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Sears / fraud and cheating!

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I ordered a riding lawnmower and accessories on line from Sears to the tune of $2200. Got the order confirmation, and an e-mail saying I would be contacted to set up delivery. Several days go by and I don't hear anything so I log back in and it shows my order canceled.

I call customer service and they say yes, it was canceled but they don't know why. Account services say my credit card was good but no reason is given for the cancellation. They make no attempt to figure it out or make it good.

I send an e-mail to Sears alerting them that there process is broken. I get a reply saying they looked into it and don't know why it was canceled, but if I would call account services they would look into it. I replied that if they couldn't get the answer, I'm sure I couldn't. Bought a John Deere and had a much better experience and got a better mower.

What a bunch of ###s. No wonder Sears is going down the tubes.

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  • Va
      24th of Sep, 2008
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    Sears - Fraud and cheating
    United States

    I moved into a brand new home in July and purchased a new Kenmore, French Door, Fridge. Not 2 months later the refrigerator side of the unit stopped cooling. The freezer side still worked but I called Sears on a Thursday to have a tech come out and service it. The closest appointment was for the following Tuesday between 1pm -5pm. I waited and supposedly the tech called at 3pm, and due to not hearing the phone he skipped my service repair and went to the next appointment. I called Sears and they told me because I didn't answer I got skipped and now have to wait till Saturday for the next closest appointment.

    So now everything in my fridge has gone to waist and am now eating out of two coolers filled with ice. Learning lesson, Don't miss the tech phone call even when your home cause Sears will make you take it right in the tail pipe...

  • Ke
      6th of Dec, 2008
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    Well sears is going down the tube for a lot of reasons. Yes the online system sucks and they do have a lot of products online that can be ordered but are no longer availible in certain area's. Mostly due to new innovations and new models. You're model you ordered wasn't availible anymore and they cancelled you're order due to its unavailibity. You would be better suited not using that peice of junk online system. Becuase Online you dont know what you're geting. When you're geting it or if you'll ever get it. Ordering online is convient but the Poor sales associate in lawn and garden make$4.50 an hour plus comission since you tried to buy it online they dont get comission and you get a headach. I work at sears. I dislike it wish i could change things. But the store abuses they're sales associates and doesnt give a damn about employee turn over. I've been there for 6 months and have seen 3 Lawn and garden managers and 3 diffrent lawn and garden supervisors fired, quit or walk out. Sorry for you're problems. I wish things were better here too.

  • Ac
      21st of Jul, 2009
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    Yesterday I got fired from sears... Ok here is the stroy... Yesterday on july 20 i went to work.. Around 4 o clock pm eastern time. An assoicate from the store came in to return an camera and older camera she had brought 8 months ago and wanted to exchange it for another camera. Well since this camera is passed 30days it needed an mangers approval. I then called my manger for the approval she ask me did she have a receipet i then ask her while she was on the phone and she said yeah. So i told my manger yeah. So i when i started the exchange i asked for her phone number and no salescheck came up. So i started the return process without a receipt ask for her id and went thru that procudure. My manger then came and APPROVED the transaction. She then took the camera. 15 mins later she calls and ask for the parts for the camera. So i bring it to her and she ask me why did i return this camera. Which i was confused since she just APPROVED it. So to make a longer long. They pulled me in the LP office thats sears security. They accused me of a fuard transaction because i returned an product outside the 30 day period. BUT WHAT I DONT GET IS THAT THE MANGER APPROVED IT .. while the officer was yelling at me she made a comment saying "YOU PEOPLE CAN RETURN STUFF LIKE THAT" Mind you the whole salesfloor is black. I asked what do u mean YOU PEOPLE she gout real quite and all the black ppl in the room put their head down. So that pissed me off. But they didnt FIRE THE MANGER that apporved it. Its the mangers job to oversee everything. Honestly i wouldnt be mad if she was fired but she wasnt. And if the LP officer did not make a rascit comment to me i wouldnt be mad... So what should i do ppl should i sue sears?

  • Mz
      26th of Jul, 2009
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    Call 88 Sears and file a complaint.

  • Ng
      13th of Jun, 2016
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    I purchased a refrigerator with ice maker from Sears online.All the orders go to phillipins and they cancelled my order twice without letting me know but did not credit back my account totally and they owe me $214 and I have been fighting to get my money back but all the calls still go to phillipins and they pass me over to each other and they are all big cheaters and frauds .I think Sears will go bankrupt soon because they are cheaters and dishonest.

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