[Resolved] Maytag Neptune Front Loader Washerthe worst appliance experience!


I bought a Maytag Neptune MAH7500AWW and matching gas dryer 4 years ago. Previous to that I owned a Maytag top loader and matching electric dryer for 25 years. The old machine was being retired for better washing technology (front loader, etc.), and it's a good thing I kept the old machine!

In four years:

-front panel (touch screen) failed within 2 weeks
-motor controller failed at 2 months, and again at 3 months -mold growing in front seal area. Maytag said to run hotter water, and do a load without clothes and just bleach and hot water each week. Problem continued. (Why should I have to clean a clothes washer every week?) -front seal boot replaced by Maytag at 7 month point. New seal much more resistant to mold, but still gets stinky. -fill valve sticky on cold water, replaced at 14 months. -door latch mechanism replacement at 16 months. -outer tub replacement at 28 months...rear bearing failure due to rear bearing seal leakage. This is an EXPENSIVE repair.
-drain pump motor at about 36 months
-outer tub replacement (again!!!) at 46 months $600!!again!!

For 25 years, I had GREAT service out of my top of the line Maytag top loader washer. For 4 years I had the WORST appliance experience with my top of the line Maytag front loader washer. So bad that I've decided to replace it next time I'm faced with another $600 outer tub/bearing repair. When all is said and done, for a little over 4 years, I paid $1200 for the washer, and $1600 for repairs. Some expensive repairs (motor controller, touch pad) were under warranty. If they fail again, I'll get a different washer. This type of product is unacceptable!

At least it washes well.

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    Hi, my name is Melanie, and I am contacting you on behalf of Maytag Corporation. We would like this opportunity to address your concerns. Please provide your name, user ID (Val), ID number (100198), address, phone number, model with serial number, and website you were contacted on (www.complaintsboard.com). Email to [email protected], and we would review your concerns with you.


  • Valerie Dec 01, 2006

    Boy was I glad to read the review of the walking Neptune front loading washer (Shaken my foundation). I have a 'walker' too. The Control board was replaced and it shuts the machine down if it starts vibrating too much.

    It shuts it down over and over and over. Which leads to my new complaint, like excessive vibration and noise are not enough. I have been recording wash times set at 54 minutes on the machine taking over an hour and a half to cycle through. Then loads sometimes come out so wet I have to run an extra maximum extract spin cycle. My repairman told me that after the control panel was replaced that Maytag wouldn't do anything else to correct the problem. He informed me on his second visit that I needed to reinforce my floor. That was his report to Maytag too. (My husband is a licensed architect in two states) I didn't know that washing machine repairmen could determine building code. After I realized that the machine was taking 90 minutes to wash a load I called to add that to my file, after talking to two representatives I was put in touch with a supervisor. She told me that I needed to reinforce my floor. I said I am not talking about the vibration problem, I am talking about the excessive amount of time it is taking for a load of clothes to wash, in my ENERGYSTAR money saving machine...She hung up on me. Thats right, and when I called back I got the closed for today recording. I can feel your pain about the foundation , a balled up towel? seriously? Quality, Dependability, bored repairmen? Not from what I am reading. I love the 'Spin' that John Daggett from Maytag is putting on the problem over at Consumer Reports check it out. he says the problem has been fixed and there are no consumer complaints. Is that because the customer service reps are hanging up on us. CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW Mr Daggett?!

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  • Valerie Dec 01, 2006

    Front load machines do have longer wash times and it doesn't directly parallel energy use, in which they are still more efficient. I have a Neptune and it doesn't take that long to run a cycle, but I bet I know why yours does. If a load is unbalanced as the machine goes into spin it tries first at a slow revolution speed and then if still banging due to unbalanced, shifts out of spin to a slow "toss". It's now trying to re-shift the load into a more balanced situation. Then it will try to spin again. It will keep repeating this until the unit can get the load balanced enough to kick the machine into the high spin speed. Since you machine obviously is having vibration problems, I'm betting it is having a tough time getting the load into position quickly to accelerate into full spin speed. A "soft" or vibrating floor would definitely contribute to this. It's probably why it takes so long due to the constant delay of the spin cycle to balance the load. It also explains why sometimes your clothes a soaking wet. That tells me the thing never could get into a high speed spin and hardly had any speed in it's final spin cycle, again due to not being able to shore up the load well enough to pull the 1600 revolutions a minute or so a Neptune spins at. Now you can see why she told you to reinforce the floor. The machine simply will not spin at full speed if it's rocking. And don't let anyone tell you putting rubber feet under it will help. That will only cause it to rock back and forth even more.

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  • Mi
    Michelle Griffin Jun 08, 2007

    I totally agree with the complaints made. Has anyone been made aware of the settlement that Maytag has faced on these issues? Please visit www.poynerbaxter.com/Maytag washers.htm. This is proof that the "great" washer that you think that you are buying, is a money pit. In the first year I had to replace parts, and now I am having to replace the control board, which is costing over 30% of the original purchase price. How's that for money-savings? I have contacted Maytag just as the others, and received the same results, which were none other but a rude individual and a "click". I wouldn't recommend Maytag to my worst enemy. Please do some research prior to spending the money on a Maytag. It will cost you much more than the "purchase price" including time, inconvenience, money, and frustration, not to mention, the mound of dirty clothes that you will incur while it is "out of order".

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  • Ja
    JANET GLEASON Jun 08, 2007

    We have all the problems with the Maytag front loading washing machine as stated in the other consumers complaints. Having purchased our washing machine in September 2005 and as one of the unsuspecting customers Maytag sold to after they knew they had some many problems with the machine is there anywhere we can go for help ?

    We are at our wits end dealing with problems for two years. Hours and hours spent on the phone and days taken off work to stay at home and wait for the repair man.

    Please can anyone help ?

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  • St
    Stephen Nichols Dec 09, 2007

    Yes, we own a Maytag Neptune also. There is only one solution to the Maytag problem and unfortunately it's long term. The solution is to tell everyone you know not to buy a Maytag and as soon as practically possible, buy a quality washer. Maytag sales will drop and they will either go out of business or improve their service and quality. They are only concerned with the bottom line. Fortunately I was mechanically inclined enough to be able to replace the tub bearing on our boat anchor, otherwise ours would be long gone. We are now set to replace it with another brand at the next failure. I know this doesn't help if you're having an immediate problem but eventually there will be some satisfaction in knowing that this junk is off the market.

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  • Ce
    Cecil Fuqua Dec 17, 2007

    I have a Maytag Neptune that is identical to yours, the MAH7500. Mine lasted 5 years with numerous repairs during the first four years, but I had purchased an extended warranty (I usually do not, but the electronics scared me) and there were no costs to me. I thought Maytag was a great was supposed to be a great product line, but it's junk. The mold build up in the tub and liner was unacceptable and I'll never own another Maytag product ever, ever ever. They want over $600 to put in a new electronic control module and you can buy a new, leftover MAH7500 from Save a lot NJ for $699 with shipping included, but who would buy another "dog", when the same "dog" has pooped on your parade.

    My old top of the line Whirlpool lasted 11 years with only one repair that I made myself after 9 years.

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  • Da
    darya Feb 21, 2009

    We also own a Maytag Neptune, consumer reports rated top product, when we bought it. It is a piece of junk and we have had it repaired every year since we bought it 4 years ago. It has flooded our house on numerous occassions, and the control panel had to be completely re-builg. we have the priority one, extended warranty, but the service is horrible. each time it breaks it is down for one month. No wonder American manufacturers cant sell products, they make junk!!!

    despite the high price tag at purchse we are close to junking and buying a new one.

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  • Do
    Dot Apr 22, 2009

    We thought we did the right thing when we spent the extra money on a "high quality" washing machine in July of 2005. We bought a Maytag Neptune MAH8700. What a mistake! This machine is a piece of junk. It shakes so violently during the spin cycle that it literally walks 2 to 3 feet across the room. We can't start a load of laundry and leave the house for fear the hose will come loose and we will end up with water all over the floor.

    The fun part is when I get to push this huge machine back into place after each load. We too have been told that the problem is our floor. (Ceramic tile on a plywood sub floor) I even did the silly "test" the repair people wanted me to do. Place a bowl of water on the floor in front of the washer or on top of the dryer. If the water shakes, your floor is the problem. In my "test" the water did not shake. My floor is NOT the problem! They replaced the control board with a new one that has a motion sensor. This did not fix the problem. When I called back to tell them the new control board did not fix the problem the repair guy told me they get these complaints "every day" about the Maytag Neptune. He said the only thing they can tell people is that their floor is the problem because that's what Maytag tells them when they call for help. The customer service person I talked to at Maytag told me the machines were designed to be placed on a solid concrete floor. Funny! No one told me that when I bought it and the installation guide only says it has to be a "solid floor". How much more solid does it have to be? How many other people bought these machines for a first floor laundry only to be told "sorry the problem is your floor"? How can Maytag possibly think that telling people to reinforce their floor is an answer to fix their DEFECTIVE MACHINES. There are simply too many complaints about the vibration problem for them to deny they have a huge problem. Do NOT buy a Maytag front load machine!

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  • Ma
    Marissa May 02, 2009

    Oh my gosh I couldn't agree more...the seller, who was also my service provider (small town dealer... thought I did the right thing by paying a little more for the personal attention) came out for repairs more times than I can remember. After being unable to stop the beast from vibrating and walking, he started blaming it on my floor...so I pulled up the new linoleum, put the washer on the old linoleum...and the washer STILL walked!!! He then said that the rafters in my basement were too far apart, so he came out with wood and shored up the floor underneath. Bottom line: here I am four years later, washer is still vibrating like crazy, lots of mold around the seals (even though I never leave the the washer door closed), loads of racket when it washes, often have very wet loads at end of cycle necessitating a separate spin cycle, vibration, etc. NIGHTMARE WASHER, NIGHTMARE PRODUCT, NIGHTMARE COMPANY...DO NOT BUY A MAYTAG...unless and until they show they are willing to change their customer service, their technology, their integrity!!!

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  • Da
    David Jun 05, 2009

    Ditto on everything, everyone has stated. Bought the set (Washer/Dryer) Maytag Neptune and have had the main board and motor replaced on washer and now have a front boot failure. Had the igniter replaced on the dryer. Technology is killing us and they know just about the time that your product will fail and it is out of warranty. I've got alot better thing's to do in life than wait on clothes to wash and dry.

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  • Mu
    mutt patrol Jun 10, 2009

    we got our neptune set just like everyone else on here - we thought we were getting a good product. WHATEVER! if we go a few days without doing laundry it smells musty and it shakes like crazy when it spins and it kocks too. the sales woman said "these are great because they NEVER get off balance in the spin cycle" what a lie. we just had the front seal boot replaced and paid almost $200. now we are looking to have the motor replaced. another $400. that will put us at $1, 400 in 4 years including cost. we have had it 4 years now. maytag is bad news. around the same time we got a maytag fridge and it was messed up right out of the box. so we had to wait another week for the replacement and that sucker died on us 10 months later! NEVER again will i buy maytag.

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  • Tr
    Tracieloathesmaytag Oct 08, 2009

    I totally agree with all of the posts here. I purchased a front-loading Matag washer/dryer in September 2007 and my washing machine has already broken! Just to replace the latch, we are having to pay $210!!! Unbelievable. What happened to quality craftsmanship and reasonable repair costs? $200 for a latch? Youv'e got to be kidding me. Thanks Maytag.

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  • Wa
    Waltinvt Oct 14, 2009

    Every time I think of the old lonely Maytag repairman ads it makes me sick. Nothing could be further from the truth with this machine. If Maytag had any concern for their reputation they'd offer some kind of a buy-back or discounted replacement on this washing machine.

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  • R2
    r2d3p0 Dec 10, 2009

    My Neptune had the mold problem also but the simple fix is to just leave the door open while not in use. My problem is the membrane pad. The flimsy connection to the control board has been failing from the machines vibration while running. I have managed to jury rig it for over a year now because I can't justify paying 200 bucks for a part that can't cost more than 20 bucks to make.

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  • Wa
    Wayne/ Dory Mar 19, 2010

    We bought the MAH8700 maytag neptune washer/dryer a few years ago and from the start there was the mold on the seal problem. Tylex spray works good at removing it, and we start by spraying the detergent compartment. Our set is on pedistals and a concrete floor, but it still shakes like mad when it gets up to speed on the spin cycle. I wedged stiff foam in betweeen the pair and between it and the wall stud so it stays put while vibrating. The newest problem is the water pipe banging when the fill cycle starts. I first thought it was heavy demolition next door, then I thought it was the water supply system itself, then I realized that it was the washer transmitting a horrible banging/pounding like a jack hammer through the water pipes back all the way to the water heater. When I shut the washer off completely, it still continues to fill and bang? It won't stop untill it is full or I shut the water main off entirely. I did not know there were so many people experiencing these same problems with this washer, or that it had been in a class action lawsuit. Now I'm stuck just like everyone else. Good money after bad.

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  • Ma
    mama4 Jun 15, 2010

    We bought the MAH8700 Maytag Neptune washer/dryer about 4 years ago now. We have to replace the water pump twice on it. Now occasionally get the error code 3E during a wash load. Pressing the cycle selector button will start the machine again from where it ended. This error code is not listed in the User manual. Some wash loads never cause an error and sometimes I get it 3-4 times during a wash load. So its very hard to do laundry especially when we have 4 kids. It just takes me forever. Finally my husband got tired of my complaining about the washer, he went and got me a new one. NEVER again will we buy a Maytag. I did not know that there were so many people having problems with this washer.

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  • Bl
    blue canada Oct 15, 2010

    only one problem with maytag neptune washer,
    were finding black greasy spots on everything, we have tried cleaning the soap dispenser with a strong detergent but to no good results, has anyone else had this problem?

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  • Da
    Daryl Silsley Dec 28, 2010

    Don't read any more comments

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  • Sh
    Sharon and DJ Dec 09, 2012

    We have come to the same conclusion. Already had the electronic control board replaced last year, after having it about ?6 years. Guess we were lucky it lasted that long! The new control board only lasted about 2 months, started doing the same things: lights are on and either blink, or we are unable to change the settings, or it will not start. Unfortunately, we squeaked by with it another month or 2 and when we called the repair company they said it was only guaranteed for 3 months! We paid HUNDREDS of $ for it...for about twice that we could have had a whole, brand-new, WORKING machine. No more Maytags for us!!!

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  • He
    HellenG May 21, 2014

    We have a neptune like the rest of you have as well. We have had ours for about 10 years. The panel broke and we checked out the price of replacement panel. Then my husband found someone in the USA who took panels and fixed them for a very low cost. A few years later the bearing broke. Big problem. They quoted another large sum to get it fixed. DH took it apart and did the job himself with instructions found on line.( Really he was quite a site) He did it and for no cost ( other than the week of work it took him to fix it) He said that it was like getting a whole weeks course in appliance repair training. Well, it is still going. We are two families using it and one of the families have twin babies in cloth diapers, so it is used a lot. Next one will not be Maytag for us either

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  • Mr
    mreddgray May 29, 2014

    I had the unfortunate experience of purchasing a Maytag Neptune from somebody without reading reviews. I thought I was upgrading from my Kenmore washer that I've had for 14 yrs with no problems. First day I got the washer, it flooded my house 3 times. No thank you. I will hook my Kenmore back up. Wow. Wish I could get my money back.

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  • Ju
    Judi G Apr 24, 2015

    I guess I'm one of the FEW lucky Neptune Owners. I've had mine since February 2000. First Edition, and not digital. Haven't had any major problems until last week. The drain hole is plugged and my clothes are drenched. High speed cycle is very loud, and vibrates harshly. Having Tech stop by on Monday. Hopefully the problem can be fixed w/o costing an arm and a leg. I truly love front loaders, and don't want to purchase another, just yet.!!

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  • Ti
    TinaBr Jul 28, 2015

    Like Judi G. (comment 4/24/2015), we too have been LUCKY with our Neptune 7500 QW, which is the one with the FULL computer screens. These were superior to the 7500 WW models that everyone here is complaining about - so they should NOT be confused with our model. It is about 15 years old now, with regular usage and wear, and the washer has recently begun to be very loud during the spin cycle, so the bearings are finally going out. Nevertheless, it is still perfectly extracting water from heavy articles like jeans and towels. And we NEVER HAD A MOLD ISSUE whatsoever! So something was VERY different with the 7500 QW version. Regardless, we figure 15+ years is long enough, so we have just purchased a top-of-the-line (& most expensive model) ELECTROLUX set which has won numerous awards. I hope it will hold up as well, or better, than our Maytag Neptune 7500 QW did for us. :)

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  • St
    Stan W. Apr 17, 2017

    My place has room only for a stacked w/d my first set, Frigidaire the dryer went out after just 5 year's grrrr, then a discontinued molded of course!
    So I thought...I'm gonna bite the bullet an by maytag w/d wrong...after the 3 years the neptune panel out...2 years go by an their goes the discharge pump, $caching... not to mention the mess when I open the door ( back together alright clean close again, short lived...10 months later main pump shuts down... What's next ? Mr. Maytag repairman ( when you wake up would you come an get both, I can't afford your quality anymore. Or help me with my anger management classes.

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