Pizza Hut / foodborne illness from consuming pizza

My husband, son and I ate a carry out Super Supreme pizza from the Greencastle, Indiana Pizza Hut. We picked it up at 8:35 PM on May 29, 2018 and consumed it at 9PM. We ate nothing else with the pizza and drank water as we ate. My son began having diarrhea and vomiting at 12:30 AM on May 30. My husband started having diarrhea at about 9AM on May 30. My symptoms began about 4 PM on May 30. We all have had similar symptoms: vomiting; uncontrollable, watery diarrhea; headache, chills, dizziness and general weakness that continues as of this morning, May 31. This is a nasty experience and action needs to be taken by Pizza Hut corporate to clean this store up.

As a note, when my husband went into the store and used the restroom, he noted that the floors were dirty, with paper towels overflowing onto the floor and the fixtures were dirty. How I wish he had walked out without ordering food from this location! I

May 31, 2018

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