on her. The district manager told her there was nothing she could do about it and if it had of been more she would of been written up for it. Also one of them fell while on skates. She had a huge bruise and knot. It turned blue, purple and yellow. It has been there for 3 weeks and they never even documented that she fell.

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