Sears Appliance Repair / plumbing, floor and personal damage

United States

On 1/10/17 my plumbing was damaged by a sears repair man. In turn damage was caused to my floor and i was forsed to stay in a motel as the main water supply had to be turned off!! Because no one would return my calls from Sedgerich, the Sears claims office, i had to pay a plumber to repair my line to the washing machine... I have sent all the reciepts for plumbing and motel as well as an estimate to replace the floor to rebecca at sedgewich and have begged and pleaded with her to process my clam and get me reimbursed and she refuses to help move this along. I have an income of 784.00 per month and this damage has cost me over half my income for the month of January!! I need to be reimbursed immediately. Sears has taken photos of the damage as well!!

Jan 26, 2017

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