McDonald'sunfairly fired

Review updated:

I admit that I was wrong, and even apologized for what I did, but here it goes. Me and this male coworker got into an argument. I was so angry that I told the management team that he was touching me inappropriately. But they wanted to get the police involved. I then made a confession based on two reasons. I felt bad for making false claims against him. Two I was afraid that the police would find out they were lies. I even apologized to him after the confession, but I was fired anyway even though I admitted that I lied about him because I was angry at him. I think since I was brave enough to confessing to the right thing that I should not have been fired. Please be understanding, as this is the first job I had. I am a single mother of three and need the job and the money. If i don't get the job and a steady paycheck my ex husband will have full custody of the children . I hate his guts and do not want that to happen.

Jul 21, 2018

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