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Repair man never showed up or called to confirm his time of arrival

I booked an on-line service call date for a 8-12am appt, Received a confirmation via telephone msg. The repair man never showed up or called to confirm his time of arrival.

The Maytag refridge - side by side - has been leaking water and this is the 3rd-4th time that they are looking at it.

The ice machine is still broken after being looked at 2x prior.

absolutely horrible experience

We called Sears Appliance (Kenmore) for solving a problem with the Sears Kenmore side by side refrigerator ice bin with a crusher rusting. They recommended that I get a technician at home to look at it. I asked for not only a replacement part also a recall on this ice crush bin that is collecting rust. This rust is in direct contact with the ice that is collecting on it. We are drinking rusty water and other drinks when we deliver ice.

Sears brushed me off with the solution request, sent me the wrong part, charged me for shipping ($22 standard shipping and did not return the shipping cost when we returned the plastic part they sent us instead of rusting metal crusher part we requested on the phone.)

Kenmore needs to take this seriously and not only replace these parts but also replace them with a better solution not the same rusting system.

I am out $135 to Sears and a bill to the plumber

I asked Sears to come and service a dishwasher they installed 4 years ago. The repairman said the dishwasher was fine but plumbing bad. I then had a plumber come and check the pipes all the way back to the unit. He found the check valve installed with the machine 2" from the dishwasher was broken and stuck in the shut position. When I called Sears to complain that their technician had not checked the dishwasher's own check valve or hoses, they said they don't service the hoses or check valves but only the machine itself -- even if they installed the device. They did not disclose to me that they would not check the check valve or hoses prior to the repair or I would have probably called someone who could everything. Now I am out $135 to Sears and a bill to the plumber. Caveat emptor! Some repair companies might not disclose what part of your appliance they will or will not service!

my warranty will be over before I get my glasses

It has been over a month and my glasses still have not arrived. I have e-mailed the main company and received no response. The store has not once called me, I have always called them. They were scheduled to be here 5/1 and it is now 5/24. My warranty will be over before I get my glasses. I have been given two different excuses why they are late. I am very angry and took my husbands glasses elsewhere and he's got his back!

  • An
    anonymousoptician Jun 28, 2010

    I am an optician who works for Sears Optical.

    Your 90 day satisfaction guarantee (not a warranty -- there is a protection plan sold separately that is valid for 1 or 2 years, depending on which you choose) expires 90 days from the date you *pick up* the glasses, not the date they're ordered.

    Also, they closed one of five labs in April which caused significant delays in processing at that time. The stores were NOT informed of this at the time; hence any unsure or facetious answers you may have heard regarding the delay. If you complained, you SHOULD have been offered a 15% refund for the delay.

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their products aren't worth a s*

I bought 2 Craftsman pro Weedeaters. one of them hasn't been worth a S*** from day one. It has been sent off, by sears, 4 times, It is stills excatlly the same as when we sent in the first time.It cranks up fine but it won't idle, and it keeps cutting off no matter if you are holding gas on it or not.The other one was ok for awhile, Then it just froze up. It as sent off, by Sears, It was gone for about 5 weeks and when we got it back it was doing the same thing the other one was doing.

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sears sucks!!

I worked for sears in Champaign, I'L for about 9 months until they wrongly fired me for buying my mother a dishwasher for Christmas!! I used my discount card to purchase a dishwasher on friends and family in November and since I didn't have all of it my dad went in half with me for it. Now everything was was fine until my parents went to have it serviced (we bought the extended service plan). It didn't work and they didn't fix it so my dad brought it back to the store. Everything was fine until my manager got involved and didn't want to refund him his money. My dad is older man and brought the diswasher himself (I was working that day). They got into an argument and my manager told my dad he never had to come back to sears again and then just went back to his office (that's not the first time he treated a customer poorly). Also the store manager evaded the whole situation!! A couple days later I got fired for misuse of discount card and I had never been warned about anything like that before!! On top of it I was a good associate. I performed almost as well as the full timer and I was part time. I also did some of my managers job without complaint!! I have no complaints about pay or comission I just think that the management at Champaign needs to be changed they treat the associates like craip!! Everyone who knows what happend knows I was fired unfairly. Anyways that is my rant about how the Sears in Champaign, il sucks!!

incompetent sales associates

My wife liked a leather couch she saw at Sears and brought me to the store to check them out and eventually buy it (two of them). We sat in it, spoke with the sales associate and said Okay, we'll take two if we can get them this week. He looked and said they'll be here on Wednesday and someone would call you when they're in. No one called so we did and they were in. My brother and I picked them up in his truck and drove in the snow to my house. We opened the box and sure enough, the ### sold us the WRONG COUCH. We called and spoke with a manager (at 8:45 p.m.) We told him the problem and he looked the item up and said we got the couch we bought. IDIOT. We told him the saleman punched the wrong number in and how are we to know? He said he would correct the problem, give us a $50 gift card and have the correct couches sent to us and the incorrect ones picked up. He said he would call us by 10:00 a.m. the next day to get the order due to the time. He never called so we called him. "Oh yeah, I forgot" was his response. "Let me take care of it and call you back tomorrow morning". Again, never called. We called and spoke with the store manager and told him our issue. He said he would talk with the other manager and get back to us. Third time, no call back. We called him and he said he would take care of the problem and call us back. When we got home, we had a message from a woman stating our correct couches would be delivered on the 20th. We never got a call to confirm delivery and on the 20th, no one came. We called Sears and they said that couch has been discontinued. We again spoke to the Store Manager and he said he would arrange for our couches to be picked up and we would be refunded our money. He never called and we still have two couches we did not want. I have since made a claim to my credit care company and am awaiting a response. I cannot return them due to my health and Sears SUCKS when it comes to customer service.

Very dissatisfied with the service I received

I have been dealing with Sears stores for over 20 years. The service I received for my vacuum cleaner the past 2 months has pushed me to never want to shop with Sears again. I took my vacuum cleaner to the Sears store on 14th street in Fernandina Beach, Florida (Unit # 3215) on March 3, 2009 for a simple repair. my ticket number was 0246295. The salesperson there gave me an expected ready date of March 16, 2009. I paid $130.76 for the lousy service they provided me. I picked up the vacuum cleaner today, May 3, 2009. Over the past 2 months, I have made 3 trips to the store to check on the process. Each time, the sales person told me that it was in the main store and transports happen on Mondays. When I went in the store today, the salesperson told me that they tried to call me at my old phone number in VA. I showed her the correct phone number she was supposed to call PRINTED ON MY RECEIPT. At that time, she told me that it had just come back from the repair dept YESTERDAY. This just made me question the integrity of the salesperson and business I was dealing with. I have only had 1 other problem with Sears products, a lawnmower, and their managers in VA Beach resolved it. I AM VERY DISSATISFIED with the service I received from your company.

rebates (bait and switch)

Having just had the classic bait and switch pulled on us by the Sears "eRebate Center" I searched the web and found another complaint almost exactly the same as what we just experienced. I also found that Sears has contracted this work out to which is a company called Ohana Companies. What I find so funny is that this company shows Sears as a partner and lists that it offers 100% customer satisfaction. What is even more laughable is that Sears does not even acknowledge a relationship with this company or how it processes your rebate. What Sears does do is take your money on the date of the sale and then "hand you off" to them so that you may be provided with one of a million pre-prepared responses designed to make you give up.

Tonight we officially became a non-Sears family and will never shop with this retailer or KMart ever again. I hope more people don't fall for this scam and I will continue to post these comments until my fingers fall off.


associate could not apply coupon

I received a President's Day flyer from LeMars local Shopper. I found sawhorses for $12.49. I also had a...

money no longer owed

My parents had been loyal customers of Sears since 1975. They had a credit card and bought all appliances from Sears as well as the maintenance plans for those appliances. They had purchased credit life on that credit card then when my mother passed away 13 years ago when I called to find out what we needed to do and what we needed to send in order for this balance to be paid off. I was quickly informed that my dad was too old and the insurance would not cover the balance. I responded with my dad did not pass away my mother did and she was only 64 yrs. old. They then came up with another sad excuse not to pay off the balance. I turned it over to the family attorney and he called several times to no avail. Needless to say he is not an agressive attorney and neither was I a agressive person at that time. So it went to a collection company. We paid 226.00 per month for 13 years. My dad recently passed away and I called the attornies who we have paid for so long and was told they would take care of the balance and said it was closed out. I received a letter from another attorney addressed to the estate of my father stating that he still owes 2242.77. I am father paid way over what he owed and I am just pissed off...I have not stepped a foot in Sears in 13 years and will not ever again. I will advertise to everyone I know that Sears is a horrible company and should be boycotted. I have already made a great influence on my family and friends; they will not step foot in this store either. Now, I will tell you this what goes around comes around.

light fixture overheats, melts, smokes. it's a fire hazard.

I have the same light melting/fire hazard issue with complete denial by Sears Service. Just filed with...

excell duct cleaning

Contracted Excell Duct Cleaning to clean our furnace ducts in early December. Workmanship and technique was comparable to a reality show of a nightmare. Contacted the Sears contractor, surveyed the "mess" and said immediate action required. After refusal of the same crew and technique to come back plus partial reimbursment, I began to call all of the Sears head managers and to no avail. It is now mid February and nothing has been done. No money and still and a messy house. It is difficult to breath and eyes water all of the time. So now we have to get a separate house cleaner and try and clean it all up. Is there no one anymore in the business world that will be responsible for their actions if there workmanship is less than desireable. I would have posted the pictures of our house after three days of grey-whitish dust that hangs on everything. It is disgusting. No more Sears, anything at anytime!!!


I worked for SHIP (sears home improvement) for a couple of years. The things that I experienced were shocking...

poor service after incomplete job

Sears Home Central Calgary, Windows installation:

I purchased windows from sears in and installation done in September 2009. The installaer did not complete their work. February 2010, the installation is still not completed. I have been running around like chicken without a head calling every Sears Customer service - They dont help! What do you call poor service? This one is and especially if they show you plainly that they dont care.

terrible delivery and service

Bought an expensive treadmill from Sears. Was told they would deliver and set up on the second floor of my Victorian Home even though it would not be easy as my staircase turns. I measured the unit and know it can go on the second floor if they take it out of the box. They came to my house took one look and said they would not deliver it. I told them to take it out of the box, they refused.

If they had to take it out of the box to set it up, why not take it out of the box when they bring it in. Refused to do so and while I was speaking to their manager, they took the unit and left. THey said they would send them back and tell them to do what I asked. Hours later they returned, and as soon as I opened my door they said they were told to set it up in my living room. Totally not true, and they left again.

I again call the manager and was told they would come back the same day with another person to help them. They would call me first. Another day has gone by and no call, and no treadmill. The moving men were rude and arrogant and I am out almost $1000.00.

  • Br
    brad kelly May 20, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have an extended service contract from UTS for my Treadmill and cant get service. It seems as though they are buying used parts when service is necessary and they are sending technicians to do the repairs that cant fix the machines. Six weeks my Treadmil is down and they still waiting for parts.

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online purchase pick up in store

On February 13th, 2010, I ordered a trinket for Valentine's Day on to be picked up in the...

poor customer service

Feb 12th I took my daughter to sears portrait studio, @ 11:00 am the photographer had 1 customer that she was finishing up with, until she
Discovered I was a walk in. So there are no other customers, I figure, I can be next, oh no she went on to say I have a 12:oo appointment, well since it's 11:00 I can be seen, well she prolonged the cashing out with the customers so long, "she wanted to know about their vacation how many times their baby burps," well that took 15 minutes well I figure I still have time for my photo shot, wrong she took another 15 minutes cashing them out. So finally they leave no one else is there not even the 12:00 appointment. So I figure we can take our pictures, wrong she refused to take us until she was sure of her 12:00 appointment, needless to say the 12:00 appointment came 5 minutes late. Not to mention she was reading a book until they arrived. This was her productivity for 1 hour. This is a poor performance employee, she does not deserve a place in the work force, sears portrait studio is losing countless revenue with this employee's actions, I think holly's problem is pure laziness with a touch of racism. I have been a sears customer since 1985 and I consider myself a valued customer. I recorded much of my visit on my cell phone because of her actions, which were unbelievable I will send the video viral, so no other mommy will not experience a walk in dilemma it's obvious that this policy is not honored by the employees, sears should take a closer look at their staff performance to make sure policies are followed. Their are eager people awaiting such a job with this economy by the way this was chicago ridge mall (Westfield)

  • Di
    Displeased with Sears Mar 13, 2010

    Yes, my parents just experienced racism, agism, and contemptible service at Sears in the Burlington, MA area. They were treated badly not only by employees but by the the manager. One of the employees was also laughing at the situation in which they lied about the return policy, didn't know how to do a return, and didn't even mention exchange of the product.

    One of the employees said there was a 30 day return policy and it was really a 90 day policy written on the receipt as was pointed out by my parents who finally got the manager to do the return. They were shaking the product as if there was product missing inside it implying they were returning a used product. This was not only rude, but also implicating my parents as criminal over a $7 bottle of product. Then, an employee said reluctantly once the manager came over that they would be "giving them" the money and of course they were not — they were returning money to them from Sears. No one said sorry or apologized at all. The manager was not at all apologetic or helpful. Instead my parents received the $7 they deserved back after such a horrible experience, plus a waste of time and an endless memory of headache and trauma of racism given to them by Sears employees and manager.

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  • Ro
    rockthefetish Nov 03, 2010

    It takes an hour to do a session. (often longer, much longer) That's why she didn't take you. That being said, she could have done your photos and shown you later. I don't know why she didn't.

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cost of repair

We bought our front loading Kenmore He2Plus a year and a half ago and it started leaking badly during a recent wash.
I called Sears to schedule a repair. It was an automated line and I was told that a service repairman would be out a few days between the hours of 8am and 5pm.
The repairman showed up and said just for showing up there would be a 70 dollar charge.
He proceeded to do the repair. The washer simply needed the rubber around the opening of the washer to be replaced. He said this was the most common problem.
Something had caused the rubber to not seal completely. He replaced it in one hour or less and charged me 214.06.
We feel this is extremely high for a simple replacement of a rubber seal. Since this is a common problem I think Sears should consider their culpability regarding these rubber seals.
Thank you

do not buy warranties from sears

Purchased a treadmill from Sears in August 2006 for $1700 and a 5 year warranty for $475. Allegedly covers all parts and service. Called to request service, sears claimed Nordictrack was to service. Nordictrack claimed extended warranty was covered by Sears. Spent 50 minutes being transferred between companies - Sears claimed they had no record of the warranty. Finally put in queue for UTS (Universal Technical Services) and was on hold for one hour 18 minutes. UTS finally answered and said someone would call within 6 business days to schedule an appointment. Could not tell me who would actually be calling me from local area as UTS doesn't actually do repair work in my state. Similar situation with a vacuum repair, an oven repair. DO NOT BUY WARRANTIES FROM SEARS. You are better off to pay for service as you need it and pursue other channels if your product is a lemon, including paying with other Credit that protects the consumers. Be sure to document all calls, contact names if possible, technician names and alleged repairs requested. Sears business model is geared toward investors and not consumers.

  • I agree. We reported trouble with our treadmill in July of 2009. Our warranty was to expire in December. It took a week to get the parts that the person at UTS thought might be required. Then it took a couple more for the company that services our area to come out, only for them to say they needed another part. This has continued for several months with about 4 actual visits by the technicians. Just before December, I was assured by UTS that since the servicing of the equipment was begun prior to the expiration of the warranty, they would continue to fix the treadmill. As of today, February 22, 2010, parts shipped to us remain un-opened, waiting for another visit from Icon Technologies. Not worth the extended warranty offered by Nordictrak and Sears.

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  • Da
    darnsocks May 11, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    couldn't agree more with the last sentence. i have spent days, DAYS on the phone with sears and nordictrack. i can't talk about it anymore. just don't do it.

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  • Do
    Doug AE Feb 17, 2013

    I've received a terrible run around similar to that which is described by others. Very poor service. In short, don't buy the warranty it's not worth it as far as I'm concerned. The Sears rep I spoke with initially was extremely rude and basically her attitude was too bad you're on your own, Sears isn't responsible even though they sold me the machine and it was never explained to me what aggravation I was buying into. Sears, UTS and Nordic Track and the "local contractor" were all at fault.

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