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I have questioned Sears Portrait Studio's pricing on a few previous occasions but just thought it was my imagination because the receipts are not itemized. I have finally have proof that either they "pad" their receipts or that their computers are in real desperation to be replaced.
I went to the photo studio today (Thursday). I am a Smile Saver member and they are kind enough to extend a 20% military discount to me.
I ordered 1- 8x10, 3-5x7 (one enhanced), and ordered a "tender moments collage." The 8x10 is free with my membership, I should receive duplicates of my 5x7's because of BOGO Smile Saver deal, and the "tender moments collage" was also free with a coupon. So I am basically paying for 2 standard 5x7s (@ $14.99 each) and 1 enhanced 5x7 (@ $21.99) for a total of $51.97. With the military discount (20%) it brings my total down to $41.58 before tax. As a smile saver member I do not pay a sitting fee either.
On my receipt is shows that I was charged $49.95 before tax. A $8.37 difference.
Even though I do think that $50 for a total of 8 sheets is a good deal to me, the math just bothers me. I don't even know how it could come to 49.95. This isn't the first time we haven't been able to figure out how they get to their final number, and this time I watched as she put everything into the computer (with the exception of a few moments that I had to find my cellphone). It is almost to the point you have to sit there with a calculator with them to make sure that their isn't some mysterious fee that is charged.

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  • Bu
      18th of May, 2010

    I believe it is sears policy that you can only use a coupon or the smile savers card, so with the free collage you wouldnt have been able to use the BOGO as well and should have been charged for the 8x10 and all 5x7s

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  • Mu
      27th of May, 2010

    I worked at SPS for 2 years. Sometimes newer employees would accidentally charge and extra enhancement charge or something. Usually not on purpose. I would write down what you bought and the price (bring them in if possible) and call them to see when the manager comes in. They can pull up the receipt on their computer (or at least they could when I worked there) and go over what you were charged with you. If there was a discrepancy I'm sure they'd be more than happy to fix it.

    I have a lot of respect for SPS because they tried really hard not to screw people over even though the company was bleeding money. They also gave their employees a lot of benefits, like free sheets for christmas, and things for birthdays. We could give our employee discounts to friends and family too without being reprimanded. Studios vary to each other but I feel like if you brought your predicament up to management they would be able to fix this for you.

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  • No
      14th of Jun, 2010

    I work for sears and although I cant speak for what the associate who rang your order out did, I do know that BOGO cannot be combined with ANY other special coupon or discount. Your Military discount cannot be used with BOGO. And you can only use one free offer per sitting.

    If you ever have a question on pricing I would ask before you leave. If the associate handling your sale doesnt know what they are doing ask for a manager. If there is not one, there is a District Manager sign in the studio that will have a customer phone number for you to call and leave a message, I promise that they will return your phone call. If for some reason that still does not work, call customer service. They are able to look up the session information and everything that was rung out on the computer that day.

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