McDonaldssteak egg and cheese biscuit and 2 for $5 meal

You got to be kidding im not loving it. You removed Mcdonalds the steak egg and cheese bisucut. For people who don't eat pork, bacon, ham this was a big seller. THe manager at the Amityville location told me to write in that they are losing a lot of business when they took this item out. I don't eat ham, bacon, pork due to health issues, blood pressure im in my late 50's and my husband has ms and same age. This was basically the best item and only item we could eat, they claim to be health conscious why don't they sell turkey ham, bacon, sausage. THe 2 for $5 was the best for the money, I was coming every night because of the deal. Now when you take away meals, programs people are going to get more for there money and better quality food at wendys burger king and taco bell. I was a daily loyal customer now im not. THe manager at the Amityville ny location stated that they are loosing a lot of business because of both, people are walking out. they are loosing a lot of money. they need to change mcdonalds the food is getting borring, old same old thing. and the food is generally cold. so mcdonalds im not loving it anymore. you need to get these things back, start adding other foods for people who cant eat pork, loads of salt in there foods. bring these items back, you will get customers back.

Apr 05, 2016

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