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Yakima, WA, United States

I live 60 miles away from the nearest Sear Store. I don't get out of town a lot due to driving so faraway. I bought a night grown in June and wanted to exchange it. they were the same price and all I needed to do was get a smaller size which they had. The clerk told me she couldn't do the exchange because my receipt was out of date. I returned a blanket to another Sears store which was 70miles from my house which I purchased some time ago and I explained to the clerk how far away I lived . It was a couple of weeks after I boughtit and she glady helped me out and refuned my money in which I made another purchase. I work in Customer Service and the Customer comes first. I just wanted a different size .Your return policy states Most items have a return policy of 30 days but may very. I don't see anything about exchanges unless I didn't see it . Ive read it and cant find the exchange policy. Ive been a customer for over 55 years. All I wanted to to is have a night gown that fit me now it sits in a bag and 30 bucks down the drain. Very unhappy with your service.

Aug 07, 2016

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