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I had my vinyl windows installed by Sears Home Improvement several years ago. Recently, a few of the windows needed to be repaired. Unsurprisingly, the repairs were non-covered in the warranty agreement. So, I paid for the cost of the repairs. Amazingly, their contractor affiliate took two months to complete the repairs. This process normally takes 2-4 weeks, based upon prior experience. However, due to Sears continuously ordering the incorrect parts, due to their incorrect measurements, this simple repair became a nightmare. I was even told or better yet given an ultimatum, that I could not cancel the repairs, due to the delays, because I would still be charged. I complained to the manager of the contracting office and the Sears Customer Service Department. Its incredible that no one at this company is being held accountable for this poor customer service. Its as if, this is standard business etiquette and protocol for Sears Home Improvement. What happened to business ethics? No one employed, at this company, would have even been satisfied with such poor customer service. This example is one of the infinite reasons Sears' overall company performance is extremely low. In addition, another reason some of their stores are closings and the neverending complaints, about their Sears Home Improvement Department. More importantly, this will be a continual pattern for this department, if the "powers-at-be" do not research the problems and establish solutions. It just good common sense, business-related or otherwise. For future potential Sears Home Improvement consumers, please be wary. I was considering using them for a kitchen remodeling project, but I will now pursue this elsewhere. Its just not worth it. More importantly, I dislike companies, who do not stand behind their products and maintain poor business ethics.

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      25th of May, 2012

    This site has been created to share with former and potential customers of Sears Home Improvement Products what I have witnessed as a former employee and create a place for others to share their home project experiences by Sears.

    During my employment at Sears, I have witnessed hundreds, possibly thousands, of home improvement projects completed without proper permitting or the use of licensed contractors. This is a serious concern and should not be taken lightly. Please take the time to browse this site and learn more. The safety of your home and family could be at risk.

    Please share this site with your family and friends or anyone you know that had work done by Sears.

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