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I have complained to the hong kong online mcdelivery service that it is unfair that they have OVERPRICED every single item on their online menu, a filet o fish costs HKD$17.80 but when you go to the store it only costs HKD$10
the small fries option is no longer avaliable and the double sundae is priced at HKD$18, everything is just so overpriced that its ridiculous and they make us order things over HKD$70 or we have to be a delivery charge of HKD$15
I have probably complained about it to the online mcdelivery guys like 5-6 times and each time the response was "we will look into the matter" despite not solving it, this has been over an year now or maybe more that they're at this.
I hope the owner of the mcdelivery online service gets fired and gets replaced by a less evil person who takes advantage of people.

Jul 18, 2016

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