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Reviews and Complaints

ask to move my car while I was eating

First I was asked to leave the play area due to someone's child getting sick. I just found a table to finish eating and then I was asked to move my car because the delivery truck was there. I was parked in the handicap spot and had my handicap plaque up. I want to know why is that a spot for parking if they need it open for deliveries. Not only is it a parking spot but a handicap parking spot. When I first parked, there were no orange cones out but when I left they had cones out. Also I had a three year child with me so even if I wanted to stay and just move my car it was so hard just to get my daughter in the car seat and repark. I didn't even get to finish eating and then making a handicap person move was just so wrong. That parking spot should not even be marked as parking.

  • Co
    CoIleen Anderson Feb 12, 2019

    One more thing. I was told since the person that the plaque was for that I could not park in the handicapped spot. They said that I am committing fraud. It is my mother the plaque is for and they lied and said since the handicapped person was not in the restaurant that I was not allowed to park there despite the plaque. They need to check the laws and be familiar with the laws. As long as I have the plaque I can park there regaredless if the handicapped person is travelling with me or not.

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  • SubSquirrel Feb 12, 2019
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    You’re delusional. The disabled person must be in the vehicle. Using it is fraud and your mother will lose her parking permit. You need to check the laws as I have the permit and am familiar with the rights and laws.

    You didn’t put your location down because you knew it would be reported.

    A disabled person has to park far away so you and your kid can stuff your faces with junk food, salt and fat.

    Aren’t you proud of yourself?

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  • Be
    BEnchboy Feb 13, 2019

    THey are right you are wrong. If you are not disabled you cannot park there.

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  • SubSquirrel Feb 13, 2019
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    People think they are entitled to park in handicapped spaces for this or that reason. I know you’re in a hurry but the law doesn’t allow you to park there. I did once, paid $100 ticket, and now appreciate the attention to seeing who parks there.

    I scolded a woman at a store as she walked fine and made a comment to her friend about parking there and not being caught. I took a picture of her license plate and the sign and said, “sometimes when you take our parking space it’s reported.” They laughed at me and claimed no one reported her.

    January 30 I went to court to swear I took the picture and she illegally parked. I mentioned her comment, too. Magistrate fined her $250 plus $50 court costs. We parked seven spaces down in an icy parking lot.

    She learned. OP will learn, too, when mommy loses her privilege.

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  • SubSquirrel Feb 16, 2019
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    Verified customer

    Where does it say sciatica is a disability ? Fourteen years ago I was hospitalized three times for sciatica and refused surgery. Disability office interviewed me and read several medical reports yet denied me. They claimed I could work when not in an “episode” . Eventually I gave up but sciatica still bothers me now and then.

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  • SubSquirrel Feb 17, 2019
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    You receive the placards via mail. I’ve had mine for nineteen months. There is no “disability office”; it’s the Social Security office who processes and deems you acceptable or not. The refusal clearly said, “sciatica is not a disability” and in person explained that it’s treatable by medications and might have progress. Surgery isn’t guaranteed and could have left me paralyzed... like I am now.

    I brought it up at my meeting in June, 2017 and was told that sciatica is still on their lists. It wasn’t on my application by my doctor anyway as it didn’t need to be listed. My diagnoses were enough to qualify me.

    Despite my amnesia I remember the ssdi meetings and parking placard meetings. The man trying to trick me by ‘accidentally’ kicking my foot and asking why I was yelling in pain if I was semi-paralyzed. Holding paperwork out of my reach to see if I could stretch to reach it, and could not do so.

    The person above said she got away with it, therefore implying that she wasn’t disabled. They pull two hundred placards a day in Massachusetts due to fraud. They’re cracking down seriously.

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