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Pizza Hut / poor customer service and crazy drivers

1 Govt St Delivery StoreMobile, AL, United States Review updated:

I love pizza hut however I will never again order another pizza from there due to the manager and district managers unwillingness to admit when they are wrong and do something about it.

Lets get to the story.

I am a single mother of 3 and often go the the shopping center in mobile where this location is, off govt st at the loop. I go to the catholic charity store in the same shopping center. I have personally seen many of the drivers speeding through the parking lot with no concern for anyone else sich as one of the drivers ( a middle aged white male with reddish hair and a beard) driving through with music blaring and almost hit an elderly gentleman and his car. I have seen a driver ( a young, thin, african american female) back up all the way through the parking lot without looking and almost run over my own child who was trying to cross.

I discussed this problem with the manager jay and he simply shrugged his shoulders and said he couldnt control them and he didnt see a problem anyway.

I went to the pizza hut website and sent and email to the home office only to get a phone call from the d.m. to let me know he has talked to jay and didnt really see a problem but he would handle it .

2 months later I have seen employees still doing the exact same thing, ive seen them inflict damage to another vehicle and the manager jay has even attempted to call me names to a friend who works in the shopping center.

how sad that one group of people can ruin an entire companies good name but i wont be back and i hope that if there is another pizza joint anywhere close to whoever reads this will also not order from them either.

Maybe just maybe if we make some of these large companies like walmart and pizza hut start being accountable for there employees, their service and their own reputation, then they will hire quality and not quantity and concentrate more on use the consumer instead of the all mighty dollar.

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  • Sk
      3rd of Feb, 2010
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    Pizza Hut has more problems to count. I'm currently a delivery driver (going on 3 years) for a north Milwaukee Wisconsin Hut and have been increasingly unhappy with the company's management, in particular the mgmt at my store. I have a very good work ethic; reliable, dependable, ALWAYS working, always covering others' shifts, and always looking for ways to improve performance and customer satisfaction. There are very few that I work with who do the above with consistancy, yet I'm the one who is always reprimanded and threatened (with write ups) for activities that are grossly overlooked when others do the exact same thing right under the managers' noses. For instance, I'm not allowed to grab a quick slice of pizza while other employees can eat a full 10-15 min meal without any hassles. The managers and other employees don't have to wear gloves at the cut table, but I do. One INSANE policy that's now being enforced is where certain drivers (I'm one of them) are put on the schedule as O.C. (on call). At the appointed time the driver has to CALL THE STORE and ask if help is needed or we get written up. This is obvioously a way for them to try to control us when we're not working. Some of us have lives when we're not at the Hut, and most of the staff only gets 10-20 hours/week and rely on other income to stay afloat financially. $6.65x20 is not going to cut it, so during my off time I pick up other jobs, doing whatever I can, to earn extra money. And if one of these jobs lands on an O.C. day, I'm going to take it - and not refuse an offer of work on the off chance that I'll be needed at the Hut. This is more often the case, where they say that I don't have to come in. Other than management policy, there are other issues from a customer standpoint. At least at my store, many of the pizzas seem to come out soggy, where the crust isn't cooked enough and the cheese isn't completely melted. I've mentinoed it to management, but they wouldn't listen - they would say 'just stick them in again' - but you can't do that with every pizza with customers waiting. Also, washing dishes I get really disgusted, putting the dishes in filthy water, and when the pans are put away they still feel greasy. This is what we're giving customers ? Pizza that is cooked on pans with the same grease they've had on them for weeks/months ?

  • Sh
      10th of Apr, 2010
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    well thanks for letting me know that... papa johns will now get my business. pizza hut can suck it.

  • Sh
      7th of Jun, 2010
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    Kevin Richard you are a racist [censor] with no sense. You are what is wrong with this country.

  • Sh
      10th of Jun, 2010
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    I mentioned the color of the person driving as to identify them ... african american and thin .. not as you used it ... in a racist and ignorant way. there is a H U G E difference

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