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Yvonne Martinez
7500 Glardon Circle
El Paso, Texas 79915
May 4, 2010
Customer Service Complaints
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To Whom It May Concern:
After being loyal customers my parents have experienced a very disappointing experience with Sears.
My parents purchased a Kenmore stainless steel refrigerator four years ago. They have being experiencing many problems with the refrigerator as of 2009. They contacted Sears in order to have it get checked in many occasions. The following issues have occurred and continue as follows:
The temperature at the bottom will not cool enough to the point that their food becomes spoiled. The refrigerator becomes so warm that the water leaks out to their kitchen floor. The freezer will not work at all to the point that the food will become spoiled. The icemaker will not dispense any ice. The food has been saved for your technicians to look at as to their request. This is very costly for my parents. These issues continue on a daily basis. It seems the refrigerator is not working accordingly. A total of maybe six technicians have checked out the entire refrigerator. All of them have different outcomes. The thermostat is the only part that has been replaced. Two weeks ago a technician was called out again and ordered a new part (motor). The part has arrived and my parents will have to contact Sears in order to schedule another appointment.
This has caused both of my parent allot of distressed and frustration. I myself contacted the company and had no success of any outcome. I left a message to a local Manager regarding this issue on their technicians. They have not been professional at no point in time. They don’t take the time to explain in detail to my parents on their findings. I’m requesting that their refrigerator gets replaced even if we have to pay a difference. My parents are both disabled with much attention needed. My mother was recently diagnosed with a painful disease that has caused her life style to change. This has caused a great interruption on their daily life. I’m hoping that you the Customer Service Complaint can work with us to obtain a new refrigerator for my parents and have a satisfactory resolution for our family and to continue our loyalty with Sears.
Please, call me for any questions regarding this issue at [protected] any day of the week.

Yvonne Martinez

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