Pizza Hut / Highway 79 / Temecula California 92592the worst pizza I have ever encountered in 40 years

My wife and I ordered the special from pizza hut at approximately 9:30 pm on september the 6th 2008, which included 2 large pizzas 1 large pop and breadsticks.

The pizza was deliverd on a timely basis and there was a substitute, for the 2 large pizzas we were given 4 medium pizzas. Firstly the pizzas were colder than usual and certainly not piping hot, at least not within the previous 1 hour prior to delivery.
The toppings on all 4 pizzas were the standard limited amount of cheese and pepperoni.
One pizza was ordered with pepperoni and black olives and arrived with pepperoni a sparse amount of cheese and had black olives all over the top and not cooked on the pizza but laying on the top uncooked.
The second choice was to be double cheese and pepperoni, and it was the standard cold sparsely cheesed and pepperoni.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Temecula, CA
The breadsticks were cold and very hard and almost brittle, and very difficult to eat because of their hardness, and were thrown out upon arrival.
The only satifactory product was the 2 litre bottle of diet pepsi, and it was only good because it was a sealed bottle that the staff at pizza hut did not have access to it prior to delivery.
We ate some of this product and found very soon we had multiple problems with indigestion which followed into the next day, and that is why I am responding at this time.
This was by far the most incompetently put together order I have ever encountered in 40 years of buying take out pizza... Obviously not alot of pride in the product pizza hut delivers.
Specials are great to get at fast food outlets but profit should never outweigh quality and pride in your business to give the public the best product available... Not an order gone wrong which I think was substituted for our order... And replaced with.

Ps... I forget to mention the diarehea, this caused but my wife was not a happy camper on sunday!!

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