McDonald's / again, it's wrong...

Roanoke, VA, United States

I decided I WAS NOT going to visit this particular store again. No only are the employees rude, I have gotten the WRONG ITEMS time after time with only a "Please bring it back and we'll make it right." This has been a problem repeatedly. I have NO IDEA what the problem is but I will NEVER, and I mean NEVER spend another dime at this location. I'm in no way prejudice and I really wish everyone would feel the same. But if your company would at least TRAIN the people that are one on one with the customers it would really be a help. Actually what I mean by that is you employ a lot of people from Spanish decent and they cannot communicate with the customers. AGAIN, I'm in NO WAY prejudice so that's that. I REALLY wish when something goes wrong, your "Higher ups" wouldn't blame it on the language barrier. THAT irritates the [censored] out of me... I would actually like to have my money back... THAT would be an "I'M SORRY."

Oct 17, 2018

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