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Maytag / French Door Refrigerator


problems with the ice maker!

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I bought my maytag ice2o French door refrigerator from home depot 8 mos ago. Loved it when I got it, but soon after had problems with the ice maker. They replaced the ice maker. Now the ice maker is still having problems. Its not strong enough to break up all the ice. The ice cubes freeze in big blocks causing the system to clog. Last night the thing took on a mind of its own. All the lights are flashing on the control panel, the ice and water maker don't work at all. The flap is constantly opening and closing all on its own, constantly making a clicking noise all night long. Finally we had to unplug it so we could get 4 hours sleep. Plug it in this morning and its still doing it. My biggest concern is what happens after the warranty runs out. I already know this thing has mechanical problems. Did I get a lemon or is it junk?? Either way I'm stuck with a $2,800 refrigerator that seems like it has bad engineering.
Maytag Customer Care's Response, Mar 31, 2017
Dear Valerie: We are sorry to hear of the issue that you are experiencing with your Refrigerator.
We would be happy to look into this matter. If you could email us at Maytag_Reviews@Maytag.com with your name, phone number, and address along with the model and serial number of the Refrigerator.
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N  6th of Nov, 2007 by    0 Votes
I, too, was awakened by the flapping of the ice door. Since it was about 1AM, I waited until I was sure it was something mechanical and not an intruder. For us, the flapping occurs whenever the motor is running. When the motor shuts off, then the flapping and flashing do also. First thing tomorrow I am calling Maytag since now this is apparently being recalled. I'm glad for being able to access this information on the internet.
A  8th of Nov, 2007 by    0 Votes
Just a follow-up to let you know I contacted the number 800-253-1301 and a part is being sent to me. When I get the part I'm to call to set up a repair appointment. This is at no charge to me.
N  8th of Nov, 2007 by    0 Votes
UPDATE - A&E just left. Although the 8AM to 12PM work window didn't hold up, the tech did arrive around 2:30PM and in less than 30 minutes was done. NO CHARGE!!! Good luck to all with this same problem.
A  13th of Nov, 2007 by    0 Votes
We now have the same problem. I was worried because our refrigerator is about 6 months out of warranty (1yr warranty), but after reading this board I hoped that Maytag would still take care of it. Thus far they have, without any difficulty. We called them and reported the problem; they ordered the part and scheduled the repair for 3 days out. Without our asking, they indicated there would be no charges. The part was shipped directly to our house and arrived the day after we called, and now we're waiting for the repair appointment. In the meantime, I've followed the step others referenced here to disconnect the cable to the front panel to stop the lights flashing and ice-making door flapping.
A  14th of Nov, 2007 by    0 Votes
My fridge started flapping and blinking lights after 16 months of purchase. Called Home depot service guy and now it is wait and see. Amazing and spooky as while I am typing this it started again.
D  15th of Nov, 2007 by    0 Votes
People always want to b***h about when they call into a company they get an automated message. This message breaks thing down into different departments and ask for you to have certain information available. One of the most important things that this recording request is to have your model and serial number. People who work for these companies already know your going to be in a bad mood cause your "$1000.00" appliance is broken that you choose not to take out a extended warranty on, but come on now. Have the damn information on your product and the call might go a little smoother. Try this one too, when the rep answers the phone and ask you a question don't respond with your clueless "HELLO? HELLO?" Pay attention to what they are saying cause you don't like to repeat yourself and they are the same way. When asked whats wrong with the product, don't sit there and go back 5 years and state every issue you had. The rep wants to knows whats wrong NOW, not 5 years ago. And when you call know what you want. Don't sit there and rant and rave then when the rep ask you what they can do reply with an "Uhhhh, I don't know." Another idea for you brilliant people a deadline, is a date that was set, and approved. A deadline is set for a reason to have some sort of structure to an issue. If your calling about the Neptune Class Action Lawsuit, what part of the deadline has past (08/09/05) and there is not further assistance? I mean how much more can someone break it down. Who cares if your sister, mother, and best friend got something from the Class Action Lawsuit, try this on for size, maybe they were smarter and filed what they call a claim and get this they filed before the deadline. They were more likely notified because they do what we call registering the appliance. If people would just sit back and think how they react they would be so ashamed of them selfs. How would you feel if someone down talked to you cause they were unhappy with the company you worked for? It's a job, and it pays their bills. So why don't all you stuck up people get a clue and have some respect and learn to have your crap prepared.
A  22nd of Nov, 2007 by    -1 Votes
At 7:00 pm, Thanksgiving Day, my fridge started the same thing!!!! Control panel blinking and flapping noise... It has been in service for 13 1/2 months. Nothing I can do tonight obviously. Anyone know if a class action has been started?
A  25th of Nov, 2007 by    0 Votes
Please will someone tell me that this issue has been resolved at some level now that my ice dispenser door has taken control of our lives!!!! It started while we were out of the house and has not quit since. Of course over a holiday weekend with company in town. Has anyone heard back from Maytag with a possible recall of this darn model!!!
N  27th of Nov, 2007 by    0 Votes
Yet another addition. Bought our Maytag MFI2568AES in May 2007 from HH Greg. At 4am this morning (11/27/07) woke up to opening/closing sound and control panel flashing.

I've read through all the posts here and called 800-253-1301. Using the voice recognition system, I have a repair scheduled for Thursday sometime between 8-5.

Tried other Maytag numbers to no avail at this time of morning. Will call again in the morning.

I can not find recall information on this appliance, either through the Maytag web site or the recall line (800-462-9824). I would appreciate more specific information on the recall if you have it.

Hope everything stays cold for another hour when my kids get up and we can handle the noise again.
N  27th of Nov, 2007 by    0 Votes
Following up on my post a few hours ago. . . I just got off the phone with a customer service rep through the 800-253-1301 number. I was advised that my unit MFI2568AES is not part of the recall. The recall covers only some units and is determined by the serial number. I was advised that Maytag would cover the cost of the parts but that I would be responsible for the cost of labor (the repair company is coming on Thursday). I am not completely satisfied with the offer to cover parts only since this is a known defect with the unit. Does anyone have suggestions on what to try next?

In the meantime, I have disconnected the switch at the top left door hinge as suggested in earlier posts and I emptied out the ice bin with the assumption that the water problems some people had were a result of the ice melting. The cold/frozen cycles seem to be working at this point.
A  27th of Nov, 2007 by    0 Votes
Sunday night I was in my den when I began hearing noises from kitchen. I live alone except for my pets, and they were all with me, so imagine my surprise when I went into the kitchen to see my 18 month old Ice2O lit up and flashing and beeping and the ice dispenser chute clacking away like the thing was possessed. I tried unplugging it, thinking that would recycle the machine and stop the problem - and it did - for about 20 minutes but then it started up all over again. I ended up putting some foodstuffs in a cooler in the garage and my frozen stuff in my basement fridge's freezer and unplugging the thing for fear of it burning itself out.

Next morning I called an appliance company (not a Maytag repair guy specifically), and they came out right away, and figured out how to disconnect the PCB board to make the flashing and clacking stop. However, it was clear the guy hadn't a clue where to begin to tackle this problem. First he wanted to replace the PCB board (the computer board behind the touch panel), but that didn't do any good, and he was going to come back today to replace something else. Fortunately, there's the internet. I found http://www.liny.net/MaytagIce2O.htm (which others have referenced earlier), and sat down and carefully followed the instructions, and voila! my refrigerator is now purring along again.

I just want to know why I spent $2500 for a frig that may not last more than a few years at a time. Will I have to do this repair repeatedly? I just checked the Maytag website - there's no recall for Ice2O models out there. Why do we each have to battle with Maytag individually?

I will also call Maytag to get a HV new board, but I'd prefer they send it directly to me, as a back up for the next time this thing goes out. I now know how to install the thing myself - it's not hard at all.
A  28th of Nov, 2007 by    0 Votes
I too now have the flapping door lights flashing problem, 4 months out of warranty. I had a repair man out on Monday and he said he had never seen anything like it, but he did disconnect a wire inside the front panel which stopped the flapping but the fridge is useless because it is warm. We now have a $2000+ bread box. He had a friend who he said does lots of Maytag work and we called him. He said there is a recall on the board. I have gone round and round with Maytag and am waiting to hear back from them. I will never buy a Maytag again. This was my first and last Maytag. We thought we would get what we paid for but our $300 17 year old fridge in the garage works better even with it's soft ice cream!! I would definitely like to be included in any class action suit. Thanks for letting me vent. I am fed up with having to go out to the garage to get the milk to make my children's cereal!!
A  28th of Nov, 2007 by    0 Votes
I am having the same problem and my frige is 18 months old. It will cost me $1,000 to replace both computers (front and back). Has anyone dealt with Maytag regarding a recall on for the problem. The service person can disconnect the flapper so at least you do not have the continuous noise. I think we need to file a class action suit. I will never, ever, purchase another Maytag product. Does anyone have an e-mail address, address, or phone number to contact Maytag...
N  29th of Nov, 2007 by    0 Votes
The hose going into the back of my ice maker popped off and water went under our laminate floor and it all had to be torn up etc. Has anyone else had the hose pop off?
N  29th of Nov, 2007 by    0 Votes
Follow to my posts from 2 days ago. . . It took 6 phone calls to 800-253-1301 before I finally talked with someone who could help me beyond agreeing to pay for the circuit board IF that is the problem (I have to pay for the service call and labor charges). The sixth Maytag customer service rep I spoke with seemed very familiar with this problem and assured me that it was a known defect and although my serial number wasn't part of the recall, told me I would be shipped a new HV control board free of charge. My scheduled repair appointment was canceled by Maytag and I was instructed to call Maytag back when I received the part to set up a repair appointment. I received the part today but the Maytag offices are closed tonight; will have to call in the morning. I'm tempted to replace the board myself, but the instruction sheet warning to use an Electro Static Wrist Strap before touching the circuit board makes me leery of attempting this. Has anyone else replace the board themselves? I can go buy a wrist strap tomorrow, but will that be enough protection for me and the circuit board?
A  3rd of Dec, 2007 by    0 Votes
As you all have experienced, Murphy's Law is in full effect! Our fridge started the clicking and clacking and freaking out Saturday after our little party. Thank GOODNESS it didn't start until after the guests had left! I called Maytag this morning, and I'm happy to report that they are taking care of the problem at NO CHARGE, and have also extended the warranty on the fridge for 6 months, again at no charge.

I think they have gotten so much flack for their poor response to an obvious defect, that they are finally stepping up and fixing the problem, no questions asked. I will say, though, that the beginning of the call was a bit questionable. The CSR started out by saying that as a "goodwill gesture" they would pay for the 1 time fix. After I pointed out, very nicely, that this problem is wide spread, and they REALLY needed to be proactive, the CSR got right to it, put me on hold, then came back with a repair date for this Thursday, and the warranty offer.

Good luck to all of you that are still facing this issue. I think if you point out your knowledge of the issue, stay calm (not so easy with that infernal NOISE), and persist, they will come around to fixing it at no charge.

Best of luck to you all... and a big THANKS to all of you who have posted so that I could call and get mine fixed for free!
N  7th of Dec, 2007 by    0 Votes
Here's my story so far:

The flashing and clicking began late last night (Thursday).

Using the hint posted earlier on this site, I unscrewed the cover on the top left door hinge and unplugged the wires there to stop the flashing and clicking. The unit is still cooling normally.

I called Maytag first thing this morning. I gave the rep my model and serial numbers and date of purchase. (The unit is two months out of warranty.)

When the rep asked me what trouble I was having, I told her that after looking at the internet I was sure it was the High Voltage Control (HVC) board and told her about the flashing and clicking.

That was all I had to say! She immediately apologized for the inconvenience and offered to arrange for the repair and pay for the parts and labor.

She ordered the part (which is set to arrive on Monday or Tuesday) and set up an A&E service call for Wednesday morning.

I will post again if there are any problems with the service. As of now, though, it looks as if Maytag recognizes this problem and is willing to replace the HVC board free of charge even if the warranty is expired.

Good luck to all of you. It is very discouraging to have a failure like this on such an expensive appliance. Hopefully, Maytag will continue to be responsive to this problem.
N  9th of Dec, 2007 by    0 Votes
Should the class action suit be brought against the people who continue to sell this problem laden piece of equipment? I remember when I was selling computers - as soon as we got repeat complaints on a piece of hardware, we checked it out. If we could determine that it was bad and only going to give our customers problems, we pulled it from inventory and sent it back to the supplier.
A  13th of Dec, 2007 by    0 Votes

I had same problem with MFI2568AEW had the sears repairman out fridge was out of warranty so they hurried right out!! The problem is with the high voltage board in the back of the fridge.it is behind the panel on the left looking at the back. un plug the fridge remove the old board just unplugs. part #HV C Board 1290710 go to repairclinic.com. the part is 176.00 when you fire up the fridge with the new board you have to program it .The instructions come with the part. sears charged me 191.00 labor and 288.00 for the part with tax the bill was 495.00 and took less than an hr to repair.

Hope this helps someone!
A  17th of Dec, 2007 by    0 Votes
I had the exact thing happened to me. I had the refrigerator for 14 months. That is the Maytag H2OFrenchdoor Refrigerator. THe ice maker stoppped working and made an annoying flapping sound
and tbe display panel lights were flashing like it has gone Mad. I called Maytag, and made an appointment for Monday morning. They came out promptly and fixed the refrigerator free and I didnt have a warranty. This was a month ago and no further problems. I am sure if you go through the Maytag Website like I did they will do they same for you.

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