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Wow! Where do I start. We have ordered from this Pizza Hut for about 3 years now on a pretty regular basis (once a month or so). The first year, service was outstanding and the pizza was outstanding. But in the last two years, they have begun price gouging (not just this local Pizza Hut). They advertise "$10 any size, any toppings, etc." and then proceed to charge an extra $2 for extra cheese. Now I would not normally complain about that but this particular location's definition of "extra cheese" is what I would call a "normal" amount of cheese. We ordered from other Pizza Huts in the area and they certainly give you your $2 worth (IMO). But I just paid $35 for two large thin crust pizzas!!! $20 for basic pizza, $4 for so-called xtra chs., and $2 for an extra topping, $2.50 for delivery, and the website checkout had the gall to actually say "driver's tip not included!!" Now I understand the driver works for tips and I have no problem giving them a tip but Pizza Hut is charging $2.50 for delivery even if it is just down the block??? Pizza Hut is becoming the American Airlines of fast food. Fee for this, fee for that. I think we will start ordering from Domino's again or Little Caesars. Little Caesars uses real Mozzarella chz (not that artificial crap PH uses), puts a generous amount on the pie, and has Large hot and ready to go pizzas for $5. They taste better and are considerably more food. My family of 5 kills 2 PH large pizzas and is still hungry. But we only have to order one large from LC when we go. You might want to consider doing business elsewhere. Pizza Hut is doing what Blockbuster did----charge ridiculous prices. Now Blockbuster is looking at bankruptcy. Pizza Hut will be a failing brand in less than 5 years if they keep this up.

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  • Po
      Sep 18, 2010

    I assume you don't order pizza from other companies often? The majority of pizza places charge that $2.50 delivery fee (including Dominos, which I see you mentioned), and so do other food companies. It does not matter where you are located, I'm afraid.

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  • Sc
      Oct 20, 2012

    I guess people really dont read their recipets most of the time. Any place that deliveries will charge a delivery fee. They are doing you a service to bring the pizza out, so you pay for that service. Usually people that complain about this are the ones that really never tip.

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