Searshvac unit kenmore gas furnace and central air conditioner

I purchased a hvac system december 2016. The sears service/repair man for the gas furnace mentioned about receiving a discount if I purchase a new central air conditioner and gas furnace because my kenmore furnace and air conditioner coils were dirty and old. This is my 3rd kenmore hvac purchased since I lived in my house. I'm and elderly woman almost 80 years old I feel sears salesman and the hvac installer (Walter in chicago illinois) probably take advantage of all single elderly people who own homes and buildings in this area. The next day a sears salesman called and requested to come to my house three hours earlier than schedule.

A third party contractor came to install the new hvac and he did not have the owners manuel or the model number of the kenmore gas furnace or central air conditioner unit; instead, he told me to call sears salesman. He wanted me to sign off on his phone that the work was completed and I will not receive a receipt for my purchase, no booklet to explain the hvac system because he had another appointment elsewhere. It took him 7 hours to install, and I still didn't receive my gift card.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Chicago, IL

Today I am still calling the sears toll free number and all representatives told me I need to have a computer and respond online on the internet. The salesman did not tell me this before purchasing a $10, 000.00 hvac unit and unfortunately i'm not computer literate and I can't get any help. Sears salesman insisted all of my important documents will be mail he lied.

Now the only line of communication with sears kenmore will have to be online to explain how to work my hvac unit. What type of gas furnace or air conditioner or thermostat or humidifier was purchase by kenmore sears. Since most elderly people pay by cash and don't have to use a sears credit card to purchase any items someone I hope will check this company to see how many senior citizens sears takes advantage of?

This new hvac unit makes more noise compared to my old kenmore furnace and air conditioner purchased over 30 years ago. I think the installer gave me a different hvac unit in my house and figure single seniors citizens living alone they would cheat me. If you are a seniors citizens please have a young family member present the day a sears salesman arrive to your house before purchasing a new sears hvac unit.

Jan 18, 2017

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