McDonald'slong wait time and order was wrong

A Nov 29, 2017

I visited my local McDonald's this morning and ordered at 5:34am (per receipt). I usually only order inside, but due to the time of day I was forced to use drive-thru which has proven time and again to be quite slow. I thought since it was breakfast time it would be faster than normal- there's usually more workers on the a.m. shift. I was very wrong. After ordering, I moved maybe 1.5 car lengths and sat in the same spot for around 9 minutes. 2 cars sped out of line because they got tired of waiting. After 2-3 more minutes I received my order. Didn't check it (I'm 8 months pregnant and was irritated at the wait time so I just left). Drove straight home (about 10 min drive), looked in the bag and I was missing an item I ordered (I paid for it- per receipt). Quite disappointed.

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