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Maytag Quiet Series 200 Dishwasher


piece of junk!

Complaint Rating:  88 % with 58 votes
88% 58
This dishwasher is terrible. It's two years old and I've had nothing but problems with it after a few months. The biggest problem is that it rinses the dishes with soapy water and then the soap dries on the dishes.

I've had "technicians" out here but they say they can't help me because my water is hard. Baloney. I've done every "fix" they have told me to do, run it with only vinegar twice, use a product called Lemi Shine, etc. Still the problem. Today the technician told me it was the rinse agent, Cascade Crystal Clear, that was causing the soapy rinse water. So I should run the dishwasher enough times to get rid of all of it in the dispenser. We'll see... I hate this dishwasher. I've had dishwashers for decades, so I know what they should do, but these "technicians" talk to me like I've never owned one before and it's my fault!

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N  18th of Dec, 2008 by    0 Votes
I had the same problem with my Quiet Series 300, a whilte film over everything. I tried vinagar, some commerical strength lime remover, but still no good. I went to Home Depot and talked to the HomeDepot reps standing around their Maytags. They acted as though I was a total slob and must not be cleaning off the excess food from the plates before running the wash cycle. I asked them about the hard water issue and they said that they had not heard of that as a problem. When I told them that I was thinking about adding the pellets used to soften water they acted as though they thought that that was a bad idea. So I brought a bag of the water softening pellets and for the next 5 washes I put 5-10 'rocks' in. They dissolve in the wash. Well, this has worked for me. I nolonger have a white film on every dish and peice of silverware. i havent put any pellets in the wash in a couple of weeks.
N  2nd of Feb, 2009 by    0 Votes
Oh wow!! I am at Sears.com ordering a roller for the drawer. I guess I should order a door handle too!! It seems to be on it's way out of order!!

Ours is 4 yrs. old, and it has been working fairly good... It is pretty noisy. I'm glad it's not just me...
Ours did seem to be leaving alot of junk behind before... but then I got wise and started using a rinse aid (Jet Dry). Now I'm using Cascade tabs only (which have the rinse aid), and still getting good results.
But I have to say: I've been to alot of people's houses, and they to mine, and I've seen the way people load their D/W. They load it in such a way, that the water can't even get to the dishes!! They stack stuff on top of stuff! So keep that in mind... maybe some of these people are making that mistake... ??

However... I'm glad to know I should just junk this thing when anything expensive begins to go out... Thanks to you all.
N  2nd of Feb, 2009 by    +1 Votes
I thought I should add, in case it's related, and I think it may be:

I always wash my dishes on this setting: Heavy wash, tough scrub, sanitize, extra rinse, no heat dry. I would suggest every one do the same. The heat dry is almost never necessary, and why wouldn't want your dishes to get as clean AS POSSIBLE, right? ;)

I think I may have saved us some damage to the control panel, after reading in the owner's manual about the steam escaping and all that.

I also suggest that you read your owner's manual. It can be viewed online at: http://www.managemyhome.com/mmh/lis_pdf/OWNM/L0520740.pdf

It tells how each setting does x-amount of washes & x-amount of rinses. This is real handy to know! I haven't had one all this time, because we had the floor model.

We usually just lightly rinse dishes and stack them on the counter until we're ready to start the d/w. This can be all day, or even 3 days!! If things are really crazy stuck on then it only makes sense that we scrub it a lil bit. ;)

I also wonder if lots of d/w's are in such condition due to prior tenants/ or people that just don't take care of things. ??

Most of the complaints mentioned on these pages are valid. Don't get me wrong, but I'm speaking of the part about the dishes getting clean. We're supposed to position the dishes toward the center, which most people that I've watched, have not done this at all.

I hope this helps...
N  2nd of Feb, 2009 by    0 Votes
Oh yeah... another consideration to look at is whether it was properly installed...

and soap... are you using a dry powder or a liquid soap? Try liquid. It works much better! ;)
N  11th of Feb, 2009 by    0 Votes
My 300 is less than a year old and I have hated it from day one. We bought it because of its high rating in Consumer Reports. I am frightened because right now it is making some crazy noises and I am fearing the worse. I really hope its not going to break!
N  25th of Feb, 2009 by    0 Votes
Same here, just looking online to see if there was a recall and found this site. Maytag 200 has been making my family sick with the dirty, soapy dishes not washed right, along with the scummy and rusty at two years old interior!
A  9th of Mar, 2009 by    0 Votes
Wow, I wish I had seen these before I bought mine. This is the noisiest dishwasher I've ever heard. The latch broke, twice. The dishes are dirty, there is ### in the bottom after every wash. We've replaced parts, did the vinegar trick even bought new filters for it. We also quit using "too much" soap. And yet, the dishes are dirtier than ever. I have quit using it, I am now in the habit of washing my dishes by hand.
N  10th of Mar, 2009 by    0 Votes
A  30th of Mar, 2009 by    -2 Votes
Maytag QuietSeries 200. TOTAL crap. Door latch problem 3 or 4 times so far. So many "in warranty" repairs from the extended warranty that they said we'd used up too much value of repairs and we would get no more. Spotty glasses and tons of food left on the dishes.

Like the others here, we will NEVER purchase Maytag or Whirlpool products again. We've got the $1, 000 each duet front loaders in the laundry room, and this POS Maytag QuietSeries 200 in the kitchen.
N  12th of Apr, 2009 by    0 Votes
I bought Maytag dishwasher in 2007. The control panel went out 1 yr 3 months later, replaced it for $200. On April 11, 2009 the control panel went out again. Maytag should not be allowed to sell another product-------EVER.
A  17th of Apr, 2009 by    0 Votes
I also have a QuietSeries 300 that I purchased about 2 years ago. I am a single guy, a contractor and the only reason I purchased and installed the supposedly Hi-end dishwasher, at a goodly amount of hard-earned money, was to appease my kids when they come over for Easter, Christmas dinners or the like. From the beginning, I had problems with it washing properly, but I thought it was because I was doing something wrong. I used to end up taking the effing dishes out and do them by hand, which I always used to do anyway. I have used the appliance eleven times and the other day it started flashing at me and continued until I shut the power off and then back on. I thought I had it licked, but Easter dinner came along and we loaded the beast up and absolutely nothing happened. Took the dishes out, washed them by hand and called Reliable Appliance Parts, where I have friends. They mentioned that I will probably need a board and something else, to the tune of a couple of hundred dollars. Like what the hell is there out there to protect us from this crap that we are buying ? This is Hi-end stuff ?????
Of course, it is out of warranty, in fact, it was probably out of warranty by the time I had done my second or third load. I agree, what crap, but we allow them to get away with it. Maytag repairman, what a F@&$*& joke !!!
However, I killed myself laughing when the one guy said that his machine was not a dishwasher, but the portal to hell and was going to drive a wooden stake into it's heart, but feared evil retaliation on his family. What can we do???rcthreader@hotmail.com
A  26th of Jun, 2009 by    +1 Votes
OK, I've been defending my Maytag for a while now, my older roll-around model did so well that I couldn't see this one for what it is: a piece of crap. The first year we had it it would intermittently drain all over our new wood floor instead of down the drain. that problem somehow went away. Now the food ### problem has been getting worse and worse. I have taken the thing apart every six months to clean it out, but even that is not working anymore. All of the dishes are coming out crustier than they went in, I am pissed. I am so sad.
A  27th of Jun, 2009 by    0 Votes
I bought a Maytag QuietSeries 200 a couple of months ago. That's all the longer it took to break. Water fills in and then it makes a horrible noise and shuts off. I have looked at it thoroughly and cannot find anything. So like many others, I am using it for a dishrack until it gets fixed. Although depending on the cost and after reading all of these reviews, we may just skip it altogether. Maytag WAS a good brand but like most things now, the brand is just a name, nothing more. Piece of crap.
A  10th of Aug, 2009 by    0 Votes
MAYTAG?JENN-AIR, both made by the same corporation, both garbage. If you fail to listen to the comments posted then good luck.You will be disappointed, I guarantee it, thats a better guarantee than maytag will give you.
A  20th of Sep, 2009 by    0 Votes
A piece of crap -
And, Sears is so flakey these days (especially where I live) - it is a crap shoot whether or not they will help you. We live on a remote ranch. We ordered a pressure tank from Sears; when it went bad, they sent a very good repairman who pronounced it DEAD (after only a few months use in 2001) and promptly sent a replacement. When I ordered two very large window air-conditioners, both came via UPS; when one broke right away - they were good about getting a replacement and arranging my return. When I bought a washing machine - couldn't get delivery at all (had to drive the 200 miles to get it). When I ordered this Maytag quiet (JOKE), no delivery; had to drive 200 miles to get it... and the damned thing is a piece of junk. I have been trying to get my mental strength up and well enough to hastle with them as to sending a technician. I already know in my heart that the (well) water too hard; water pressure too low; sky is too blue, etc. excuses are going to be the first brick wall I hit.

I was raised to believe in Sears and ESPECIALLY Maytag quality. I honestly never thought the American ideal of high quality and "made in America" would ever fail us all so miserably.

D  26th of Oct, 2009 by    0 Votes
I've had my Quiet Series 200 since 2003 and have never had problems with it until the last few months. Up until now, we've been very happy with it! Lately, we occasionally smelled something reminiscent of melted plastic, but just passed it off to be some random bit of plastic on the heating element. Last week, though, I smelled that odor and about a half hour later I heard a "foomp!" and the machine shut down. It had tripped the circuit breaker. We haven't pulled the unit out yet to see what it might be. Someone's offered us a new GE entry-level dishwasher he got for his job (a lab) and it's only been used a few times, but we're still going to inspect the Maytag and see if there's an obvious problem with a simple fix. It's been a real workhorse for us!
N  23rd of Feb, 2010 by    0 Votes
We've had the Maytag Quiet Series 300 (MDB7600AWW) since 2003. It's been OK, but it has had to be repaired 3 times. The first time, the door latch broke. Then something happened with the motor. And we had to get a new control panel. The latest thing happened in its 6th year--- the removable/foldable tines in the upper and lower racks rotted/rusted away and broke off. Replacement parts, by looking online, run $124. Or, when calling Maytag, they'll sell me a new upper and lower rack complete (no single spare parts) for $110 each, or $220. So should we suffer through a few more years until the whole thing up and dies, or pony up easily 1/3 of the cost of a new one? Hard to say... I think a dishwasher should last more than seven years, though, call me old-fashioned!

It doesn't clean properly all of the time, must be finnicky about how the dishes are loaded. Sometimes food crud accumulates in the front part of it.
N  19th of Mar, 2010 by    0 Votes
What are all you babies babbling about? I have had a Quiet series for 6 years now close to 7 and it is extremly quiet and runs flawlessly. I have had 2 other dishwashers in the past and NOTHING! has ever cleaned the dishes like this thing does! Pretty much spotless Although you MUST make sure the Drying detergant is Full at all time. if it gets down you get stuff on your dishes.
D  11th of Apr, 2010 by    0 Votes
4.5 Years. Worked fine til now. Need Control panel. Anyone have thsi part used?
N  11th of Apr, 2010 by    0 Votes
I thought I'd update about the burning smell and blown circuit. The repairman took the bottom panel off because he suspected something, and he was right. Where two wires had been twisted into a wirenut, they hadn't been twisted securely; over time, the arcing between the wires had begun melting the plastic around the wire. It was an installation issue from when we first had the unit installed. We're so thankful it didn't cause a fire. Our honest repairman only charged half the minimum service call. Our dishwasher's still going strong!

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