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We purchased refrigerator back in May and it was delivered damaged. May Tag sent another out two more times both also damaged product. There was dents in the back, the kick plate would not stay in and later after using the refrigerator the shelf brace looks like its bending. The edges of the doors are not finished at all and feel sharp. Both myself and my husband have had it poke us and catch our clothes. Each time I call May Tag I sit on hold for over an hour and once it was for over 90 minutes.

Appliance Repair Specialist who delivered the refrigerators suggested we should accept the damaged product because at least it was running. 3rd time they just showed unexpectedly, we let them know there was no appointment set and it would take us 15 to 20 minutes to clean out the refrigerator. I had just finished cleaning it and went to restroom and the doorbell rang. Once done we went out to let them know they could bring it in and they were gone without delivering the replacement or letting us know they were leaving. I called the company and was told that their boss told them to leave.

At this point I have no idea where we stand. Is someone going to deliver another refrigerator that is not damaged?

If you look at the comments that others have made for both May Tag and Appliance Repair Specialist, you will see many many negative ratings. I am another dissatisfied customer and at this point at a loss at what to do. If I could have returned it for a refund that is what I would have done. This is the worst experience I have ever encountered in both product and service and I have purchased May Tag previously.

  • Maytag Customer Care's Response, Oct 22, 2018

    We completely understand your frustrations and apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused. If you could please private message us your contact information (Phone number and complete address) along with the model and serial number, we would be happy to look into this matter further for you.

Oct 20, 2018

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