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Sears Holdings Corporation / awful company

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I signed and paid for a contract with SEARS to install a dishwasher I purchased from them. The installation date on the contract was for April 4, 2009. We waited most of the day for them ..calling them many times. They did not show up on April 4, 2009. On April 5th, they said they had a glitch in the system and accidentally canceled the installation order even though they confirmed the installation appointment the day before. I not only called the store many times but also went back in person to the store two days in a row, April 4th and April 5th, 2009. Both times the store attendant in the appliance section said they could not find the store manager. Both times I waited at least 15 minutes while they attempted to find the store manager. Once again, SEARS has taken no action to rectify this situation. They did not honor their installation contract, we wasted an entire day waiting for their installation service and the response from SEARS was essentially 'to bad'. Also, note, unfortunate fact I found out after wards, I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau against SEARS. In the process, I discovered they have in excess of 14, 000 complaints actively on record against them with the BBB.

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  • Mi
      23rd of Sep, 2009
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    To whom it may concern,

    This email is an attempt to explain the calamity of my recent experience regarding your customer service protocol…

    My wife and I recently purchased a new home.

    Sunday Sept 20th we went to Sears to purchase a new washer and dryer.

    - Our sales rep Troy Albany was very helpful and we purchased a Samsung set along with 2 pedestals and two of the 3 year service agreements. All totaling $2409.31. (salescheck #016541222473, tran #2473, pg #10, store #01654, reg # 122, assoc #232).

    Next day delivery scheduled (Monday) and the appliances arrived on time. The delivery person tested both units and they worked fine so my wife tipped the 3 delivery persons $10/each for their effort and they were on their way…nice guys BTW.

    Tues, dinner time, my wife puts the 1st load of wash into our new washer. She then returns upstairs to have dinner with myself and our 2 year old daughter. The wash cycle was set for 44 minutes. At minute 32, she went downstairs to check and the screen indicated 12 more minutes until the load was complete….no problems.

    - Approximately 30-45 minutes later, my wife was screaming from the basement “Mike, oh my God, get down here, oh no, oh no, what the hell!!??”

    As you can see by the attached pictures, the washer malfunctioned and punctured something in the bottom of the machine causing water to flow down the side of the pedestal towards the lowest (ironically the finished) part of my basement.

    Me: “Deep breath…..stuff happens….sigh…thank God we bought from Sears and not some little guy, they guarantee satisfaction…right?”

    Step 1: Call 1.800.4myhome, done. They tell me to call the delivery customer service number, done. They tell me that a new washer will be delivered ASAP (Thurs or Fri) which is beginning to ease my chagrin and validate my choice of retailer (Sears).

    Step 2: I’m instructed to call Sears Insurance Claims 800.727.0121 to file a claim for property damage. The customer service rep gives me a claim # L0909220718-001 and tells me an adjuster will call me in 2-3 business days. I ask if they could call me sooner and they tell me “that’s how long it takes to process”.

    - My anxiety gets the best of me because I am diagnosed allergic (to the point of asthmatic) to mold and so is my wife and possibly our 2 yr old daughter but she is yet to be tested because we do not expose her to mold. 3 days is too long for all this water to sit in our dark, drenched basement before an adjuster shows up and then approves a clean up team to begin the “drying process” a day or so later.

    Step 3: I decide to call Allstate Insurance to make them aware of the situation and inform them that Sears is liable but I cannot wait 3-4 days for the water to continually damage my property. A claim is submitted and they offer to send someone to my house within an hour. I told them to wait until 8am Wed morning since it is a 3-4 hour setup process to begin dehumidifying and “drying” my basement until an Allstate adjuster can assess the damage. This was not offered by Sears. Allstate tells me they will coordinate with Sears to be reimbursed for the claim and may be able to recoup my $1000 deductible as well. I express my concern that I have a “no claims” discount on my Allstate policy and am concerned about an increase in premium due to this claim. The customer service rep could not address this concern and I had to make a decision to submit a claim based on the response time of Allstate vs Sears Insurance. Likely, my homeowner’s insurance will increase.

    Step 4: The anger builds and I decide to visit the store hoping that since the salesman at Sears was so pleasant and helpful, maybe his operations manager (Liz Owen?) will look at the pictures of my basement and realizing that it was a fluke thing, put herself in my shoes and imagine the hindrance of my family’s daily routine by not having a washing machine this week, the basement being in shambles for possibly 2-3 weeks until new carpets are installed, having to sleep above 7 industrial fans running 24 hrs/day for the next 3 nights (even louder than you imagine because we have hardwoods in our 1st floor bedroom), making myself available to the insurance adjuster, restoration contractor, Sears delivery guy and carpet guys (all of which means I have to leave work to meet them during their time window) and make me an offer that would reaffirm my faith in Sears as an American retail icon that stands behind their products because:


    Our Vision
    Sears Holdings is committed to improving the lives of our customers by providing quality services, products and solutions that earn their trust and build lifetime relationships.

    Our Mission
    Build customer relationships
    Make more money
    Improve every day

    - Unfortunately, Liz told me repeatedly that Sears Delivery are the last people to “touch my appliance, therefore my claim is against them”. I told her the washer worked fine when the delivery person tested it. Obviously the appliance is defective and my inconvenience has a value. That is why I am at the store, to discuss the value of my inconvenience…to “build upon the trust” that I had when I agreed to the 3 year service agreement…to “build customer relationships” by offering me monetary compensation for my aggravation and “make more money” by retaining me as a customer for a “lifetime”. Liz responded like a broken record…”I’m sorry, there is nothing I can do. If I offered to refund you the cost of the washing-machine, that could negate your claim with Allstate and Sears Insurance. You have to deal with them.”

    Bottom Line: In closing, my situation is probably 1 in a million. I understand Liz’s limitations and protocol. In my opinion, the value of my inconvenience (including a possible homeowner’s insurance increase, time lost from work from time of incident to new carpet installation and the aggravation of shopping for a new Christmas tree, sleeping above these damn noisy fans, my basement being a wreck, leaving work to meet with contractors and adjusters, tipping the delivery guys (because I’ll also tip the guys that bring the new unit) and the time it took to write this email) is $2409.31, my service agreement extended to 5 years on both appliances, my $1000 Allstate deductible reimbursed and the $30 delivery tip reimbursed.

    This type of response will rekindle my faith and trust in the American Retail Icon: Sears.


    Michael Kerl


  • Ra
      6th of Jun, 2016
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    I am having the same issue . Have used them

  • Ra
      6th of Jun, 2016
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    Meant it to say have u sued them

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