Sonic Drive IN / bad management bad everything - coming from an employee that worked there

Lees summit, MO, United States Review updated:

As a 16 year old girl I was excited to get my very first job even at a fast food restaurant like sonic. Unfortunately I did not know I would have such a bad experience. I only worked there for 2 months and got terrible hours, and no one took in consideration for the days I asked off even if I put my requests in advance. But it gets worse. Since I was a new employee and all I needed to be trained so I could understand how to do my job. I was their for 2 months and was never fully trained. I never even carhopped I only did drive thru and even then I didn't know how to do most of the stuff there. On my first day I was never introduced to the crew that worked there or where things were in the restaurant. The working conditions were not very good at sonic either. The air conditioner had been broke there for as long as I was working there. And no one bothered to fix it or even address the problem. It is still probably not fixed to this day. The manager was very un professional along with some of the other employees at the work, vulgar language was used so much by everyone in the restaurant even at employees. I was cussed at once for not doing my job right and was even called stupid. If all this wasn't bad enough I didn't know when I would get off work because my manager would not tell me. I was never given a break when I worked for 5 hours. I'm still amazed to this day about how badly I was treated when I worked there. They didn't treat customers good either. Many health code violations were not taken in consideration by the employees there either. Everyone knows cherry limeades come with a tasty lime and cherry but people do not know that after making the drink the employees put in a cherry and a lime with their nicotine stained fingers in your drink. Mmmmm tasty think about that next time you go to sonic. Or I know how a lot of people love those good sonic burgers or " gourmet" hotdogs. Those hotdogs and burgers and other foods are made with bare hands and no gloves. If you call gourmet being unclean and unsanitary then sure sonics food is gourmet. I not only got a very little paycheck because of my hours but I had to ask for my paycheck because I was never given it on friday when everyone else was. So take my advice DONT GO TO SONIC and DEFINITELY DO NOT WORK THERE. Unless of course you like getting paid little money have terrible management and get cussed at. Or eating tasty health code violation food

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  • Su
      Aug 10, 2011

    I agree with surething318 BOYCOT SONIC!!!

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  • No
      Jan 21, 2012

    I work at sonic of Lexington South Carolina ( and actually I used to live in lee's summit) but it seriously is the worst job I can think of. Don't eat or work at sonic it's awful

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