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cyclic thaw and freeze

My bottom freezer, french door fridgerator, is going to cyclic thaw and freeze.During the course, We hear it going to through "whine and one click" for day or two and the whole fridge and freezer stop working, all the food is thawed and warm.We call the repair guy from the home owners warranty.By the time he comes, it two or three days later and it is back working on its own.We pay the guy to tell me that there is nothing wrong.We have gone through in loops with the warranty company and Maytag.No solutions yet, but losing money on the repair guys and the food that is thawed and thrown away.
We were going to buy Maytag washer and dryer, but we settled for Fisher and Paykle.
As We read all the letters from vexed up Maytag customer, we should have class action suit against Maytag

dangerous products

We purchased a Maytag dishwasher, purchased the top of the line metal tub etc. they never informed me of the potential to burn down my house. Yes it almost did. After the sparking incident I Found out about the recall I called the company they said mine was too new and not on the list .

I explained that the repair man that came was a retired whirlpool -Maytag repair man and it should not have sparked like it had and I was lucky that we were home and I cut the power. Or it would have burn down the house.

Now after 3 weeks of trying to get them to do something finally a repairman of their choice came out . He said it was one of the worse he had seen the entire wire harness was fried. And he would have Maytag-whirlpool send the appropriate parts to repair and prevent from happening again. Why are they not informing the public and correcting the problem before they sell these dangerous products. This leaking into the wiring hazard issue: has been going on for quite some time.

poor reliability

Re the Maytag Performa sise by side refrigerator. Ice maker quit after warranty. Now the freezer has quit . Model PSD243LGRQ. Very disappointed in the unreliability for such a brand name.

  • Su
    sundberg Jul 16, 2009

    New Maytag Dryer - Purchased at Best Buy, took 30 days for delivery - that was with repeated calls to both Best Buy and Maytag to take 14 days of schedule (originally scheduled for 14 day delivery). Worked for 3 months then blower moter went bad. Have waited over 2 weeks for part with Maytag repair shop unwilling to give any kind of date when part will be available to them.
    Not a satisfactory situation

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  • Kw
    kwansik Dec 17, 2009

    On August 2009. May Tag dishwasher, dry machine and washer made purchase from Home Depot at Torrance California. time lapsed 4 months. since beginnig, time adjustment is malfunction, impler is malfunction, time cycle is mulfunction. service men say he will replace the parts. I requested HOME DEPOT of taking back all my appliace. they refused my return. it has been hadache. I have no choice throw away all of my appliance, I got a buy LG appliance. Please give me any idea, Can I bring the issue to small claim court ? MY e-mail to kwansik @ sbcglobal.net

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  • Em
    emarson Jan 30, 2017

    Ups model no gxtmt+2k off kar ke charg me lagane par ti ti ti ka aawaj hota hai aur on karne par aawaj band ho jata hai.

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I enterd web site to ask about fixing a refriderator. they charged my credit card, but never sent an e-mail on what to do.

I entered fixya.com web site to find out fix a maytag refridgerator model rsw22eo. they charged my credit card, but never sent me an e-mail back in response. I think they should refund me the $14.99 they charged me. gary claybaugh at [protected]@sbcglobal.net


Maytag voluntarily recalling about 1.6 million maytag and other brands refrigerators because of fire hazard...

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freeze up

I bought a Maytag French Door Bottom Drawer Freezer refrigerator last June. When we go south in Jan. thru April I have always shut my icemaker off. When we arrived home and there was frozen soda in main frig but I thought it was because it wasn't full of food. I turned on the icemaker and everything in my crisper drawers as well as other items froze. Serviceman came and used hairdryer on coils behind the back wall of frig and said that when I shut it off it goes to "Max Cool" and into refrigerator as it isn't making ice. Recommended I drain the water from the coils while away. This is a design flaw, no question. There is nothing mentioned in the instruction book re turning off the icemaker. A friend in another State had the same problem. Not sure what I should do next.

  • De
    Debbie352 Sep 12, 2013

    I have a Maytag Frig with French Doors and Bottom Freezer. The track on the side where the ice maker keeps freezing up and I can't open the freezer door. I have to shut it off and wait for it to warm up and melt. Maytag has NO technical support whatsoever and only a one year warranty on their applicances. I tried silicone spray and it still does it. Maytag claims no one else reported this issue for this model. Anyone know what else I can try without spending $150 for a repairman?

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doesn't work right & they don't stand behind their products

I purchased a Maytag Quiet Series 300 dishwasher 2 years ago, the dishwasher constantly swicthes itself from normal wash to rinse cycle on it's own. Then it takes 2 hours to run behind you can attempt to rswitch it back to the normal cycle which at 2 years old is not even switching back. And again, I didn't know that 2 hours was a normal running time which Maytag claims is. They want me to pay a service charge to have someone come out and look at it. Maytag says that any defects will come out within the 1st year so anythign after that is on me. So those commercials that say their products work so well that the repairman has nothing to do is a bunch of hoopla. They just don't back up their products for more than a year. I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND PURCHASING ANYTHING MAYTAG!!! THEY DON'T STAND BEHIND THEIR PRODUCTS FOR MORE THAN A YEAR!!

  • Da
    David37 Aug 01, 2009

    It's sounds like it's running normally. I have owned one for about 2 years. They work well, and a the usual cleaning cycle is 2 hours in which it will drain, refill, and rinse several times. The 2 hours includes drying.

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  • Pi
    pissed off about maytag Aug 28, 2009

    I'm trying to figure out why my 300 series Maytag all of a sudden quit working properly. I press the wash button, the unit fills with water, then shuts off completely. I push the start button twice and it will drain (as the manual states it will) then start the process again only to have it repeat the same steps. I've been looking all over the web for solutions and the recurring theme I find is that MAYTAG IS A PIECE OF ###! The unit is less than 3 years old and I've had other brands throughout the years that were a minimum of 10 years old that still worked well. So much for the "lonely Maytag repairman" . Maybe they build such junk that people are finally finding out and rather than fix them people are just replacing them with more reliable (and lower priced) dishwashers.

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  • Ch
    chingsue May 09, 2010

    Maytag used to be a great company for appliances and stood for quality. They were bought out by Whirlpool and everything went downhill from there. Whirlpool does not build quality appliances and do not stand behind their products. Very sad that a less than credible company could purchase such a great name and in no time reduce it to junk. Don't be mad at Maytag, it is Whirlpool that has done this.

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compressor burned out-5th year!

After 5th year — start relay burned out — just out of warranty! 4 months later — recall came out — had...

circuit board failures

I purchased 5 new appliances from Home Depot in May of 2006, spending close to $8000. The Maytag H2o is a complete piece of junk. I had the first circuit board failure about 10 months ago, with the ice door opening and shutting constantly. It had to be replaced, taking more than a week and two service visits.
Now, it is April 10, 2009 and the temp alarm keeps going off, light flashing and the refrigerator temp display keeps saying 38, then 57. It is Good Friday, I have a refrigerator full of food for Easter brunch and dinner, and nobody can come out until Monday!!!
I am just happy I spent the extra money for the extended warranty. Hopefully it is only the circuit board AGAIN, and the thing stays cold. Old fridge was a GE, had one problem in 25 years, fixed for $50, STILL running 15 years later, now that's quality. Wish I had it back.
I would be happy to be part of a class action, this thing was way to expensive to have these problems. It has other issues too, doors don't fit right, plastic parts fall off...and on top of that it is a very poor design, can't get anything on the short shelves. Maytag should be ashamed of themselves and offer everyone a new fridge. What a POS.

overall disatisfaction

I purchased a Maytag dishwasher and an installment of same. The installment had a rebate offer of any...

defective product poor costumer services

Maytag Model #MMV4205 This model was bought less then three months before the heating element burnedout. Maytag would not exchange. Told us they would send a repair person to fix. 5 days later rerpair man comes and says he cannot fix it since he did not have the parts. An order is placed to order the parts. A week later one part shows up broken. When the Maytag repair man shows up he says that parts is no good and that the two other parts were backordered and would not ship for a month. We call there response number and request to get this resolved quickly and do not want to wait another month to get the microwave fixed. The person (jeff) at customer service tells us that he can not do anything but put an expedite in for the parts. We inform him that the repairman had already tried to put an expedite on the part and that he was tiold that because this is a new model that they cannot get us a part till then. The customer service person tells us he does not believe this and says that an expedite will be put in and that we have to wait for the part. This is the worst service I have dealt with. We spent over $400 on a microwave that is supposed to be the top of the line and instead the problems make us feel as if this was the worst decision to buy this model. Customer service (Jeff) was informed this complaint would be put in and he dergards are frustration does not help us. All we want is to have a working microwave. A replacement model would have sufficed which they could do immediately but instead they make us wait and go without a microwave for who knows how much longer.

  • Ms
    mschne01 Oct 09, 2009

    This model microwave was purchased as a gift in November of 2008 and installed in January / February 2009 time frame. Approximately 6-weeks ago, (7 months installed) it suddenly quit working. Up to this point, we were happy with the microwave with the only problems being Florida-flicker-and-flash (power bumps).
    Today I have finally attempted contacting the company via email. I sure hope I do not have the same problems as described by the other comment on this site.

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poor quality

Purchased a top of the line Maytag Neptune washer and dryer and after 4 years of service it now needs $1400...

washing machine

Maytag Legacy Series washing machine SAV15DEWW purchased in August 2004. In 4 1/2 years, the motor hub bearing and seal have gone out 3 times. Once under factory warranty, once under extended warranty I paid extra for, and now it is out again with no warranty.

Buyer Beware of Maytag products! There are just too many complaints regarding quality, service, and the fact they WILL NOT back their product. Spend a little extra and get an applicance that will last more than a few years. Maytag and Whirlpool are the two most complained on appliance makers I have found.

  • Ch
    Cheryl Vaughn Oct 28, 2008

    I purchased a Maytag Ensignia washer from Sears two and a half years ago. Since that time it has been a huge disappointment! It has had two major repairs, the first at 8 months. The second just recently. The transmission went out. I was informed by the repair tech from Sears, which was a nightmare of its own, that it would cost more to repair then I paid for it. Surely you can do better than this Maytag! Im embarassed for you as well as angry! I do not ever plan to buy another Maytag washer or any products from Sears again. I recently purchased a new Speed Queen washer. They have a 3 year factory warranty! A 5 year warranty on the motor and a 10 year warranty on their transmission! Could it be that there is actually a company left that is proud of their product and stands behind it!!

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procedure followed by maytag dependability plus

I purchased a policy from Maytag Dependability Plus on both, my Maytag washer and dryer. My washer broke down, I called Maytag Dependability Plus to have it repaired. They first called A&E Appliance Repair Service, then canceled A&E. Then they called another company to repair my washer. The repairman came to make the repairs, after the repairman diagnosed the problem, they wouldn't allow him to order the parts and fix the machine. By this time I have called Maytag Dependability Plus numerous times and had to call them again! They lined up A&E to come out again. The A&E repairman showed up, diagnosed the problem (2nd diagnosis), ordered the parts necessary to fix the machine. It took almost a week to receive the parts, I called A&E, the following week they sent another repairman to fix the machine... In total, it took 3 weeks to get my machine repaired...

Then the dryer broke down. I called Maytag Dependability Plus to have it repaired. They first called A&E Appliance Repair Service, then canceled A&E. Again, they called another company to repair my dryer. The repairman came to make the repairs, after the repairman diagnosed the problem, they wouldn't allow him to order the parts and fix the machine. Same as with the first time when my washer broke down, I had to call Maytag Dependability Plus numerous times and had to call them again! They lined up A&E to come out again. The A&E repairman showed up, diagnosed the problem (2nd diagnosis), ordered the parts necessary to fix the machine. It took almost a week to receive the parts, I called A&E, the following week they sent another repairman to fix the machine... Again, it took about 3 weeks to repair my machine!

Then, a year or so later the washer broke down for the 2nd time... Again, they lined A&E up to do the job. Again, they canceled A&E and called another company. He came out, diagnosed the problem and they canceled the repair! Then they lined up another company. After calling Maytag Dependability Plus again and again, I called them to find out what they were planning to do about my machine. They said they were sending another company, General Appliance. I called them to set an appointment They were not qualified to work on Neptune washers... Again, I called Maytag Dependability Plus. By this time I am hopping mad of course... They then called A&E Repair to fix the machine. The repairman came out, diagnosed the problem and ordered the parts. About a week later he was supposed to return and fix the machine... The parts didn't show up and neither did he! No one called me, so I called them again. They said they couldn't get the parts, said they were back ordered. I called the factory, Maytag Parts. They said they had the parts. I then called A&E and explained that Maytag had the parts. By this time, I know I've had to make at least 20 telephone calls back and forth between Maytag Dependability Plus and A&E Repair Service, and now the Maytag factory parts department. Is this crazy or what? Finally, they have ordered the parts. By this time, I'm 3 weeks trying to get these people to repair my washer. They are refusing to have the parts send 2 day air, so I've got to wait another week to 10 days to get my machine fixed, if it ever gets fixed at all. I will probably have to repair the machine myself.

This is a common practice of Maytag Dependability Plus to send other companies out and then cancel the repair... This costs them the additional service calls, costs the consumer (Maytag Customer) the convenience of a working Maytag appliance, time and money having to go to the laundry mat to wash their clothes.

I don't know what the relationship is between Maytag Dependabilty Plus and the Maytag Company, but if I were Maytag I would be taking a hard look at the procedures followed by Maytag Dependability Plus... It's no wonder Whirlpool is doing so well! Maytag is forcing all their own customers to purchase Whirpool appliances!

not spinning properly

Spinner not working. Innitially agitator not agitating followed by the tub not spinning properly. This happened just before my 5 year warranty expired. Service was done on my machine. All that was done was a tightning of the belt. Problem still persists and Maytag wont do anything about it without charging more money. Verry frusterated especially knowing that this is a consistent problem with this company. We too went to Maytag to upgrade and have been verry unhappy with product and service.

  • Ju
    Jules Sep 17, 2008

    I purchased an Atlantis washer from Foxboro Appliance in 2/2005 recommended to me by the owner of the Store. I spent almost $700 This machine is already in need of repair which will cost upwards of $250 require that it be removed from my home and leave me without a washer for about a week. Maytag says that this problem is not covered under the warranty. -- You mean to tell me that a company such as Maytag can not stand behind it's product? I should have spent $300 and gone to Home Depot at least I know from experience the would back up the products they sell or at least I would not feel so badly that the washer was out of commission in a few years. I was unaware that a washer machine was supposed to be a disposable household item!


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  • Co
    connie smith Nov 01, 2008

    I have an Atlantis washer (Maytag) that we have an extended warranty on it. We have had trouble with it for years. It will not spin water out most of the time, or I should say it does not do it everytime at least when a "repair person" was there he could not get it to do what it does for us time after time. He kept asking me what I thought was wrong with it!!! I must say this is my 3rd washing machine and 1st and last Maytag washer. It is insulting that they cannot fix or figure out what is wrong. They are the ones that are supposed to be able to fix appliances. I feel that once they get your money for the twice we have renewed the extended warranty they do not care.

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  • Cg
    cgambill Aug 24, 2009

    my washer does not come off the wash cycle. I have to manually turn it to the rinse cycle then I have to do it again because all the soap doesn't come out in one rinse.

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refrigerator msd2756ge

I purchased a Maytag refigerator MSD2756GE in 2003. Two years ago the hose to the ice maker leaked. The water went under the hardwood floor and ruined 50 sq. ft of flooring. I removed the cabinet that surrounds the refrigerator and had the flooring replaced. I also installed a stainless steel line to the ice maker. I installed tile under the refrigerator to prevent it from happening again. I thought that if water should leak again it would run off the tile and would be seen easier, as before the water just went uder the flooring. I thought my problems were over. Yesterday we noticed the floor copping and water stains. I pulled otu the refrigerator and found the water hoses going from the water valves to the back of frige were breaking down. The plastic was actually deteriorating, causing water to leak again. I have to replace the flooring again plus the water got under the tile and they are loose. I am sure I have no recourse with Maytag exept to never buy another Maytag.

  • Kl
    klvm Nov 21, 2011

    I guess you didnt feel the need to call and get it fixed! ITS AN APPLIANCE ### HAPPENS!

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stopped working

Purchased a New Maytag Washer, Dryer, Frig, and the Range unit listed above. The Washer's transmission...

broken washing machine

A & E Factory Repair company was scheduled to repair my Maytag washing machine on Wednesday, November 26, 2008 between the hours of 1pm to 5pm. Around 3pm A & E called and canceled and no explanation was given to me. A & E rescheduled the repair for today, Thursday, December 4, 2008 and the hours were 8am to 12pm. No technician came out nor did one called. I called at 11:10 to see if the technician was on the way. I was told that he was running late and that he would call me to inform me as to when he will be coming. I called back at 1:l10, 4:08 and was given the same story. At 4:22 I knew that no one was coming out, so out of frustration I called A & E and asked if they would extend courteously and send a technician out tomorrow morning to repair my washing machine especially due to the fact that they didn't come out on Wednesday nor today--- but I was told NO.
A & E is very unreliable, undependable, discourteous. And they don't care for there customers in the Bronx.

spin cycle won't empty all water

Maytag atlantis MAV8600 won't pump all the water out when spinning. Replaces pump, belt and pivot...

dishwasher is junk

Bought a Maytag Quiet Series 300 at Home Depot. Worked okay but a year and a half it died. The problem is in the power switches. I am an engineer by proffession. I should have done some research before I bought it - but hey, our last dishwasher lasted 15 years and it still worked when I replaced it. Matag ought to be penalized for making crap. Not acceptable! From now on I will do my homework and Maytag will never be a part of that equation.

  • Kl
    kleanns Mar 29, 2009

    Ours will be 3 years old this coming August. It did the same thing last week. Just died on us...now we are having to buy a new one. This is not okay, these things are supposed to last for years. Crap!!!

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  • Pf
    pft May 26, 2009

    Mine has lasted one month. They sent out a repair person that could not fix. They order the part to fix it and they were to come back a week and a half later. Called me the AM of the Appt and said the part was backorded for 4 weeks. Recieved the wrong panel and they overnighted the same wrong panel again. Now I am on hold with maytag to get the right part sent to me. 20 minute and counting on hold.

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  • Sa
    sambud Jul 06, 2009

    Mine just died as well- 2 yrs old- lights not working, wont start, all plugs working- it never cleaned right either. PIECE OF CRAP. And who the heck can afford a new one in this economy!!?? Never ever again will i even consider maytag!

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  • Mi
    Miss-mic Oct 31, 2009

    I have one too and after a year it died. Control panel is faulty. They tell you it is under warantee for parts, however it cost 200 to install the control panel. JUNK!!!

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