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I purchased a Jenn-Air downdraft range 2 years ago from Sears--Recently the touchpad went out and I called to schedule a repair appointment. I was also talked in to purchasing a year service warranty, because I was told they were having alot of issues with this particular range. I was scheduled for an appointmnet on April 6th between 8-5. At 4:50 I called to see where my techician was due to the fact it was so close to five. I was told he was running behind--but he had not called to let me know. At 7:15 he called and I asked why he hadn't called, he replied, "This is your call" He came in and immediately knew what the problem was because I had sent them the serial number model number and the problem--He of course did not have the part to fix it--I took a day off of work and accomplished nothing--They want to reschedule for another day for me to sit around from 8-5--which I can not--I have asked to speak with management--apparently, there is none--I have spoken with several Case Managers--they have no boss??
The customer service department has been subpar at best-I have asked to schedule an appointment for after 3 due to my work schedule==This is not their policy--so I continue to be without an oven due to the faulty touch pad--I purchased all of my kitchen appliances from Sears, including washer and dryer--They will never receive one more dime of my hard earned money--The CEO of Sears should be appalled at the lack of customer care his work force offers--I feel comfortable with this comment due to the numerous employees I have spoken with--not one employee was able to offer any help, suggestions etc. Only an apology and the comment I understand this is frustrating--Okay you know it is frustrating so make it right--I was also offered a 50 gift card for Seats--which I refused--I only want my touchpad replaced, without me having to take another day off sitting around from 8-5, not hearing from a tech until 7:15--
Denise M. Skallet
1184 Longpoint Road
Cross, SC 29436

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