Pizza Hut / pizza and wings from flourtown, pa

Philadelphia, PA, United States

Yesterday at 6:13 pm I ordered A large pizza, half sausage-half pepperoni, and 12 mild buffalo wings from the Pizza Hut at 1448 Bethlehem Pike. When i placed the order, the food was said to be delivered by 7:15. I included in the delivery notes section that i was at the customer service counter inside of Acme Markets. At 7:30 I called the store where i was placed on hold for 5 minuets and told that my food was just headed out to me. At 7:50 i get a call from the delivery driver saying he's here but doesn't know where to go. Eventhough I included it online, I tell him that Im at the customer service counter at Acme and he replied by saying "Okay, so are you gonna meet me outside or what?". So i came outside to his car halfway across the parking lot to get my Pizza Hut delivery. Afterwards I sat down to eat the food and my pizza and wings tasted like it came out of a freezer. The pizza was dry and soft and had garlic butter flavor on the crust which i DID NOT order. The wings were soggy and mushy. I was unable to eat it and had to give it to a coworker to finish. I called the store back and was offered a $25 credit for everything. Not even more food. I found this to be unacceptable. The wait was beyond long and the food was beyond edible or satisfying nor what I ordered. I never get online and write complaints but I was so mad afterwards. It was w complete waste of money. After this experience, I will never be eating at that Pizza Hut again.

Oct 20, 2018

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