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Pizza Hut / treat employees like crap

1 Laie, HI, United States Review updated:

As a long time employee of pizza hut, i'm tired of getting treated like crap. They pay us minimum wage, and hire managers with literally no experience working at pizza hut. They don't even feed us; we have to actually buy pizzas to eat when we get hungry! In the mean time, the manager just makes a pizza and stuffs her fat face while we all look on hungrily.

Horrible wages
Unfair gas compensation
#ic management
Crappy pizza

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  • Ri
      27th of Jun, 2008
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    Totally agree, and it's not much different in the uk!
    I hate that they constrain labour to 14%, they run us ino the ground to satify their greedy needs! something needs to be done about management too, whatever happened to looking after and rewarding those you employ, some managers and stores don't even bother with team incentives or team builds!

    Mean while we work our ### off to keep customers satisfied, with no tip gurantee on minimum wage! There should be a union!!! Especially with the new service and menue launch> casual dining? More pay!

  • Th
      10th of Nov, 2009
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    A Pizza Hut franchise in British Columbia, Canada is notorious for reducing available hours to long time employees. This accomplishes two cost cutting goals. First, it forces employees to find work elsewhere, and allows the employer to hire new staff at basic minimum wage of $8.00 per hour. It also justifies the hiring of foreign workers under Canada's Foreign Workers' Program, a program intended to fill positions that Canadians or Landed Immigrants do not wish to perform. Foreign workers are then guaranteed 40 hours per week and at the end of the two year period are entitled to apply for Landed Immigrant Status. They are never kept around that long...

    As for those employees who have worked at the same location for years, shown up on time, in clean uniforms, and to the best of their ability completed their assignments; they are forced to pound the pavement looking for another McJob at basic minimum wage. And the poverty cycle continues.

    Most who work in this restaurant are mature women with little education, students, and retirees. There is little to fall back on when management prefers to gain profits through labour cuts rather than address deeper flaws related to kitchen, delivery, and service organization. Rather than follow the "team" gospel according to Pizza Hut Head Office, these incompetent goons shed responsibility on those who have no authority or power. Tactics such as revoking security codes, throwing coats on the floor, telling staff they cannot talk to each other...It makes going to work in what is already a demeaning work environment, a purgatory. Hell is when two managers gang up on one person, and force the rest of the crew to stand and watch the abuse.

    Employees have no recourse at either the provincial or federal level of government. Nor are they a static enough group to organize a union. Don't believe the hype: British Columbia is NOT the best place on Earth! In this country, the government is concerned over FAIR TRADE, yet their own people are trampled on with impunity. FOR SHAME!

  • Th
      10th of Nov, 2009
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    PIZZA HUTt: THE WORST PLACE ON EARTH. After reading these reviews, I have made two decisions. I will never eat at any YUM branded joint again. I will go to the local mom and pop joint where I can trust that my patronage will be valued. Second, I will continue to publicly voice criticisms of this food industry. My voice is small, but I will not be resigned to this company's notion that customers are mere "pigs at the trough."

  • Pi
      9th of Mar, 2011
    -1 Votes

    I am also employed at a pizza hut. This foreign worker program has also gauranteed better wages for people who don't even live here. Our human resources guy tales trips to India and china and brings back people to work for better wages 10.50 for cooks and 13.00 for managers. All the while our cooks make 9.00 and managers 10.50. I fully support a multicultural restaurant but it seems that the target employment group is not the surrounding community, Managers are forced to hire certain etnicities because they will "stick around longer" or hire foreign workers to cut down on turnover. Trust me. A small voice is enough. When my job is handed to the next manager from India who doesn't speak English just because the government will give you subsidized wages, I will make a big stink. I have been this companies whore for 10 years. I'm Canadian. I'm the minority.

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