McDonald's / verbal harassment my employee negligent management.

67st & bay pkwy Brooklyn, ny, United States

2/7/19 approx 10:25 am I placed an order for breakfast meal. The cashier, named winnie, turned to pour the coffee I tried to get her attention saying "excuse me" about three times but I was ignored. When I finally got her attention, winnie was very rude, and angry about my request to put, "two or three ice cubes in the cup" (because I drink the coffee black and it is served way too hot to drink). Winnie became angry and complained. The manage was standing right there and failed to intervene. When my order was completed winnie slammed down my change and yelled 'scew you!!". The manager was right there and I said,"did you just hear that? She just said, "scew you" to me". The manager, who was not wearing a name badge and admitted she heard the cashier curse at me, said,"she would handle her employees", I waited and waited but she didn't do anything.

Clearly, shouting"screw you" to a paying customer who only asked for a few ice cubes is harassment. The manager is also negligent in her handling, or lack of handling of the situation.

A video of the entire incident is being uploaded to social media.

Feb 7, 2019

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