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I normally do not shop at Sears, but my in-laws are frequent shoppers there. I ordered 2 gift cards for them on as Christmas gifts the day after Thanksgiving. Today is December 14th and I have not received the cards yet. I just spoke with a customer service rep who says that they just mailed my cards out yesterday, December 13th, and "hopefully" I'll get them by next week. I told her that these were Christmas gifts. She could not guarantee that I would receive these for Christmas. Again, these are 2 gift cards that I ordered THE DAY AFTER THANKSGIVING! She also said that since they had already shipped the order, they could not cancel it so I would just have to wait. I will NEVER order from AGAIN!

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      21st of Dec, 2007
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    I ordered a gift card on 11/26 (the Monday after Thanksgiving) and as of today I have not received it 12/21/07. I've made several calls to and received the same number of excuses regarding why it has not arrived. Useless store, useless customer service- shame on me for doing business with them. Their customer service "reps" are not empowered nor are theytrained in communication skills. Here it is, December 21st and no gift card yet....nearly four weeks later. Luckily, I charged it on Amex so at least there was someone to complain to - they will now intercede - but I'm left without a gift to give. Amazing, how many compalints I've found about Sears in general on the internet.

  • Ke
      28th of Dec, 2007
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    The site promised free delivery of appliances purchased immediately. Once my order processed, I was charged $65 for "free delivery".

    Moreover, I needed this appliance right away, since our home refrigerator quit over the holiday. When ordering, allows the customer to enter a zip code and then is told when the next available delivery date is -- I was told 12/29/07 and selected that date.

    When my order confirmation showed up in email later on, the delivery date magically moved to 01/08/08, a weekday when I am not home.

    I called the customer service line and explained my concerns. The woman who answered said there was "nothing she could do" and transferred me to Sears Delivery Dept so that my order date might be changed. The person who answered there said I would receive a call back within "24 hours" with any possible alternate dates.

    Frankly, as I explained to both persons, I would never have placed the order if I had been properly informed. I find their site misleading to say the least. I would rather cancel this order, borrow a neighbor's truck, and go get one today -- but nobody offered to cancel the order. The website advises that my order is "in process" can cannot be cancelled.

    So, they tempt me with free delivery, offer a delivery date which they unilaterally alter, and refuse to cancel the order. Whatever happened to the Sears I grew up with? This experience explains to me why they're sliding down the tubes.

  • Ch
      31st of Dec, 2007
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    It is so frustrating to deal with I ordered an air compressor on December 14 for my husband for Christmas. stated the item is in stock and expected delivery date is December 20 the latest. It is December 31st and I am still waiting. Sears service said they have to research and will take 5 to 7 business days for an answer. In the meantime I am stuck. I cannot cancel, re-order, nothing but wait and wait and wait. I will never to business with again. The service staff act like robots. They know absolutely nothing. They are a waste. is a scam.

  • Bo
      3rd of Jun, 2016
    0 Votes - Canceled my Christmas order
    United States

    Purchased Nintendo DSI XL at on December 04. I received a confirmation email that the shipment might not go out for about 10 days, and that I would receive notice. On the eve of December 23rd (5:30pm) I still had not received, so went online to track order status. Learned from tracking number that order had been cancelled by Sears on December 20th. Called customer service. Service agent said order was cancelled because item not in stock. Service agent further said that they checked about a dozen other sources but item was not available. While keeping service agent on phone with me, I went online to, where the item was showing “in-stock”.

    Further, I went checked local Sears store availability online, where the item was showing “in-stock” at both of the closest sears stores to me. In addition, it was “in-stock” on, and I checked and it was “in-stock” at 13 other locations online. So, Sears customer service basically fed me a load of BS, and didn’t have the courtesy to inform me right before Christmas that they had no intention of delivering the product to me.

    Fortunately, it was “in-stock” at the Target 2 miles from my house so I was able to purchase it anyway (albeit with the inconvenience of needing to hit a Target on the Friday night before Xmas). I was on hold with Sears’ service agent more than 45 minutes trying to get a satisfactory apology – but never did. While I was on-hold, I took screenshots of all of the “in-stock” availability to verify the truth in everything I am saying. I took screenshots of the cancellation, I took screenshots of every email I received from Sears on this matter, as well as every Sears credit-card email I receive – basically to support that Sears never bothered to notify me in any way.

    So, I guess the message is – if you purchase online from Sears, maybe you’ll get what you ordered and maybe you won’t, but don’t trust the Sears brand name as something you can rely on to be decently notified if they cannot meet their implicit obligation to you. Apparently, they could care less. I’ll now copy and paste this message into every online consumer complaint site I can find.

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